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I don't have a yard and there is only 40 miles of road where I live. The gas prices here havent changed. Dutch Harbor Unalaska gas prices are still over $5.00 a gallon. We don't expect you to understand.


I absolutely do understand... the problem I have with Alaska is that while you live in extraordinary circumstance you do not let yourselves be represented by those who actually support the circumstance. You let an an empty suit represent you on her MILF qualities rather than what it actually takes to be Alaskan. At least you have the possibility of enhancing your coffers with subsistence activity. Most places in the lower 48 are jailed for that.

But you know... everywhere you live... it is something... and the fact remains no where in the US does anyone receive a single dime just because they live there for more than two years.... except Alaska. And while people where getting dumped from their jobs in droves, losing their home, their cars, their life savings... as the economy collapsed there was no check coming in October simply because they lived where they lived and were entitled to share in the profit... no matter how meager. In fact any monetary gain they received where it was in the form of food stamps, or assistance to pay utility bills that was not the result of gainful employment was ridiculed by the right.

If you are not getting a lot of sympathy Alaska was being represented by an empty head in an empty suit, touting values about which she had no real understanding.... and by the same measure people looked at Sarah Palin as a quirky little something that stepped out of an episode of Northern Exposure.

Pailin railed against taxes when never did she pay what anyone in the rest of the US ever paid and was in fact cutting off her nose to spite her "thanks but no thanks" face on that one. She talked down the ACA when her family took advantage of socialized medicine... I mean real socialized medicine and not the ACA . She belittled the extension of unemployment benefits because people who aren;t working don't deserve a dine... and yet... the PFD check still arrived because she had an Alaskan address. Now you may not believe Palin's attitude represented you... but you sure didn't hear the Murkowski's, or anyone else telling her to put a lid on it.

I recall debating going to war in Iraq right here in this forum 10 years ago... I used a series of names before I settled on this one. Loved the irony of RisR getting his tail in a knot and whining to Rcade. (giggle)

There was a wannabe Bill Buckley that trolled here calling himself Tadowe... he rattled on with superfluity about the superior stance of the neocon decision. I haven't seen seen him much since it was demonstrated that Bush's initial justification proved false. I wonder what went on in his head when that came to light.

Funn-eh how the righty tighties suddenly went from we're gonna save ourselves from this threat and kill those bastards to a bizarre form of rabid altruism. then the chant was we are now spreading democracy and freeing Iraqi women from their burqas... ironically Iraqi women were some the most liberated of the Arab women and now.. not so much.

I knew it was a joke from the moment Bush candidly whines about Saddam being the guy who tried to kill his dad. If he had been an any number of other professions he would have legally been removed from any decision making based on his demonstrated lack of impartiality.

It seemed that to the right everything became a game of ass kicking. Even Bush's elections were re=fabricated to being ass kickings... when in fact election one and two were far from that... with Bush winning by low margins ... his reelection the lowest margin in history. Then there was the sad irony of the clowns donning purple band aids to mock a decorated war veteran while touting their love of all those who "fought for our freedoms".

I see little rational thinking occurring among the right wingnuts that post on this site... even the gilded one's that slither in here disguised as libertarians.... is so easy to boll them over with simple statements of fact. Ah well what do you expect from a group of followers that clings to two works of fiction as holding undeniable eternal truths. You may as well hang out at a Star Trek convention. At least in Star Trek fantasy a replicator has some possibility in quantum theory and cell phones hold a remarkable similarity to Star Trek communicators.

In the Ayn Rand version of things the entrepreneur are the long suffering victims living in the world of jealous peasants who are after their fortunes because they are too lazy to create their own. Then you get the right wing meme of how businesses leave because they are "afraid" of blop da blam... or the incredibly stupid chatter accusing factory workers greed as a reason for the decline in American manufacturing. The poor corporations have been forced to... for the sake of profit... go where people are willing to work for pennies instead of dollars. Such a heavy burden.

Distancing themselves from the failure of bluster now they turn to keepers of the American way of life disguised as protectors of American businesses which are the back bone of our nation but falling victim to nefarious forces...like the greed of some workers who think they have a right to home ownership... or some silly thing like that.. same stupid different story. whip the mouth pieces into a frenzy ... then take their yachts out for the evening regatta.

Because the autoworkers got too greedy and drove all the jobs away from detroit. Ya really gotta feel sorry for someone but it ain't for the autoworkers that got fat and happy off of my buying a new car.


You use the word greedy as if were a bad thing destroying American jobs... and it is... but it is not the worker indulging in greed

Tell me which workers were "too greedy" and what they did to meet that definition. If you mean a home, car, medical, descent neighborhoods, good schools for their kids... and all the usual stuff that constitutes the "American Dream" is greed? Then why is that the carrot touted by the republc....ns when marketing their peculiar brand of spew?

Is greed the desire for all items on the list or sayyyyyy three out of five? Tell me ...when did the desire for those things become a symptom of greed?

There are heads of corporations who have not only managed to amass enough personal revenue to acquire the bucket list of the "American Dream" but are capable of financing several more... but don't... you can only live so many "American Dreams" in your life. They amass for the sake of amassing... then when they die maybe they will leave an endowment for a museum and everyone will think they are swell for doing so. Its a great way of erasing the history of over indulgence that got them there. To come to that place in their lives to meet that goal all they had to do is find people content with less or figure out a way to use fewer people with modest ambitions to get the job done by using automation and robotics. Its all about profits.

That is the behavior that comes closer to the definition of greed than an auto worker going for one set of fulfilled dreams.

Here is the google link for the definition of greedy since you are obviously too lazy or too stupid research what the word means before you bandy it about with your vapid little insults.

You are flat out wrong to call the workers greedy for desiring to and doing what they were taught to do in order to achieve a small modicum of success called the "American Dream".

Oh and here is the definition of vapid...
http:// dictionary.reference.com/ browse/vapid
just so's you know my intention for accuracy when I hurl an insult in your direction,,, bullseye!!

wonder if the people that offer the "we broke we own it" rule thinks that applies to Lybia? It's twice the disaster that Iraq is at best.


Try backing that up with some facts. Don't really have any but you like the way that sounds ... well now ... Let me give you a starting place to jump off that cliff.

Typical Bush fashion with Cheney and Rove yanking hard on his nose ring Dubya took single handed credit for the disarmament of Libya pointing to the sound pummeling of Iraq as the intimidating gesture of U.S. might that caused Gaddafi to see the light. He even boasted of his part in Gaddafi's "renunciation of terrorism" in a state of the union speech.

Of course Bush didn't mention the little ditty that he hired al Queda to assassinate our Saudi ally Prince Abdula only a few months before when Bush was up to top of his waders in trying to explain why finding out there was no justification to go to war with Iraq was a good thing. Meahwhile... back at the discotheque Bush gave Gadaffi's a favored nation's chip and some cash (tax payers money) to help defray the costs of paying off the Lockerbie families even as Gaddafi's was gathering nuclear goods with ambitions to make weapons.

Funn-eh thang how the clown brigade loves to discuss the Iraq war failure as if the process was encapsulated in a singular fantasy circumstance called "Saddam is making nukes and is going to use them unless we stop him". It was much more than that. It was a whole marketing venture dreamed up by a republi....n group of megalomaniacs who after being bitch slapped by some boys with box cutters used the tragic opportunity to tell people to go shopping while they saved the day.. and immortalized themselves in the process.

The marketing of Libya was part of selling the justification of the Bush Doctrine. So yeah it is "part of what was broken"... what is occurring there now is not a new thing... it is the continuum of a long process.

That being said... I sincerely pray that whatever hopes the Jordanian pilot has as his purpose in placing himself be in harms way gives him strength.. and may this action not measure up to any significant victory for ISIL.

Oh wait..."end it" means "do it less"? Maybe it means hide it better.

This has got to be one of the most inane deflections out there. Consipiracy theories are perfect for frothing up the dumb when you desperately need some more of the hopey changey feelings you got when you talked about the trickle down economic utopia... or the rush like you expected with a televised war destined to show victory instead of the series of unraveling fantasies that you are now trying to blame on Obama.

That is right up there with the birther stupid... which I didn't think possible... but there ya go. You want us to believe that we think Obama is omniscient and knows every single thing going on... its part of your libruls think Obama is Christ nonsense.

I understand that there is the possibility that torture is going on... but I bet you won't find a trail leading to Obama or Biden the way you did to Bush Cheney and the rest of the wussie-set you put in charge of being stupid. I get it there are a lot of security contractors and military personal... with type A personalities and some serious anger issue upset about losing some swagger.

Ya see that is the big difference...Obama is not hot for a victory as much as a successful extraction from the idiocy bequeathed to him by the bozos you embraced with such unflinching loyalty.

Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice and the rest of the stupid inserted into the scene by idiots wanting a president they felt they could drink a beer with. What you got for your vote were empty suits who sold the nation a short sited bill of goods and were desperate to deliver... and failed. Losing some serious face in the process.. in fact all their crack pipe dreams failed... except maybe their no dumb-@$$ left behind.. which as evidences by this spate of yammering is a screaming success...your secret torture sites put you at the head of the class.

Obama is much smarter than you are giving him credit for. He is not stupid enough to continue the bs policies that are an embarrassment for you. Grow a brain.

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