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#79 | POSTED BY ET_AL AT 2015-06-08 11:06 PM | REPLY

Purpose - Checks and balances of power. There is too much abuse of power in the police system. Self defense of warrantless arrest forces a calm restraint by law enforcement in dealing with the public. See screaming banshee in the video. Identifying a citation giving cause and ample justification for arrest should come before Miranda. And by ample cause I don't mean back talking like in the video. Arrests are used now days by police officers as a threat, for intimidation, and preservation of ego because they don't know how to handle a situation. This guy's been on the force 10 years, advanced police training is obviously lacking.

"Start with where and whom do you want to resolve the issue of illegality of an arrest." Simple really, before pulling cuffs and reading Miranda a specific law violation should be stated and the violation should carry sufficient cause for the concern of immediate public safety. It is not unreasonable for an officer to have a list of jailable offenses. The repercussions for falsely detaining an individual should be immediate suspension without pay a minimum of three days. (I realize jailable offenses needs to be revised as currently any cause or no cause at all seems to justify arresting an individual)

Imo, the right to not be arrested without cause is an inalieable right and not one that requires justification. Innocent until proven guilty used to be the standard and has been lowered to probable cause and suspicion. An anonymous tip can land you in jail leading to loss of reputation, money, and possibly a job. Any time an officer cannot state a specific violation you have committed is, imo, reason to resist. What good is reading someone their rights when no charge has been given.

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