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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A group of workers at a Raleigh, North Carolina, bagel shop banded together to buy a car for co-worker. Employees and customers of Bruegger's Bagels knew Shirley Ratliff was walking miles each day to get to a bus stop and ride to work. She's been saving for a car, but recent medical issues, and their accompanying bills, had eaten into her savings. "I love these people," Ratliff said. read more

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A woman caught shoplifting eggs in Tarrant Saturday didn't leave with handcuffs and a court date. Thanks to a Tarrant police officer, she left with food for her family. Officer William Stacy was called to a Dollar General when employees caught the woman trying to steal the eggs, Tarrant Police Chief Dennis Reno said. Stacy talked with Dollar General and they said they wouldn't prosecute. So Stacy made an offer. "He said, 'If I give you these eggs, will you promise that you won't shoplift anymore?'" Reno said. "He knew that she was telling the truth and that's the reason he went in and bought the eggs."

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Defense lawyers in North Carolina are divided over a constitutional amendment on Tuesday's ballot that could change how some criminal defendants are tried.
The North Carolina Constitution requires that any felony defendant who pleads not guilty be tried by a jury. That requirement was meant to safeguard the rights of the accused.
"Juries are expensive," he said. "When you bring in a jury to do a jury trial, you have to pay the jurors, and you have to pay all of the individuals who deal with the jurors."
Durham defense attorney Daniel Meier is strongly opposed to the amendment. If it passes, he thinks prosecutors will pressure defendants to give up their constitutional right.
"I can imagine a situation where they say, 'Waive a jury trial, or we're going to indict you as a habitual felon. Or waive a jury trial, or we're going to add these charges,' because they already do it when it comes to pleas," Meier said.


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