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Hillary's pivot away from TPP made sound geopolitical strategy subordinate to internal Democrat party politics.
Unless you believe, like I do, she was completely lying about that pivot.


Fact is you don't know what Hillary thought about anything... just because you believe it doesn't make it truth.

And like most things of that nature... the TPP has some good and not so good provisions in it... same as NAFTA.. which incidentally also created jobs.. just not manufacturing jobs... it was also beneficial in the energy department.

You people really need to get over the whining about lobbying and crap... that is just part of the political spectrum and always has been... ffs stop being stupid as if you have some inside dope on the evils of lobbying. It is who is going to be representing you whilst the lobbyists are doing their thing. Trump has never been on the side of the average person... his life had been dedicated to amassing personal wealth and catering to those who amass wealth.

More deals have been negotiated away from the US and deals cut between the titans of industry enjoying a friendly game on one many Trump golf courses.

Look at who he is giving power to by his cabinet appointments!!! The same people that have carved away at the heart of the middle class...

Its beyond greed ... its avarice... and you pig brains are incredibly stupid in your strange desperation... for what ever it is you think you are going to get.

well considering that the rich pig brains are sucking the life out of the middle class its not surprising that the life expectancy has dropped. Its directly related to the income disparity.





There are hundreds of articles on the topic and tons of empirical pointing to the correlation.

Pat your self on the back right wing pigs all your lofty ideals regarding the sanctity of life. Its the reason deplorable is a good name for scum like you.

too much dribble to pull quote

#10 | POSTED BY PEGASUS AT 2016-11-27 07:46 PM | FLAG: FLAILING

errrrmmmmm no... it was not the democrats but the green party's Jill Stein. Hillary's campaign backs it up and if Trumpling and the republicl*wns had any real balls so would they. After all it is only a formality. It is ironic how the clownbrigade talks up his victory as something really special... Trump is not the first man to defeat a woman seeking higher office...dozens of women have run for president and vice president and lost to men by much wider margins in both electoral and popular vote columns... Hey Obama beat Paloonioetunes and her popular Vietnam veteran sidekick ol'what's his name... so what Trumphole did in that regard is no biggie. The fact...and it is a fact... Clinton was the first woman to rise and be a formidible contender is HUGE and historical... so once again Trumphole is carrying water for the real movers and shakers.
Trumphole's fabled business acumen is not a first either... Hoover and Bushhole 2 were both republicl*wn business men put into office because "the country needed to be run more like a business...Heck Hoover even had a en-mass deportation san due process of Mexican's act... the world knows how well those two laissez-faire experiment's went.

This looks like yet another public thin skinned hissy fit thrown by some whitey because he is shown to be less than the legend he is in his own mind. Of course he has the support of the same group that blames minorities for for their own poverty while espousing rugged individualism.
Trumphole is more disliked than Hillary... and for sure more disliked than Bushhole.

Bottonm line... he has a red ass because... He lost the popular vote to a woman... that has never happened before in US history!!! so of course it had to be rigged....ppppfffftttt!!!

Not a lot to brag about... unless he suddenly pivots and starts acting presidential... the prognosis isn't good. He is going to have to do something monumentally good to redeem himself and justify holding that office.

Good luck with that wall thingie.

At the end of the day, all we can criticize is the decision-making process itself when it's dominated by ideologues rigidly wedded to only their preferred way of doing things. The judgment characteristics of our leader is all that we have the opportunity of voting on. After that, it's up to them and they should be criticized when they make mistakes. We have to trust they're making the best decision they can at the time even if it turns out badly in hindsight.

#28 | POSTED BY TONYROMA AT 2016-11-26 08:37 AM | FLAG: BULL$#!+

It would be nice if the clowns were attracted to one who's attention span surpassed that of a gnat.

From the " One Percent Doctrine"

The alarming August 6, 2001, memo from the CIA to the President -- "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" -- has been widely noted in the past few years.

But, also in August, CIA analysts flew to Crawford to personally brief the President -- to intrude on his vacation with face-to-face alerts.

The analytical arm of CIA was in a kind of panic mode at this point. Other intelligence services, including those from the Arab world, were sounding an alarm. The arrows were all in the red. They didn't know the place or time of an attack, but something was coming. The President needed to know.


He's not much of a reader, this President, and never has been, despite White House efforts to trumpet which serious books he is reading at various times. ... But he's a very good listener and an extremely visual listener. He sizes people up swiftly and aptly, watches them carefully, and trusts his eyes.


The trap, of course, is that while these tactile, visceral markers can be crucial -- especially in terms of handling the posturing of top officials -- they sometimes are not. The thing to focus on, at certain moments, is what someone says, not who is saying it, or how they're saying it.

And, at an eyeball-to-eyeball intelligence briefing during this urgent summer, George W. Bush seems to have made the wrong choice.

He looked hard at the panicked CIA briefer.

"All right," he said. "You've covered your ass, now."

The clownbrigade is all over Clinton for email servers... whereas in the end nothing happened and this person whose behavior is absolutely unacceptable was put into office to clean that up.

You people can all go to hell.

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