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My question for the crowd who believes that people should be able to possess guns is how to we stop someone like this killer from possessing one?

My recommendation is to put the burden of ownership on the gun owners. I have no problems with legal gun ownership. My problem is that a very small number of legal distributors and owners deliberately allow firearms to get into the hands of those who should not own the weapons. On top of that, a larger number of legal owners do not adequately protect their guns which allows them to end up in the hands of gun thieves, young children, untrustworthy family and friends, etc.

Here is a rough draft of what I propose.

A chain of custody must be established from manufacture through distribution chains and down to the buyer. ALL sales must require a background check. Ownership of most (black powder excluded) firearms must be registered with law enforcement. Anyone found in possession of an unregistered weapon will have it confiscated and face a fine or stronger punishment. Any time a firearm is lost/stolen it must be reported to the authorities ASAP after the loss is discovered. If a firearm is used in a crime and said gun is identified by law enforcement then the registered legal owner should face strong charges if the weapon was not reported stolen. If a person is injured due to accidental discharge in the home, i.e. small child shoots someone, then the registered owner is held accountable.

Of course there are extenuating circumstances that can occur, gun stolen and immediately used in a crime before the owner has a chance to report. There needs to be some exceptions for that type of thing, but I do feel that if firearms distributors and owners would be more likely to face criminal charges for irresponsible sales/storage of weapons then it would greatly reduce the number of guns getting into the hands of those who should not have them.

And I recognize there are going to be some out there who balk at the registration idea. I look forward to hearing their reasoned responses and alternative recommendations.

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