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Friday, July 01, 2016

Canadian Lawmakers Chant 'Four More Years' to Obama
6/30/2016 3:48AM

Following a summit in Ottawa on Wednesday, U.S. President Barack Obama received several standing ovations as he addressed the Canadian Parliament on topics from globalization and trade to security. Photo: The Canadian Press



(It's OK If You're a Republican)

RE: #12 | POSTED BY MSGT AT 2016-07-01 11:57 PM

No weeping here, but you might weep if you read your own links.

Nothing you listed conflicts with what has been said by two long-time residents of the Denver metro area. Specifically: Colorado Springs and Aurora are relatively conservative areas; Denver and Boulder are relatively not conservative areas.

Bottom line (from your own links!): claiming "Of course not 'Christ like' as Denver is very 'Blue', just like Boulder, Colorado Springs and and Aurora." is simply not true. Colorado Springs and Aurora are not 'just like' Denver and Boulder. Colorado Springs and Aurora are not 'very Blue'. Even Denver is not 'just like' Boulder (as if ANY place in Colorado [or further!] could ever be considered 'just like' Boulder!).

To further your education:
What is commonly considered the Denver metro area is essentially made up from portions of five different counties (Arapahoe, Douglas, Adams, Denver, and Jefferson counties). Even if one were to ignore a recent phenomena (that many Unaffiliated voters were former Republicans until George W. Bush's two terms as president) and just concentrated on the registration of voters from the two major parties, you might get a clearer picture of what we (who live here) already know:

1. Arapahoe and Jefferson counties have nearly equal numbers Democrats and Republicans (and Unaffiliated)

2. Adams county has about 1.5 as many Democrats as Republicans (but more Unaffiliated than Democrats!).

3. Douglas county (where Parker is, the place your son lived) has about 2.5 as many Republicans as Democrats.

4. Denver county has about three times as many Democrats as Republicans (but close to as many Unaffiliated as Democrats!)

For comparison:
A. El Paso county (Colorado Springs) has over twice as many Republicans as Democrats. It even has over 1.5 times as many Unaffiliated as Democrats!

B. Boulder county (Boulder) over twice as many Democrats as Republicans.

Even a cursory review shows that El Paso and Douglas counties are quite different from Denver and Boulder counties. Tossing any portion of Unaffiliated into the Republican column makes the differences even more stark.

You're welcome.

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