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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Remember in GOP debates when Bush and Trump got into it over whether or not Trump wanted Florida to allow legalized gambling? Bush accused Trump of trying to buy him off to allow it. Trump insisted that was not true and that if he wanted it he would have got it because Trump is a winner and gets what he wants. Well it turns out that there was a lawsuit over the whole deal back in 2007 because Trump sued a former employee who he had hired to manage the expansion of his casino business into Florida. Trump claimed that the employee quit and took proprietary information to a different company where he helped them win permission to build a casino instead of Trump. Trump testified that personally help a fundraiser for Bush in hopes that it would sway his opinion on allowing Trump to open a casino in Florida.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The district attorney of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has filed manslaughter charges against officer Betty Shelby in the death of Terrence Crutcher six days ago. "We reviewed the facts of the allegations, it is our responsibility to determine if the filing of a criminal charge is justified under the law," District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler said. Crutcher was not armed and had walked slowly back to his stranded SUV with his arms upraised. "We are happy that charges were brought," said Damario Solomon-Simmons, an attorney for Crutcher's family.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf faced harsh accusations from members of both parties when he appeared before the Senate Banking Committee. Some of the harshest criticism came from the head of the committee, GOP Senator Richard Shelby, who accused Stumpf of creating "a corporate culture that drove company 'team members' to fraudulently open millions of accounts using their customers' funds and personal information without their permission." While everyone seems to agree that Wells Fargo did a bad bad thing, an interesting twist in the story is that the GOP has repeatedly tried to eliminate the agency that uncovered the fraud. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the brainchild of Elizabeth Warren and was created by the mostly party line vote that resulted in the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act after the financial collapse of 2007-2008. read more

Former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley was indicted last month for the December 2011 killing of Anthony Lamar Smith. Stockley claimed that he shot Smith when he was reaching for a gun in his vehicle after a high speed chase. Smith's friends and family accused Stockley of planting the gun at the scene. Newly obtained video from police vehicle cameras as well as surveillance video from a nearby business and bystander cellphone video support the claim that the gun was planted.
The video evidence from the pursuit captured Stockley telling his partner that he was "going to kill this (mf'er), don't you know it." Footage taken after the killing from within the police suv shows Stockley retrieving something from a duffle bag and then entering Smith's car after his body was removed from the vehicle. DNA tests performed on the gun found in Smith's car found Stockley's DNA but none from Smith.

Radley Balko, Washington Post: The ACLU has filed suit on behalf of Michael Picard who was protesting a DUI checkpoint. The suit claims multiple civil rights violations were committed as an act of retaliation against Picard's protest. The ACLU charges that a member of the Connecticut State Police knocked his camera out of his hand, thought it was broke and then seized it without realizing it was still recording. The recording captured at least three officers discussing how best to deal with Picard, who is said to be well known by police in the area for his peaceful protests and for being an open carry advocate. After they verified his gun permit is valid you can hear one cop say "we really gotta cover our asses" and then they discuss a variety of possible charges they can make against Picard. On the recording you hear one of the cops fabricate a story about witnesses claiming he was waiving his gun around but none were willing to give an official statement.


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