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www.google.com ~ THONG DRESS

I must be behind the times because I have never heard of a "thong dress." However google images came to the rescue.


Obama isn't a puppet president. A puppet is someone "who dances with what who brung him." I'm sure Obama had some major contributors (don't they all) but the majority of his campaign money came from everyday Joe Citizen in the form of small donations. And there were hundreds of thousands of them, including me.

The puppet in that race was Mitt Romney who had only ONE major contributor ~ Sheldon Adelson. That kind of money doesn't come without strings attached. Adelson owned Romney because Romney was for sale.

"The problem is none of these people in this position or congress any longer repredsent the American people."

I'll agree with you there ~ especially about congress. It's gotten much worse since the Supreme Court decided that corporations are people, too. As a result, now the only time congress needs people is on election day and that's only because the Constitution still says so. Other than that, it's all about the money of corporate backers and their lobbyists (the elite) who also write the legislation. That doesn't come free either.

The idealists who still fight for a representative government are fighting a losing battle. Huge amounts of money will trump idealism every time. That's why we end up with such bums and opportunists in Congress who have left themselves no choice but to "dance with who what brung them."

As for presidential elections, Romney would probably have won that election with Adelson's money if Romney wasn't such a complete political dunderhead. As it turns out, all of Adelson's money and all of Rove's dirty tricks couldn't overcome Romney's lack of qualifications because, frankly, he didn't have any. Romney was a pretender, a hand picked frontman who sold himself to a puppeteer ~ Sheldon Adelson.

And yet, for all your complaints about not having a representative government, you still claim that Romney was the qualified one?

How much less representative could he possibly be?

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