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First of all, I am a born & bred New Englander, so Y-E-A-H B-A-B-Y!!!!!

Seattle is a PUNK TEAM. No class losers.

Richard Sherman: Twenty four? Yeah, that's what your team scored ------! Too bad NE scored 28. So, that means Darrelle Revis will be wearing your ring, -----! Let's see if Sherman's big fat mouth shrinks a bit after his huge helping of CROW PIE! Buwahahahahahahaha!

Doug Baldwin: pooping on the ball. What a childish fool. The Patriots players are men, Belichick doesn't support that kind of chicken ---- from his players, handing the opponent 15 yards because you want to be a school yard baby? Hence Bill's 6 SB appearances and four rings. And how many division titles? Mor ethan you have fingers on your hands, baby! Roll that up and smoke it, "12th man"!!! :-)

Bruce Irvin: just a punk-ass punk what couldn't hack losing so he resorted to his gangbanger mentality. Pete Carrol does not instill discipline in his players. Ejected from the Super Bowl, what an embarrassment. Of course Seattle players coaches, players, and fans can not feel embarrassment.

Earl Thomas: hits Shane Vereen out-of-bounds, loses his team 15 yards, and then slaps his teammate high-five about it. Again, Belichick ain't buyin' that weak ----! Punk defense, punk team, punk result.

Seattle Seahawks are ONE AND DONE! No more Super Bowls for them for a looong time. Just like Michael Vick, Kapernick, etc., once Wilson's legs age another year or two and he has to become a real quarterback (in the pocket), he is exposed! You are no Tom Brady, Russell Wilson. Too bad you couldn't be saved again by some fluke, Hail Mary pass!

Just bought my Tom Brady SB XLIX jersey and a 4X SB Champs Wilson football. LIFE IS GOOD, Seattlt Fans! 12th MAN???!!! What a JOKE. Buwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

#1 Catdog, if only it were that simple. What about the burglar shot carrying a spoon? How about the unarmed people shot because they allegedly "reached into their waistband"? How about when the LAPD unloaded on two ladies delivering newspapers because the police assumed since they were in a pickup truck, it must have been Christopher Dorner? The reality in the militarized police state in this country allows officers to kill just about anybody (except the 1% of course) with impunity and the system supports it in a codified manner. Such as:
- "I feared for my life". Purely subjective, how can you ever prove the officer did not? Supposedly, the fear is supposed to be reasonable, but that clearly is not tested when you look at just recent cases of police murder. Honestly, if you fear for your life without confirming a threat, you're a ----- and shouldn't be a cop. Being a cop certainly has inherent dangers, like being a fighter pilot, which goes along with the job. The Samurai had the bushido to train themselves not to fear death. In many cases it seems, this "fear for life" is a cop out (pun intended) for cowards so they can get away with murder.
- "He was reaching in his waistband, which I thought was a gun". So, here is the carte blanche way to kill unarmed people. Now, why is an unarmed person reaching into their waistband? They are not. It's made-up -------- so the cop can say he feared for his safety and shoot an unarmed person.

Of course there are other factors.
-- Cops lying to keep their buddy out of trouble. And as we've seen countless times in the news, cops are liars. Whether lying to help out a fellow cop, lying to cover up police brutality ("they were resisting"--no they weren't, liar), lying to suspects during interrogation to dupe them into a confession, sometimes even of an innocent person. I would assume being a liar is just part of their culture.
-- Prosecutors unwilling to prosecute cops. Why? If they do, other cops won't help their cases after that point.

We have a big problem in this country. Sadly, too many people think and make simpleton assessments like Catdog above. Most cops see the world in three classes. Cops, criminals, and the rest--potential criminals. So who does that leave to "protect and serve"? Themselves. Time to wake up America! This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind...

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