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All eyewash to make the administration appear that it is accomplishing something. Many aircraft return with munitions not expended, yet it can be claimed that they were sent out against ISIS. All accomplished is wear and tear on the airframes and fuel expended. Air strikes alone will never stop the spread of ISIS.
#1 | POSTED BY MSGT AT 2015-08-21 04:19 PM | FLAG: BLAH BLAH BLAH

I guess the hardest thing about having fought for the loosing team is that all you have when its over is sour grapes to pass around.
Reminds me of when I used to listen to my father and his Nam comrades blather on about if only Kennedy hadda , or Johnson shoodah, or Nixon cooda and of course then theyda won.

The thing is Obama is not making the decisions on his own. He seeks advice from whom? Oh yeah that's right.... the assorted military brasshole know it alls who will later be blathering on about how he shoodah,coodah... blahblahbllah they woodah won. You know like you, Boaz, snippy and a myriad of other sore losers trying to excise yourself from your ineptitude at defeating a bunch of crazy rag-heads.(or whatevah)
The cost relative to success of the venture speaks more to the expert advice and those in charge of those various business enterprises paid to execute those orders bear a little bit of responsibility.. it is they who ultimately failed at their job.

oh sorry... my bad I am pointing the fingers at the sacred cows we dare not besmirch because you "wore a uniform" and had "good intentions".

Heaven knows the US military a is getting more funding than any military in the world. The US military has the best tools, technology, weapons, not to mention all those brilliant minds, that has ever existed in recorded history at its disposal... and still you come up empty handed!!! The US military has visited unspeakable horrors on people living in primitive circumstance and you have zilch to show for it.

Its funny how the clowns will go on and on about the self correcting nature of capitalism except when it comes to the military. Any other business with as many failures as the US military has been responsible for over the past 60 years would have gone out of business...and yet you continue to get funded.

I think Obama is playing it out via drones and bombs than throwing more clueless bodies at them.

I cast my first vote for McGovern. Nixon won. Nixon left office in disgrace... the disgrace was about how he handled running against McGovern.
Spiro Agnew resigned his post and Gerry Ford was the accidental president... who became a standing joke.
Then came carter who left office in disgrace too but not because he was crooked but because the country was upset by the economy... even though Carter had improved it.
The clowns then elected Reagan who oversaw the most corrupt cabinet in US history , raised taxes, supported apartheid, opened the cocaine trail....and was lucky to have Bush Sr. who was elected and pardoned Casper Weinberger the public would have been given the skinny on his brand of stupid. Instead he was allowed to drift off into his dementia
George the first touted no new taxes whilst blathering on about the evils of voodoo economics a product he supported as Reagan's VP.
Then came Clinton who bossted the largest economic expansion in US history and dragged the US economy from the republiclown sinkhole into the land of surplus. Oh but he got a blow job and the only one;s that cares where republiclowns because blowjobs are against their religion or something. Well head of the conservatron part-ay Noot Ginko didn't care becaue he was getting blowjobs too.
The clowns fixed this by electing Bush Jr. and we all know how well that went. He left office in disgrace.

Of all the presidents to leave office in disgrace all of them have been republicl***ns in disgrace.

Funn-eh thang... the clown base did not know of Reagan's stupid until Obama would do some of the things St. Reagan did .... then they don't whine so loud.

No matter how you look at it the clowns are stupid.

I'm not kidding the future is today.

You could easily make the business end of a stethescope and that little printer

Full color technology is in the works... absolutely amazing.

Jewelry, prosthetics, everything can be printed out now

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