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That is not what the charge is on. Your comment is a lie spread by the liberals now that they have been caught out...The charge was for abuse of power steming from him wanting the DA out and cutting her budget which he has the power to do and should have done.

" Perry ratcheted up the conflict by giving Lehmberg an ultimatum to resign or he would veto the budget for the office. When the budget came through, he made good on the threat and cut $7.5 million in funding for the Travis County Public Integrity Unit.

Perry was then made the subject of a complaint filed by Texans for Public Justice, a liberal watchdog group."

And since this was NOT Political ..lets look at the group that filed the complaint. Funny ...they only go after REPUBLICANS...Na ..not political at all.


Texans for Public Justice on Perry indictment being a political witch hunt: "Nothing could be closer to the truth." youtu.be By the way McDonald "After working several years as a community organizer in west Michigan, he moved to Washington, D.C., in 1978 to work for Public Citizen, a consumer rights advocacy group founded by Ralph Nader."

Yep another community orgainizer...and who funds him? why OSF ..who is OSF? Open Society Foundations -OSF was founded by George Soros, a billionaire investor.

While they keep the PRIVATE funds SECRET the other public investors are:
The Piper Foundation (Founder of Generation Party Democratic Caucus),

The Sunlight Foundation, (Founder Micheal Klien Who is he? www.nndb.com Notice he sits on the DEMOCRAT SENATE COMMITTEE. You do not get to sit there without giving BIG BUCKS.

The Texas Trial lawyers are also BIG donors...and they do not like Perry because of Tort Reform (another BIG Democrat giving org. "Their attacks on conservatives in general and tort reformers in particular serve the narrow special interests of the liberal personal injury trial lawyers who have spent millions on efforts to defeat tort reform leaders like Rick Perry and roll back lawsuit reforms in Texas," Sylvester said

And The Winkler Family Foundation - Owners of the Tribune newspaper

Yep ...not a single logical thread here...not political at all.


Maybe because they are white nobody cares because they cannot make it into a racist issue. Maybe because the white guys no better than to run at a police officer AFTER he has told you to freeze. And you ESPECIALLY should not continue to run at them after they fired warning shots. Couldn't help but notice that the main thread on this was taken down after this video appeared putting a lie to all the prior posts condemning the police and supporting the rioters. Yet again we find Obama supporting the lawless and find that Holder tried to keep the store video from being played.

And all of you falling right in behind like good little comrades. If the press and the liberals are saying it. Well it must be true!

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