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Monday, April 18, 2016

Scandinavia is in vogue on the American Left. Throughout this campaign season, Bernie Sanders and his disciples have pointed to the region as a shining example of their vision for "democratic socialism." (After all, images of quaint Nordic streets are far more appealing than disaster zones like Venezuela.) While opinions vary on just how economically socialist Scandinavia really is, its nations undoubtedly offer a far more comprehensive social safety net than the United States.

But a recent child welfare controversy in Norway shows the dark side of this utopia. When government assumes a "nanny state" responsibility for its citizens, it also tends to assume a frightening degree of control over their daily lives. The results can be devastating -- and decidedly undemocratic.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Racial Politics: A new national survey finds more than 1 in 3 Americans worry a "great deal" about the state of race relations in America. Anxiety has reached new highs under President Obama. That's no coincidence. He's rubbed racial sores raw.

Barack Obama was supposed to be a biracial leader who could heal the nation's racial wounds and bring the country together. But since he took office, national tensions over race have gotten worse than ever, with the share of Americans who worry a lot about race relations soaring to 35% from a bottom of 13% just after Obama took office, according to a shocking new Gallup poll.

In fact, racial strife is the highest it's been in the poll's 15-year history.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Federal law makes it a felony "for two or more persons to agree together to injure, threaten, or intimidate a person in any state, territory or district in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him/her by the Constitution or the laws of the Unites States, (or because of his/her having exercised the same)."

I wonder if U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker, or California Attorney General Kamala Harris, or New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have read this federal statute. Because what they're doing looks like a concerted scheme to restrict the First Amendment free speech rights of people they don't agree with. They should look up 18 U.S.C. Sec. 241, I am sure they each have it somewhere in their offices.

Whom do these sometimes incoherent Trump supporters likely despise? I would wager anyone who has never been sideswiped in a hit-and-run by an illegal-alien driver but lectures others on why "illegal alien" is a racist term; anyone who has lucrative government employment and whose job description does not exist in the poorer-paying private sector; any politician or his appendage who somehow became quite wealthy on a GS salary in Washington; anyone who makes more than $50 an hour and lectures others on why the country is going broke and must tighten its belt; anyone who sermonizes on free trade and knows few people who ever lost jobs through outsourcing; anyone who freely uses the word "white" in a way and context that he would never use "black" or "Latino"; or anyone who hires someone else to clean his house, watch his kids, and take care of his yard, and then lectures others on their illiberality.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday night, Shuster just reported on the 7:00 PM EST AJAM nightly newscast that the FBI has completed its examination of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton‘s private email server after an investigation lasting nearly one year. The former Fox News and MSNBC reporter states investigators are nearing a verdict whether to seek criminal charges against the Former Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady.



You raise some interesting electoral arguments. But think about this - The Democrats took a truly decent man in Mitt Romney and turned him into a vicious, heartless plutocrat who was personally responsible for the death of a cancer patient. Romney had heart-warming stories of genuine altruism and kindness. He had a business and executive acumen that was far more impressive than what Trump has had to offer. Trump has provided a treasure trove of identity-politics soundbites that don't require 'dog-whistle' innuendo in order to paint him has a pig of a human being - he's provided the fodder all on his own. He's received a bit of negative campaign ads but nothing even remotely to the degree that the Clinton machine, which spent several months building oppo-research against Trump while Team-Jeb was busy spending $30 Million trying to take down Rubio. Thus far his audience has been mostly limited to venues of his choosing. Going on Hannity every week for an Ailes-funded infomercial may get nice exposure for Trumpets, but he needs to broaden for the general. This means he will need to go on more serious venues where he might be exposed to Tim Russet - Meet the Press kind of scrutiny. The stakes will be higher and the broader audience will be less accepting. People like being -----------. They really do. But in order to BS someone the Bs-er must have strong command and knowledge of the subject matter at hand. Trump has thus far proven to be FAR too lazy to be an effective BS-er at the next level.

No amount of individual culling, no trenching, no herbicides. Total destruction. Everything goes, so that the next generation of trees grow in an enviroment free of disease. The quicker it is done the quicker replanting begins of disease free trees so that the harvests come sooner.
I would have said a good long look amongst themselves, but seeing as how the establishment did CO and WY and other non voting states, Im convinced that it all has to go.


Do you really think it's that easy?

Just destroy it all and start from scratch?

That somehow, next time will be different?

What happens in the meantime?

What happens when it's single-party rule and the Democrats have a chance to permanently cement a whole slew of collectivist and totalitarian crap that can never be undone?

Your logic is akin to having a leaky roof and instead of fixing the roof just burn the whole damn house down.

Maybe you're right. Maybe the GOP deserves to die. Maybe the founding principles of this country deserve to die. Maybe it all deserves to die. What's incredibly ironic is that you somehow think you are going down fighting when in reality you are advocating a Civil War. You'd rather blow up and destroy the apparatus that is the only viable source for delivering at least some of what you wish for this country and instead of taking what you have and trying to make it better you seek to kill it.

Well, if Trump wins the nomination you'll get your wish. He'll effectively destroy the GOP. He'll lose in epic proportions and will take down most of the down ballots as well. Be careful what you wish for.

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