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Halloween has been my favorite holiday since I was about eight years old. That was the first year I was allowed to go trick-or-treating with some older kids, children of the neighbor. The candy harvest lasted until 8PM! We prepared for the outing with shelled corn, and we tore up old newspapers and stole some bars of soap from our mother's stash. If anyone wasn't home or turned us away, they got the tricks; vandalism consisting of soaping windows and littering front yards with the corn and paper. There were cops about, looking for vandals and chasing miscreants who stole littler kid's bags of candy. Some homeowners gave out full-sized candy bars or even quarters, and word spread quickly up and down the block among the canvassers, as to which houses were giving away such things. When we got home, if we weren't in police custody, all the candy was dumped on the kitchen table. The unwrapped stuff and fresh fruit was put into separate bowls, and the wrapped stuff was split roughly evenly among the three of us. My dad took the unwrapped candy and several suspicious candy bars to test them. Good times.

These days, my kids are grown and gone, and I have been relegated to the front steps to pass out candy to the kids. I give away fun-sized Snickers bars, two to a customer. Actual neighbor kids get four. A long-time friend, who always came over to help pass out candy died recently, so unless a neighbor joins me, I sit on the steps, with two flickering jack-o-lanterns for company, to pass out the candy until I run out or curfew at 7PM.

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