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Nobody cares. It is amusing to watch the twits in the press become unhinged on minutia.

#5 | POSTED BY SAWDUST AT 2017-02-19 09:42 PM |

I don't think that is true... I think all the stupid is being watched very carefully... the stupid he does whilst entertaining that scummy bunch of deplorables is just icing on the cake of his stupid It will come back to haunt him 10 fold. Every day I speak to people from various parts of the world... and every day they tell me the media is full of his stupid there too and not a lot of people like his crazy and he is not liked. Bushling was also an unpopular preznit... and except for those few days after 9/11 he had some sympathy popularity. That is why when he went to war he couldn't put together a coalition like his father. No one wants to back Trumplestiltskin.

Republcl°wns hat back him sounds stupider every day in their blind loyalty. He got to run his campaign acting like an ------- then he thinks he shouldn't be treated like an ------- when he is president? Too many people are against him.
this will be republicl°wn president number # 3 in 50 years to leave office in disgrace

Clowns 4
Dems 0

Good luck with that wall thing... and the rest of the useless posturing. More of us on the left are eating popcorn that getting hyperbolic. I was in the computer store yesterday and there were people standing around laughing at him... and dipstick like you... it is just a matter of time before we stick a fork in it. My guess is Pence already knew about the Russian thing so we are gonna have Spirocette and Dick all over again. Meanwhile Hillary and Barry are going on to do bigger and better things.

Drudge Retort

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