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Libya regime change is the most retarded foreign policy move this administration could have come up with short of boots on the ground for stability.


For starters you really don't know that for a fact.

Personally I think Eisenhower undermining the first democratically elected Prime minister in Iran and staging a coup to overthrow him was a colossal mistake...encouraged by his golf buddy Prescott... but I guess that is all water under the bridge now eh?

In this case however...unlike when we entered into Iraq the US involvement in Libya came about as part of the NATO support of an internal insurgency to overthrow Qaddafi... and not a unilateral hissy fit thrown by a president going after the man who tried to kill his daddy... and the embarrassment of what started out as an intelligence "blunder" ... based on information passed on to us via a disgruntled ex-pat cab driver...then morphed into revelations of deceit and sexing up of evidence in order to justify an all out war... floating loans to China.. and elsewhere... and propping up the economy on a real estate bubble until the war finally began paying for itself... which it never did... and eventually that blunder nearly led our country and the world to economic collapse.

That blunder far outshines this... THAT blunder is the start of longest war involvement in US history... and you think what happened in Libya was worse is insane... it was just one of the final dominoes to fall over.
Hard to imagine someone being so stupid... your remark only demonstrates the pathetic desperate thinking of the clownbrigade trying save its legacy to pin something on H. Clinton...

you people are truly sad.

I'm not concerned with Trump being a billionaire, millionaire or a schlup like the rest of us. He's not out there handing out IOU's for donations like Hill is. And when all is said and done, the Hill contributors may find they own the brand but the product is owned by Putin.

#12 | POSTED BY WHIZZO AT 2016-06-22 12:15 PM

Just because Trumpling is a billionaire does not mean he is not beholden to anyone. Do you see his business holdings he brags about? Golf courses and luxury hotels? PUHLEEZE!!! the man is a water boy for the wealthy. He makes the networking spas, restaurants, transportation possible for the heavy hitters. Deals cut to undermine the working class are done in his facilities. Its all about deals and "beholdens" in that class of people.


Trumpling is up to his man ----- in IOU's.

Do you know what happens to people who make it into that strata and then walk away from it? Their wealth dissipates and disappears. If your head is not wound like that.... or you choose not to go that direction...

That is why lottery people often go broke. Its a playing field most of us don't really want to be in.

Like it or not the world would be a lot suckier without Wall Street... business is not the enemy... but there are some people there out of touch with the rest of us... and forget that if you don't have customers you don't have business.

Yes Hillary mixes with them... she has the acumen to play there... but then so does Trumpling... the thing is Hillary has actually bought a loaf of bread at a store... Trump doesn't know what it is like to do that.

When Trumpling hangs with his homies... he talks like them... he's a parrot... people like parrots makes them feel listened to. So now he parrots the grubs.

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