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@Zero...ty for remembering the house passing something doesn't make it law yet...now I know there's at least two ppl who remember how the govt was supposed to work from high school.

Now for the rest of the story. Making a substance/product illegal is only used by GOVT to create a monopoly to control who makes the inflated profits off said illegal substance.

Now the Brits are smart and used the govt making opium illegal to use the inflated profits to corrupt Chinese officials and almost take their country from them...luckily martial artists were willing to run into bullets until the Brits ran out of them to kick them out.

Opium, cocaine etc., were legal in the early 1900s and ppl didn't go out and kill themselves en mass.

Drug classifications is another govt monopoly in effect making the substances illegal except through govt approved distributors...whoa sounds like illegal drugs too!

Your neighborhood crack dealer gang leader gets govt money (e.g., $125k/yr last time I ran across the info).

In Mexico and the US, the drug war is a means of control of the govts' chosen distributors against the free agents. The Zetas were TRAINED by US military and a whistleblower went to jail for saying so in public...fk being a whistleblower btw. I forgot which cartel the US and Mexico uses and I don't care, but all a captured kingpin of said cartel had to say is, "National Security" at his trial and viola, released!

Legalizing drugs takes out the profit, neither the govt nor their distributors nor the faux War on Drug agents profit from that. Something deeper is going on. Maybe Mary Jane is Huxley's Soma?

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