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Hillary is now unfettered by some political yoke. She is well respected most places and where she isn't... well it is their loss. Like her democratic predecessors Jimmy Carter, Al Gore she is not defeated... merely redirected. People like them place humanity above the chatter of people who lack their vision. Meanwhile the Clowns are creating their latest persona non grata for the republiclown conventions and Bernie bots will find him playing in a checkers tournament in some mostly white podunk Vermont town coffee shop.

Like it or not the Clintons are well respected... the Obamas are well respected ... The Carters are well respected... Al Gore is well respected.

F@*# you and your lame statistics about popularity as if we are still in high school. The world does not begin or end with being elected to the white house. Trumplthinskin has clearly proven that.With him in office the US... acting as emperor... is nekkid.. fat ugly, orange... and has small... hands

There are those who fall into the celebrity cult followers niche... showing up at rallys... to see their saviors... they often mistake the crowd size as indicative of universal appeal. This is clearly evident by attendance at Trumplethinskin rallys where he is scheduled to appear and where he isn't. Its pathetic. However Hillary's loss and dislike for Trumplethisskins assumption of the office inspired millions all over the world to show up... not to see their favorite celebrity but to be seen by Trumplethinskin.

The world is watching... there are people that lead and those that follow...make no mistake Hillary leads.

Drudge Retort

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