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Long post alert - There were so many positives for racial minorities, women, LGBT, and others. Trump's election doesn't change that. Trump's election doesn't change what I've seen in the next generation. The next generation who are not racists, xenophobic, and homophobic. I see the reasoning behind Trump's election as three fold: apathy, resentment, and journalism, or lack thereof. Nobody trusts Clinton except party over country partisans. Many Republicans were willing and would have led a coalition of Republicans to vote for the Dem's nominee for president had it not been Hillary. You had party leaders of the RNC desperate for a way out from voting for Trump and I have no doubt had Elisabeth Warren been on the other side she would be our 45th President. People were simply apathetic between the two worst candidates either party had to offer. There was also yuge(couldn't resist, sorry.) resentment toward party politics on both sides. For liberals it was because Bernie Sanders wasn't the nominee. For conservatives it was why Trump was the nominee. (that and the media coverage, but more on that in a bit) America is fed up with power and money running Washington. We need a party that is for the general good of all Americans. Not two parties who divide the country over what should be states rights and personal issues in an effort to keep what's happening behind the curtain hidden. The political elites are in this for themselves. Not for you and me. And lastly the lack of journalism. I mean, come the freak on! Donald Effin Trump? True journalism would have destroyed this man before he had a chance. The media is to blame for giving him all the attention, all the air time, and allowing him to become the nominee. The media is suppose to be there to expose corruption and prevent people like Donald Trump from ever being in politics. I firmly believe the media played a role in electing Trump thinking they could destroy him at will when what should have been done is Trump never even being on the ballot. True journalism would have exposed the weakness of Hillary Clinton. 70%+ of Americans don't trust her. 70%+! The way she handled her emails, the shilling for Wall Street and being pro war, as well as her flip-flopping on social issues when it became expedient, like gay marriage and all the Berni-esque policies. I want the first woman President to set the bar so high that the next generation has to strive for her greatness. Here's what I propose. Let's take a moment and work to find a compromise on the social issues that keep Americans divided. Abortion, gay marriage, 2nd Amendment, education. Let's find a middle ground, regroup as a united America and put a platform that politicians will have to live up to. Let's stop letting the DNC and the RNC dictate the qualifying platforms for our respective parties. Or create a new one altogether. I believe there are common sense compromises that both sides can agree on and we as Americans can unite behind, maybe not 100%, but overwhelmingly and set our nation's sights on progress and the future. And if you've read this far and would like to discuss these ideas I would be glad to post an article to open the forum for discussion on the major issues I see dividing us. Cheers.

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