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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Despite strict voter ID laws, Alabama is in the process of closing 45 of 49 driver's license offices. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said budget cuts will result in closing driver's license offices across the state. The agency said the cut will be in phases, with 33 offices closed during the first wave. In January 2016, a further 12 offices will close. By March, all but four offices in the entire state will shut their doors. The offices that will remain open, ALEA said, are Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile and Birmingham.

Walmart said Wednesday that it will stop selling military-style semiautomatic rifles, including AR-15s. CEO Douglass McMillon had indicated he might do this in a June 23 interview. "Our focus in terms of firearms should be hunters and people who shoot sporting clays, and things like that," McMillon said in June. "So the types of rifles we sell, the types of ammunition we sell, should be curated for those things. ... We want to serve people who hunt and fish and we want to have a great sporting goods department." AR-15s were used in the mass shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, and Aurora, Colorado.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A lion charged and killed a safari guide who was leading a group of tourists in the same national park in Zimbabwe that was home to Cecil the lion, who was killed by an American hunter in July. "One of the lions had cubs and they became hostile. [Quinn] Swales at first manage to scare the lions away but then the male lion later made a U-turn and attacked him," Charamba said. None of the tourists was harmed. read more

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Ford is building a $2.5 billion plant in Mexico," he roared to a packed auditorium in Birch Run, Michigan, and 2,000 voices responded with lusty boos. "I'll actually give them a good idea. Why don't we just let the illegals drive the cars and trucks right into our country?"

The real estate developer and former reality TV star boasted that "President Trump" won't let Ford move jobs to Mexico and will convince the automaker's Chief Executive Officer Mark Fields to bring jobs back to the United States.

"I would say, the deal is not going to be approved, I won't allow it. I want that plant in the United States, preferably here," he said, as the crowd rose to its feet, chanting "U.S.A.," punctuated by a woman shouting "Detroit." "So then I only have one question: Do they move the plant to the United States the same day or a day later?" Trump asked. read more

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rick Perry's presidential campaign has stopped paying all of its staff as the Republican former Texas governor's fundraising has dried up, campaign officials and other Republicans familiar with the operation said late Monday.

Perry has stopped paying his staff at the national headquarters in Austin as well as in the early caucus and primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, according to a Republican familiar with the Perry campaign who demanded anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. read more


You mean everyone...

#5 | Posted by goatman

Where did I say everyone?

And sure, you can register to vote by mail, once you have an drivers license, ID card or SS #. Where is the form to obtain any of those by mail?

And since you hate the DK so much, here's a link from within AL.


With a nice quote from an Alabama official:

"Unfortunately, what citizens can expect are longer lines, oftentimes scheduling way in advance to get an opportunity," said ALEA Secretary Spencer Collier. "Probably the worst is that some... are going to have to travel a significant distance to be able to get that driver's license service."

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