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How could the President proceed without offending Congress? Either he is weak because Congress needs to act and won't, or he is a dictator because he leads and Congress won't follow.

If congress is so concerned about the Syrians and terrorist, let them make the declaration of war against the parties, allocate funds and scope of the conflict, like the constitution requires.

Congress will also have to negotiate the mine field of the Arab politics to get approval for such a war. How will the Saudis frame the optics of approving the use of American (or Western / non Muslim troops) killing very conservative Muslims, in their own country, when these conservatives have done nothing wrong (according to their interpretation of the Koran)? How will the Gulf State rulers keep the man on the Arab streets from revolting against them for their approval of the use of US troops to kill Muslims, and how will the Gulf State rulers stay in power, considering that the Arab Spring has just happened. If the Gulf State rulers fall, like in Egypt and Libya, then you have a very significant problem on your hands.

When are the Saudis and Gulf States going to step up and take responsibility for their regional security, or when are we going to make the accountable for their own security? There are a great many Saudis that have nothing better to do but to plan and train for terrorist missions. Going to war will give these men something to do, other than planning to kill US citizens, and simultaneously help the Saudis thin their herd, instead of thinning ours.

Not sure you understand how the world works...Corporations havein a liability shield. You can't sue THROUGH the corporation to the owners. You can only sue the owners of Corporations and LLCs. That's the whole purpose of the entity.#129 | POSTED BY SYCOPHANT AT 2014-06-30 03:32 PM | REPLY |

This is quite a statement, and if you are a small business owner and your attorney has provided you this information, fire them immediately if this is your currant understanding of how your business (llc / corp) structure is supposed to shield you from liability. Your personal assets may be in grave danger.
All corp - including LLCs - limit the liability of the owners to plaintiffs (usually creditors) and protects the owner (shareholders) assets, provided that those who control the entity (corp / llc) treat it as separate and distinct from the owners of the Corp. This involves following proforma activities to show the corps independence from the owner, activities such as having regular board meetings, election of officers etc. When these formalities are not followed the courts will allow a plaintiff to "pierce the corporate vail" to hold owners, officers and director personally liable. Brief treatment of issue can be found here.


The bigger issue is not healthcare or birth control but why would the Owner of an LLC / Corp ( an amoral fictitious entity) be able to control the moral thought of that Corp as if it where the thoughts as an extention of the owner themselves yet enjoy the secular idea of asset liability protection? How do you impute morals onto an amoral fictitious entity that is designed to be separate from the Owners yet enjoy the Corp veil protection?

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