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Zed of course pot is not a panacea. However it does have proven medical benefits.


That is an article I found on the MS forum that I go to. As I am sure you are aware from my previous posts people with MS are very interested in legalization at the minimum for medicinal use. There is a 9 page post on the topic there with dozens of sufferers telling the stories of the benefits. There is advice on how to use safely, how to make sure you keep the dose at medicinal levels without crossing into the high as a kite levels. The fact that you deny these benefits is sad. There are people on standard pharmaceuticals that are zombies who switch to pot and find it does the same job with a significant drop in the zombie effect. Your desire to see these people either suffering or zombies is sad.

I hope that over the years you have realized that while I am pro-legalization I am by far not a fanatic about it. Just like anything else there are good and bad sides very few people do not acknowledge the bad (some do but not most) however the pro-legalization side says the good out weighs the bad.

For me I see the reduction in spasticity, of pain, the bonus of a good night sleep and the resultant reduction in fatigue all far outweigh the bad.

I do find your obsession with the wake and bake stoner as the only kind of pot smoker a bit odd, maybe because I know far more occasional users that I know "stoners." Sure I know a few that use to excess and would legal or not, there are a couple more people I know who might use legality as an excuse to use to excess, however the vast majority of folks I know would not increase their use one bit if it were suddenly legal.

I once got pulled over for expired tags. 2 cops 1 on each side of the car. The one on the passenger side is shining his light all over the car and sees a bag of gas fireplace embers. He says is that marijuana? The officer at my window shines his light back there and asks me whats in the bag. I glance back to see what he was talking about and see the bag. I tell him those are glowing embers for a gas fireplace. He is satisfied (they really don't look much like weed) The other cop looks skeptical and wants to search my car and check it out. Now I installed fireplaces so it was a huge bag cost me close to 50 bucks at wholesale so I wasn't real interested in having them trash the bag and search my car damaging pilot assemblies and other delicate equipment. So I say I would prefer you not search my car but if you want I'll open the bag and let you try some, but don't blame me when they shred your lungs and cause lung cancer. The first cop looks at me and moves on with the stop the second cop gets really pissy.

If he had been the one in charge I suspect I would have wound up beaten in cuffs by the side of the car while dogs went over every inch of my car trashing delicate pieces of fireplace equipment and late as hell to my appointment.

Cops are great when they are keeping order but when they don't have anything better to do than harass citizens they sure take it on themselves to do so.


I installed that a couple years ago. Just think if I had methane water I could have avoided running the gas line!

"I don't recall making that claim."
You don't make the claim that progressive policies lead to more prosperous, more equitable society? Forgive me if I've misunderstood you.

I was referring to the concept that some people won't pay taxes. Other than those unable to work I think everyone has a responsibility to pay taxes. Yes I agree with progressive taxation where Billy and Elon pay a larger percentage because they benefit more from government services. However that doesn't mean that Joe Schmo should not pay some taxes.

As far as progressive policies go I support some and others I think are stupid and misguided if not directly hurtful. It is really a case by case issue for me.

Really? Generally, if one does not have plenty of money, they have plnety of time. And time can be contributed when money can't. This goes back to my support for a CCC-like program where, if you're going to use taxpayer dollars to support those who don't earn an income, then you owe it to that taxpayer to maximize the utilization of that labor pool. Freeways are always in need of trash pick-up, as are rivers and streams. Even if it wasn't 40 hours a week, why not whatever it took to keep public areas clean and in order? What is the down side?

When I say some people are unable to contribute I am referring to children, the elderly and the disabled not simply the lazy. I would be all for a CCC works project for those currently on welfare and/or food stamps.

That said I think the real solution is a social credit set up not constant transfer payments. I know I gave you the link to social credit once before and I don't think you have ever addressed that. Without a conversation on social credit talking about my ideas on helping the disadvantaged are meaningless. The whole system would require a revamp of our whole economic structure and is more than a post on a blog worth of ramifications.

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