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Hey Sully, looks like the frontman for your beloved G-Men gave a big shout out to his brother in arms, fellow QB, Tom Terrific. U mad bro? LOL...

P.S. not babies, just winners... division champs last 11/12. Six AFC championships. Four Super Bowls. NFL Dynasty of All Dynasties. Now, who's the crybaby? LOL...

Hey Sully, just finished laughing after reading NY Post: Thrilled Patriots underline just how miserable Giants look, where your own newspapers slam your beloved G-Men (a.k.a. Girly Men). Looks like your ilk hate winners (like Super Bowl Champs NE PATS), but hate your own teams even more. Such sad, pathetic self-loathing. Enough said, you may now crawl back under your rock. LOL!

Drudge Retort

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