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Monday, December 05, 2016

CONMEBOL officially awarded Brazilian side Chapecoense with the 2016 Copa Sudamericana on Monday.

Chapeco officials had said on Saturday that the title would be posthumously bestowed upon the Brazilian side after a plane carrying the team crashed en route to the Copa final last Monday, taking the lives of 71 people on board -- including 19 players.

On Monday, the news was made official, with CONMEBOL also announcing that rival club Atletico Nacional would be given an award for fair play.

The Colombian side, who would have been Chapecoense's opponents in the the two-legged final, campaigned for the title to be given to the Brazilian club earlier this week. read more

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Each member of the Kent State men's basketball team, in a display of unity, went into the crowd prior to the national anthem before Wednesday night's 93-63 home opener win against Mississippi Valley State and invited a fan of a different race to join him courtside.

"It was a special moment," senior guard Deon Edwin said after the game. "We all come together as one. It wasn't about color of skin. If we can do that at a small school, everyone can do it."

Edwin said the plan is to do the same for every home game this year. He's hoping it will catch on with other schools, and maybe even pro teams.

"I really do," he said. "Everyone watches college sports. If people see it happen, maybe they'll do it. Then maybe the pros will do it also. It's something we can all do together." read more

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Before another deplorable or deplorable wannabe says I am faking my outrage, lemme make it really clear. I am very, very angry that Trump was Elected. You know what, you can have your damn Obamacare back. Single-Payer is the only way that works anyway. You can put the Bush tax cuts back, I don't give much of a crap, you won. Elections have consequences. What I refuse to tolerate....absolutely refuse to tolerate, is hate crimes. I don't care if it is one, if it is 200, or what. I don't care. I was severely bullied as a kid, and once I realized how to stand up to bullies, I realized how tragic the situation of bullying really is. read more


BTW DOC, I had to re-read #43. This is not intended to be snarky. I'm not intending to be snarky because I honest to God respect your service if indeed you really did serve like you say you did. If you would have noticed through the years is that I am much more pro-military than most liberals. I am pro-defense though, I am anti-aggressive military for reasons that include much of the military support that I have done through the years as well as the pro-military nature of my political leanings.

My point is that calling me a hack when it comes to the military is at least if not more offensive than saying that you are lying about your service. You are flat-out incorrect and I can prove it easily. If anything, half of my career has been military-related in rather sensitive areas. I am very proud of what I do and the reasons behind why I do it, and the intellectual motivations for my pro-military, liberal beliefs.

With that being said, I hope you can respect what I am saying to you. I am not a shrink, I am not certified in anything related to military psychology. I am a data collector with very strict confidentiality guidelines, and limits to what I can say or do in the field of military psychology, despite having many personal connections, family, and friends that have issues pertaining to my area of research. I must talk to them with the same level of intimacy that I would a stranger I don't exactly care for on an anonymous political blog.

I will say, again, that re-reading #43 in the middle of the night brought about the need to write this post to you. It struck a chord with what I have already written above.

All I am saying is there is a number if you would like to call, 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1

Of course, Kasich proves his low-life self as well.


He says he doesn't want any electoral votes.

It almost seems like a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Wait, who pointed that our before?

Oh I know, the most qualified candidate for President ever. Even if she is a little too power hungry. She's sane.

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