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What I have said about homosexuals?

As a Christian I don't believe same sex marriages are Biblical. Also, I believe homosexuality is a sin.

I believe radical gays and atheists are attacking Christianity and churches are at risk from these people.

Christian business owners should not have to be part of gay marriage services.

What else have I ever said about gays?

What about how I "view other homosexuals" are you talking about?


"Does your family know you are gay?"

I have been married over 30 years and when I met my wife I used to complain about the guys I was going out with. It was a long process deciding to leave the gay lifestyle and adopt/accept a different role for myself. It didn't happen overnight and it was not the result of some Christian brainwashing. It was my own decision and happened simply because I came to realize I loved her and knowing her I learned what love really is.

It has given me a unique perspective on life and being a gay person in a straight world. I am "out" to all my friends and actually people at work know though it's not openly discussed. People just know. I don't easily pass as straight and I know that.

However, support for my life choices has been surprisingly inadequate from the left.

No...I am not miserable. I have, however, personally experienced the pain that goes with being gay. Especially the generation of gays I was part of. Gays today have tremendous advantages over gays of my generation.

I don't regret my life choices...in case you're wondering. I have a much better life than I could have possibly had if I had stayed on that merry-go-round of tricks, heart breaks and loneliness.

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