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If I could sum the problems of this entire election season, and our US politics in general, up in one phrase it would be money buys power. Until campaign and election reform takes place this tripe will only be repeated time and again. Until every politician's campaign is publicly funded with no need for campaign contributions, until term limits eliminate political dynasties, and until investigative committees are assigned to oversee the private entanglements of elected politicians as regards their finances upon being elected, nothing will change. While Americans are politically divided over abortion, gay rights, and a dozen other personal issues, those in power retain their financial security through politics. Without the basic understanding that money and power corrupts people, society will always descend into chaos. It won't be until more stringent, as would be appropriate for this day and time, balances of power are set in place that government will truly begin to work "for the people" again instead of for the masters of the people. Money corrupts people. Power corrupts people. There needs to be more than separation of power as it relates to the three branches of government or of the church and state. The power of money needs to be separated from politics. Until it is, nothing will change. Politics will continue to be the game of puppeteers. America needs reformation. The next great fight of everyday Americans should be money in politics. To eliminate, or at least severely limit, the influence of money. It's the last hope I have for American politics.

Drudge Retort

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