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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jim Hightower: The National Republican Party has published an official policy document showing that the GOP really might be more than a gaggle of serve-the-rich plutocrats and wacky, Trumped-up right-wingers. Just when you thought the party was consuming itself in the know-nothingism of its presidential pretenders and the recalcitrant do-nothingism of its congress critters, out comes a sign of sanity. ... Can all this be true? Yes -- except it's not new. This document is the Republican Party Platform of 1956.

Bernie Sanders: Today, I endorsed Hillary Clinton to be our next president. ... Hillary Clinton released a debt free college plan that we developed together which now includes free tuition at public colleges and universities for working families. This was a major part of our campaign's agenda and a proposal that, if enacted into law, would revolutionize higher education in this country. Secretary Clinton has also publicly committed to massive investments in health care for communities across this country that will increase primary care, including mental health care, dental care, and low-cost prescription drug access for an additional 25 million people. Importantly, she has also endorsed the enactment of a so-called public option to allow everyone in this country to participate in a public insurance program. read more

Monday, July 11, 2016

A majority of Americans reject the FBI's recommendation against charging Hillary Clinton with a crime for her State Department e-mail practices and say the issue raises concerns about how she might perform her presidential duties, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Six in 10 voters say the outcome will have no impact on their vote this November, even as those who do largely say it discourages them from backing the presumptive Democratic nominee. read more

Thursday, July 07, 2016

I think this is a fair assessment of what Sanders supporters hear on a daily basis from Clinton supporters. And why Sanders has continued and should continue to stay in the race until the convention.

Many of us independent Sanders supporters are not willing to vote for Hillary without significant platform concessions. And since I believe most Hillary supporters would actually be in favor of a more progressive platform, those concessions should be included. read more

States that legalized medical marijuana -- which is sometimes recommended for symptoms like chronic pain, anxiety or depression -- saw declines in the number of Medicare prescriptions for drugs used to treat those conditions and a dip in spending by Medicare Part D, which covers the cost on prescription medications, according to new research. Because the prescriptions for drugs like opioid painkillers and antidepressants and associated Medicare spending on those drugs fell in states where marijuana could feasibly be used as a replacement, researchers said it appears likely legalization led to a drop in prescriptions. That point, they said, is strengthened because prescriptions didn't drop for medicines such as blood-thinners, for which marijuana isn't an alternative. read more


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