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What is the GOP willing to do to actually confront reality as opposed to playing cheap political games with people's lives?

#18 | POSTED BY MODER8 AT 2014-11-10 11:27 AM | REPLY | FLAG: | FUNNY: 1
Too funny that the GPO is playing with peoples lives. It is Obama and his executive branch along with the Dems that encourage the ILLEGAL immigration and play with peoples lives in a high stakes political game hoping they will become odumbercrats for life.

There is no need to deport anyone nor allow criminals to take our jobs, steal our educational resources, or clutter our jail system. The answer is simple.... IF we guard our assets and ONLY allow US citizens employment with employer verification, free education, reduced housing, drivers license and reduced food. Until we stop giving our resources to criminals they will continue to drain resources with no regard to others.
If you cant get work or only work under the table, kids cant get free education, cant get free or reduced health care,cant get reduced housing, cant get reduced or free food they will no longer be interested in coming here or able stay here.
THink about it. It is not that hard to only provide our resources to solve our problems not South Americas.
Obama and Holder are suing the Atlanta School district so they cant ask for US citizenship. Wages have been stagnant for middle income earners since 2008. Study after study identifies immigrants as the major benefit of any new job growth.
Wake up and realize what you are championing at the expense of veterans, school kids, retirees, low income family, special needs all lose when we give funds to illegals.

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