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Oh Jeeze the clowns are out in force on this one.
rattling on about how Obama didn;t fix it. Well neither did thier congress who was goign to change everythign Obama but spent nearly four yours working on ONE thing... count it 1...uno Einz... single... lone... solo...wŭn...en... you hear me only 1... one ...1!!!!!! and fgailed at accomplishing it. And you pig brains are going to continue blaming Obama!!

Three things keeping the clownbrigade from coming to terms about the economy...

First you are in denial about how bad the crash was. The fact is it is so astronomical you cannot wrap your heads around it. Because you cannot fathom the magnitude of it you don't understand why it is taking so long. You still believe it was not that big a deal. Seriously ------------ congress can't do the one thing they promised and you expect us to buy into your vapid expertise about where Obama is failing?

Second you elected numbskulls to congress because they promised to do one thing and failed. Not only that they have cost the country more than they saved it. Its a lot like those two wars you noodled around with... the most expensive one we never needed to venture into And you are in denial about how much it cost and angry that it didn't pay for itself as promise and it has your panties in a twist facing the fact that you have to pay for it.

Third as a group you are incredibly stupid, inane, crazy, inept. clumsy lunatics screaming and hollering at the top of your piggy voices about things you have to credibility discussing.And sise you put people into congress that share your same feeblemindedness its taking longer than it needed to. Funny thang... it is getting handled in spite of the behemoth amount of stupid you are pouring into to it.

I saw that show years ago when the current Iraq war was still in its early stages. Since the press wouldn't publish them they went on exhibit. For awhile they were on the web too.

I think back on Desert Storm being televised on CNN. I was sitting in a bar with some friends and the same clip was being shown over and over ... a smart bomb going down a chimney. It gave you the impression that they were all precise.

It is really alarming to think how the Iraq war's justifications hanged ever week or so for the first two years.. the first excuse of course being self preservation... and when that didn't pan out... followed by bogus altruistic visions. This photographic show depicting the war that had pretty much neutered Saddam Hussein brought home to me the nobility that is wasted in a war.

I didn't think the "crispy" image was the most horrific. You expect to see crispies in war pictures. Every war seems to have them I thought the images of the pits dug serving as mass graves and bodies being shoved in with bulldozers more disturbing. The road to Baghdad exhibit showed that not only did they take in tanks, humvees, and transporters but also heavy land movers for just that purpose. But you did see that in the press? Of course not! Heaven knows we don't want our troops being seen burying the evidence.

------------- like to imagine a inexpensive, sanitary war... with a happily ever after enemy neutralized and above grateful that you slaughtered their family members... and showed them the way.

Watch a video of a missile hitting a target, then watch the uncut version of the beheading, watch him bleed out.


Wrong. The ones standing in direct proximity (say 50 feet circle around) to the beheading are doing the happy dance singing "allis fubar" patting themselves on the back, feeling victorious and stuff.

The ones standing nearby in a drone strike are crawling about on shattered limbs and using their one remaining eye to search for their missing body parts scattered among the clumps of sizzling human flesh lying about. If they hear anything it is a loud ringing in their ears or the wails of friends and relatives bleeding out.

Just because you aren't shown the videos in the immediate aftermath of drone slaughter doesn't mean it lacks brutality.

Either way dead is dead and far worse for the living than the deceased.

The death of James Foley is tragic and thankfully his friends, family members were not present for the event causing the ripple effect of the tragedy as the loss and suffering is magnified by those left behind.

Not so good for those hanging out with a drone's target on what is supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. Not not only do they lose a loved one but also must stay on living in a maimed body or caring for those who were injured and may ultimately die months or years later from the injuries suffered.

Its the ol "hammer to a beehive" thing. You may take out a queen but you've pissed off a whole lot of... drones.... kind of ironic no?

Of course they will be a brutal as they need to be in order to defend their homeland. Would you not do the same?

The US has mauled its own citizens for less.

If anything the beheading is far more surgical, precise and less brutal than the precision bombing campaigns we've launched at an average cost of $750k a piece (for the cheap ones) +$30k per flight hour+maintenance+training. A good knife for lopping a head $15 at a military surplus store + (the promise of)70 virgins (yeah right) and you get a home movie to show your friends. Priceless.

Amazing what angry people can do with box cutters and knives.

Neither Ronald Reagan and Jim Brady were the same after being shot. The brain damage suffered by Brady was more obvious but the event signaled Ronald Reagan's mental decline that reduced him to convivial sock puppet as well. He was thought of as "a hands off president". (doh!)
The aftermath started the Clowns gone Wild trend:

He gutted domestic spending and turned defense into the bloated tax sucking leech leech that it is today.
You mad the NSA knows what color under wear you have on today? Thank the Reagan admin.
Violent crime rose 21% during Reagan's tenure as president.
He promised to balance the budget and never once in his 8 years did that happen. (he must have forgot)

He cut taxes increased spending and tripled the defict. Clowns were happy because they got their London Fogs. Bass Weegans and cocaine.
this brings me to:
Drugs... there was the Iran / Contra / CIA cocaine pipeline.(damn you John Kerry for exposing that!)
Reagan decides to start a war on a business he set up. The children sitting on the borders today are the chickens coming home to roost. Sort of like the ------------- have a bunch of brown skin bastard grand children they don't want to acknowledge.

Meanwhile back at the raunch...Reagan takes a whole series of anti drug legislation and signs into law. The Yuppies go to rehab and the ------- go to jail.

He thought trees caused more pollution than cars do.

The party of Lincoln's favorite president was loyal to apartheid and vetoed the Civil Rights Restoration act.

Part of his voodoo math was to lower income tax but increase payroll tax making the "tax savings to the average Americans a wash.

The clowns in charge did a good job keeping the "the great communicator" standing on two feet as the changed the scope of presidential powers they whine about Obama taking advantage of today.

The funnest thing about the whole Benghazi hearings was getting to watch the doofus ------------- standing in line so Hillary could spank them... again.

The clown brigade thinks if they jump up and down demanding to know the truth as it is being told to them it means they got to the bottom of it. There was no bottom to get to. Much like Bonehead going on about "the president as got to be responsible for something" hissy fit. Silly theatrics pathetic posturing.

The whole impeachment stems from the fact they cannot stand Obama mopping up the floor with them. They seem to think they if the yell it loud enough or attach "gate"to it... or equate it to a Bush screw up he may actually be doing something wrong.

Obama has had his share of screw ups... but nothing compares to:

Watergate speaks for itself. Dragging the Vietnam war out is well nothing short of heinous.

Reagoonietunes and his 138 convictions not to mention his own by international court. Had Bush the Elder not pardoned Weinberger and Reagan forgot he was ever president he would have been. We wont even go into "Debategate" against Carter. That's guys shopping list of scandals is endless. The Ironic thing is the clowns think of his as their greatest president next to Lincoln.The love raising the debt ceiling and trillion dollar deficits with clowns do it.

Well it wouldn't be prudent to waste too much time on Bush the elder who was in there whilst Reagan was braindeading his way his fianl term... I think it is safe to say that he was one of the biggest floaters the Reagan cesspool.

Then Bush Jr... well know how well that went.

Obama has come no where near the political debauchery the of the clown offerings...oif the past 40 years. But I guess hope springs eternal for the floppy footed ----------- vying for center stooge... I mean stage.

Either you are trolling, or you are a moron. You know damn well that death in war is not the same as death by thug, or at least you SHOULD know it.

#20 | POSTED BY USAF242 AT 2014-08-03 12:56 PM | FLAG: PPPFFFTTTT!!

Excuse me? Death of a human at the hands of another human is homicide. In your instance you wrap yourself up in the red white and blue and discuss it as some sort of noble purpose. It is still one human against another. The only thing separating military from the street thug is one is probably emotionally engaged in the activity the other compartmentalizing it. Either way it is murder.

I know you like it when the lock steppers and quasi lock steppers march along side you, afraid of offending you trip over themselves making sure they do not make you feel bad, for being hired assassins. Never the less that is the purpose for the military. The right or wrong of the pay to slay mindset of it has more to do with the imaginary borders we live in that in moral imperative or altruism. Some of us go for the okie doke others do not.

Do not mistake me for a pacifist because I am far from that. I know myself well enough to know I am capable of taking the life of another under certain circumstances. I know too, that you could not pay me enough to do that... or be willing to do that for a pay check... or for the temporary gratification an act like that may offer.

I recall when Bush held the made for TV war and Dr. Bob Arnot served as an embedded reporter and he witnessed an Iraqi soldier having his head blown off by a Marine sharp shooter. The event made him a little giddy. He commented on the event calling it "fantastic". Americans cheer and church attendance goes up as Americans go pray to god for victory in war.
Fast forward a few months and Matt Drudge is airing videos of Nick Berg's head swinging by a hank of hair clutched in the fist of someone singing Allah Akbar. Americans are outraged at those murderous thugs and their weird belief in god.

Two different stories about beheadings, one where the beheader is praised one where the beheader is called an animal.

The nation of Iraq was not guilty of the reason we attacked them. They were out armed militarily and frankly what our nation did was a form of bullying. Add to it the the delusion that people whom we had murdered their family members would start happily dancing in the streets because Saddam was no longer in charge is insane... and psychopathic.

Iraq is just one example of homicidal behavior under the divine edicts of war.

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