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#87 - The biggest problem I have with the trans bathroom argument is it's not just bathrooms. It's showers in schools as well. And even though there are 700,000 transgender people, that's 0.2% of the population. I'm wary of rewriting cultural laws based on the feelings of 0.2% of the population. I'm not all about accommodating everyone's feelings. Life sucks and you have to deal with tough situations. That one girl in the guy's locker room makes 20 guys uncomfortable, plus their parents. So for every 1 trans girl in a guy's locker room you're offending 60 others. Or 13% of the population if you expand the math out. And that's just for one scenario. But if you'd rather offend 60 people as a 'champion of trans rights' and drive a wedge in society, be my guest. But, you're doing it wrong.

My question is this. Is the LGBT rights movement about equality or acceptance? Because you can gain equality of rights and force your opinion to be law through the courts. But you can't legislate acceptance. And to me that's what the gays rights movement is seeking. Approval. And that's why people like Bill, and myself included, are concerned with where the LGBT community will stop. I have several gay friends and work with several as well. They'll all tell you I treat them same as every other person we hang or work with. But then they aren't miltant gay rights either. They live their life being who they are without regard to your opinion, unless you pick a fight. :-) (And they use the appropriate sex organ bathroom. Whaaaa?). So in short. Just tell the rest of the 98% of the population ALL the rights you are being denied and where the party ends just so we know. And remember, your rights end where mine begin.

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