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Review the headline for this thread and then say that again with a straight face.

Why? I think that guy's a definite -----.

Also, like I said in post 13 the best that can be said about the 2nd amendment is that it's debatable. Legal scholars have differing opinions and I'll be damned if I think you know any better.


It's fun playing with folks like JPW because history is on my side and they come to the argument unarmed with facts.

When someone like you is so vested in their own views that they view anything that disagrees with it as non-factual, the problem isn't with those you're arguing with, danni. It's with you.

I was going to post an article about this, but from a different source.


If we regard the Earth as nothing more than a source of resources and a sink for our pollution, if we value other species only in terms of what they can provide to us, then we we will continue to unpick the fabric of life. Remove further rivets from spaceship earth. This not only increases the risk that it will cease to function in the ways that we and future generations will depend on, but can only reduce the complexity and beauty of our home in the cosmos.

Good thread, cork.

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