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Friday, December 05, 2014

NASA's new Orion spacecraft lifted off from Florida's Cape Canaveral on schedule Friday morning, an uncrewed test flight that begins what the space agency hopes is a new era of manned space exploration. The capsule and Delta IV Heavy rocket cleared the service tower and minutes later shed the boosters without any apparent hitches. NASA hopes Orion will usher in a new era: Eventual human exploration of asteroids and Mars. The Orion crew module looks like a throwback to the Apollo era, but it is roomier and designed to go far beyond the moon.


You don't think Kuwait slant drilling into Iraq justified Iraq invading Kuwait?
#105 | POSTED BY SNOOFY AT 2014-12-16 07:15 PM | REPLY | FLAG:

"The result of the Jeddah talks was an Iraqi demand for $10 billion to cover the lost revenues from Rumaila; the Kuwaiti response was to offer $9 billion. The Iraqi response was to immediately order the invasion."


When is it reasonable to attack your neighbors over $1B when you're still at the negotiating table??

So no, I don't think the invasion was justified as the parties were still negotiating and the difference in negotiating positions was nominal (relatively).

Maybe she was talking about this guy?


"Moses Austin was an American merchant and lead miner who brought national attention to America's mineral wealth."

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