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The only thing she cares about is slandering and horsetrading her way to the presidency. Who cares about a dead ambassador so long as she doesn't alienate muslim voters. Who cares if the country is awash in drugs and criminals as long as she has the latino vote.


Awww another clown hyperbole hissy fit burst like the zits on your hiney amnd the best you can do is come up with more gossip because life never left the high school lunch room for you. you continue to sit with the stupids and blame the world for your personal failures.
Come on give us a list of all those she slandered and the trail that proves your point.

Oh and this little piece of mind dribble?

Does she pinch? Because she seems awfully scripted. like she wants to appear like she knows policy. and wants to trigger a war with Russia over Syria.

#34 | POSTED BY AMERICANPLY AT 2016-10-22 06:05 PM | REPLY | INANE 76

Scriipted? So what?

There is nothing wrong with scripted... a lot of professionals use scripted when they are given the task of repetitive conveyance of information... it is an efficient way to make sure you have covered the bases of topic(s) you are discussing. point is Trumphole could not argue her point point by point annnnnnnd even though others said she sounded scripted they also said she did understand policy...
What the Trumpass does is repeat catch phrases within word salad vagueness as a way to hide his intellectual laziness.The republiocl*wns are a big fan of that... they loved it when Bush-hole did it... I guess it makes them feel at home.

I want out country to be fortunate enough to retire the orange bozo to paintin pichurs and not allow him to tank the economy.Ya know... Bushturd sought the office of the presidency to pursue a personal vendetta too... we all know how well that went.

Deadseasquirel... That is a myth the clowns love to blather.


What Perot DID make clear was how businessmen should never be allowed to run for president. That big eared ----- dropped out because "someone threaten to accuse his daughter of being a lesbian and ruin her wedding" which loosely translates into "he figured out he didnt have a chance of winning " and his ego would not let him admit it .

Eventually after the impressive economic success of Clinton the clowns decided to show us what for and did put a business man in charge of the country in order to run it like a business...and we all know how well that went.

Bush has an MBA from Harvard. The loved his plain speech shooting from the hip style too.

It flat out amazes me how the clowns love a candidate which chronic foot in mouth disease.

He pulled the right meme at the right time. Saying he would have her prosecuted is exactly what most people think.
Hillary looked defensive.

#96 | POSTED BY PROLIX247 AT 2016-10-10 04:36 PM | FLAG: PPPFFFFTTT!!!

You must be sneaking into Trumphole's Adderal supply.

Trumpling looked very tired... no... exhausted and it was apparent whilst he was blathering on about how if he gets elected he was going make sure that HRC was going to be prosecuted and go to prison? His shoulders were hunched his face drawn... He looks plain tuckered out.

Hillary just stood there standing up straight, looked calm and she looked him square in the face with that "yer full of $#!t" look on her face. She didn't give any "defensive" conversation to the topic because it has been investigated to death and she wasn't prosecuted. The fact that she wasn't prosecuted is what sticks in the craw of the wingnuts because they want her punished and frankly I don't think they care what she is punished for as long as she is punished.

The fact is... and this is the truth... she has stood up against bigger and tougher circumstances than the Donald rehashing old grievances that she dealt with years ago. Paula Jones. Flowers, Lewensky...all water under the bridge for her. She dealt with the fall out when it was fresh and the wounds still bleeding and she moved on to bigger things like being elected to the senate twice and being SOS. If any woman was seriously abused by Bill Clinton it was her. What have other"victims" of Bill Clinton done with their lives that even compare? Allowing themselves to be dragged out and exploited.
Face it HRC spent most of the night telling the mean tangerine he is out of his depth... in over his head and has no clue how to behave. He paced and glowered and she just whined about how mean the moderators were to him and how Hillary gets away with everything hoooowwwhhhaaaaaa boohoohoo... the best he could come up with was something akin to "I know you are.. but what am I".

I loved the irony of him going on and on about the White House telling the world they were going to attack ISIS in Mosul... and before the debate he holds a press conference with a small cadre of Bill's past indiscretions. You don't think she was prepared for his salvo? Please... she wasn't defensive about anything... she is over it.. and aiming for the Oval Office.

Trump was broadsided twice by the tax revelation and the ----- grabbing boy talk... he doesn't know how to handle being dressed down in public. Hillary does...and when it happens she decides to run for president.

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