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"Liberals here on the DR argue that everyone deserves a "living wage", regardless of what menial, entry-level job they do, and that is total BS."

The problem is that regardless of how much you, in your infinite wisdom, think someone "deserves" to make, its going to cost a certain amount of money to keep them fed, housed, clothed, educated, etc. And if their job doesn't pay them that minimal amount because people like you figure they don't "deserve" it, then the taxpayer is going to have to pick up the slack. Because we're not a third world craphole that lets people die in cardboard slums - at least not yet, you may get your way eventually.

As we know, companies don't hire workers unless they need them. And employees who don't have enough resources to survive eventually stop showing up to work. What is keeping them afloat now is taxpayer subsidies. So why should I as the taxpayer subsidize someone else's employee? Why should I pay extra money so that a highly profitable corporation can underpay its work force? They need these people kept healthy enough to show up for work. They need these employees so they can make money. I don't need anything from them. Yet you think their welfare should be my problem. Screw off. Let the people who benefit from their work pay to keep them working.

Also $10.10 as minimum wage when adjusted for inflation wouldn't even be historically high. You've been suckered into thinking this is some kind of big cost increase when in reality businesses used to pay more and did just fine with it.

Wrong, the majority of voters are not left or right, they are in the middle. And its those folks who decide elections

#21 | Posted by SammyAZ_RI at 2014-10-20 04:31 PM | Reply | Flag:

That's not what Americans are saying when directly asked:


The last results say 56% of Americans identify as Republicans or Demcorats. 42% claim to be "independent". 56% is a majortiy.

Furthermore, if you include people who claim to "lean" towards the GOP or DNC, then you the number that identifies with a party becomes 92%. And was we know, that's alot closer to the actual % of voters who waste their time with either of these parties every election.

IMO, "Independents" who always vote GOP or DNC are 99% as much of a problem as party loyalists. They think they are holding the parties accountable but its a false accountabiliy because in the end they are still going to vote for one of two parties who are guilty of many of the same sins. Our problem isn't that people are voting specifically for Republicans or specifically for Democrats. Its that the overwhelming majority always votes for one or the other and means that there is very little accountability involved in the process.

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