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Thursday, December 11, 2014

A time capsule believed buried by patriots Samuel Adams and Paul Revere dated from 1795 was left in a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House. It was recently found during repair work to the historic building.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I must say the men in the video are attractive to look at and I enjoyed the video to that extent. But, let's talk about this video more in depth and what is going on and the dynamics of the characters.

This is certainly a piece of politically correct propaganda trying to make a point. So what point is it trying to make? You can come on to your buddy and he won't punch your lights out? read more

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The historic Washington National Cathedral is hosting a Muslim prayer service for the first time Friday. The prominent Episcopal cathedral often hosts national events, such as presidential funerals, and has hosted Muslims at various interfaith services in the past. But planners say this is the first time the cathedral has invited Muslims to lead their own prayers there, which they call a "powerful symbolic gesture." read more

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A lesbian couple in Ohio have sued a Chicago-area fertility clinic that sent her sperm from a black donor instead of the white donor she requested. After reviewing donor histories from Midwest Sperm Bank three years ago, Jennifer Cramblett and her partner, Amanda Zinkon, selected donor No. 380, who was white. Cramblett used the sperm to get pregnant and several months later decided to reserve some more sperm from that donor so Zinkon could one day have a child related to the one Cramblett was carrying. During that process, the couple learned that a clinic employee misread a handwritten order and Cramblett had been inseminated by donor No. 330, who was black. The child is now two years old and facign discrimination, the suit alleges. read more


With centuries of debate and division among Christians regarding Jesus the man and Jesus the God, someone actually thinks in one thread they will nail down the essence of Christ and what a Christian believes?

I would like to comment, though, on the above items that were listed.

"The only way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven is through doing the will of God"

well...yes and no.

If you mean by "doing" things you do with your hands and body, I disagree. While helping others is good, there is something much more difficult we are to do.

If you mean by "doing", that we are to believe in the sovereignty of Jesus Christ, acknowledge our sinful nature and accept Jesus as our Savior, then I agree.

The other 3 points that were listed, I do agree with.

The Bible is not without error. It was written, interpreted and reinterpreted by men into languages other than their original tongue. It is impossible to translate from one language to another and retain 100% of the original meaning of words and phrases. Oddly, worshiping the Bible instead of Jesus is well....sort of idol worship in a strange way.

Jesus's mission was not to condemn, but to save.

And Christians are expected to be unlike the world. Even the most evil people will lift up their friends. Christians are to even lift up and bless their enemies. The Bible says we are the "salt of the earth".

The problem today is Christianity is losing it's flavor. It's becoming just another religion that focuses on how you live instead of who you are.

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