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Friday, November 11, 2016

Leonard Cohen, the hugely influential singer and songwriter whose work spanned nearly 50 years, has died. He was 82. Cohen was the dark eminence among a small pantheon of extremely influential singer-songwriters to emerge in the Sixties and early Seventies. Only Bob Dylan exerted a more profound influence upon his generation, and perhaps only Paul Simon and fellow Canadian Joni Mitchell equaled him as a song poet. Cohen's haunting bass voice, nylon-stringed guitar patterns and Greek-chorus backing vocals shaped evocative songs that dealt with love and hate, sex and spirituality, war and peace, ecstasy and depression. He was also the rare artist of his generation to enjoy artistic success into his eighties, releasing his final album, You Want It Darker, earlier this year. "I never had the sense that there was an end," he said in 1992. "That there was a retirement or that there was a jackpot." read more

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard Cohen, the hugely influential singer and songwriter whose work spanned five decades, died at the age of 82. Cohen's label, Sony Music Canada, confirmed his death on the singer's Facebook page.

Monday, October 24, 2016

ROGERS -- Pop music legend Bobby Vee -- an icon for music fans around the world, and a champion for charitable causes around Central Minnesota -- died early Monday morning of complications of Alzheimer's disease. He was 73. read more

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Nuclear Attack Pending? Russia Putting 40 Million Citizens into 5,000 Shelters from October 4 - 7 as Military "Exercise" --

UPDATE: U.S. Cuts Ties with Russia over Syria.


President Obama's legacy is already written.
He is riding a tide of approval that even surpasses President Reagan's at this point of his tenure.

What a difference eight years makes!!!
One won't have to wait fifty years to appreciate President Obama's tenure!



The reality is:
Contrary to all the naysayers and vitriol, President Obama likely would have been re-elected to a third term if there wasn't a two-term limit. The Republicans will soon have the authority to tear down as much as they want. Given the above facts, it would be prudent to take that into consideration before acting on that authority.

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