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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Earlier today D.C. Whispers shared the stunning proof of slain Senator Clementa Pinckney's actual vote to SUPPORT the placement of the Confederate flag on the South Carolina statehouse grounds. Now more proof is available of Senator Pinckney's recent opposition to gay marriage. This evidence has once again been willfully ignored by the Mainstream Media, the Obama administration, and gay rights activists across the nation who are now falsely placing the slain pastor as one of their own. read more

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Wall Street on Parade: [D]uring the annual Cherry Blossom Festival celebrating springtime in the Nation's Capitol, a 22-year-old man took his own life with a gun on the Capitol grounds with a protest sign taped to his hand. According to the Washington Post, the sign read: "Tax the one percent." The Chicago Tribune reported that "[Leo P.] Thornton's parents filed a missing persons report on the morning of April 11 after he never came home from work on April 10, Lincolnwood Deputy Police Chief John Walsh said." Those are the tragic facts of the incident itself. But there is a broader tragedy: the vacuous handling of this story by corporate media. The Washington Post headlined the story with this: "Rhythms of Washington Return after Illinois Man's Suicide Outside Capitol." The message he delivered to his Congress -- tax the one percent-- has yet to be explored by any major news outlet in America in connection with this tragedy.


Many on the left and right are beholden and partisan and have little clue what represents the most important things to sustaining an honest functioning America. They are so interested in their little partisan beliefs. Instead they grovel and listen to the corporate elites who own the media and Hillary and most traditional Ds and Rs'.

I'd like to see Bernie team up with someone on independent right about those issues that really need resolved, and forget about those things intended to divide us that are really there to benefit the very few, and not the very many. The left and right need replaced with a unity movement that works towards uniting Americans, and take those mostly frivolous things off the table that are there to help politicians and divide us.

Of high importance are the need for sovereignty that protects the Constitution, removing PACS and big money from political process, installing term limits to counter corruption, and making certain that every law provides for the prosperity and security of the citizenry, and not security of global corporations. We need to minimize our foreign entanglements that drive us to wars that are often manipulated. All wars need to come with major strings attached like a war surtax and a declaration of war. No more wars of convenience on the cheap. Foreign money that comes from global corporations or intended to benefit other countries needs to be outlawed. Global corporations that bring in more than 20% of their earnings from outside the USA need banned from lobbying and donating.

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