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Nothing more. We'd be in cahoots with anyone exporting it to the degree they do. Remember how your side cried "It's all about the oil" to the invasion of Iraq? I wonder why it wasn't, "It's all about anti-Semitism"?


Now why isn't my side all up in their grill about "antisemitism?" Wellllllll... because we know it isn't anti-semitism as much as anti-Zionism... you know the Zionists...that a peculiar little offshoot originating among the Ashkenazi Jews of European extraction hiding behind the horrors of the holocaust and using it as a diversion land grab where there Sephardi cousins had managed to live in Israel in relative peace. However most Americans tend to lack an ability to make distinctions between the groups thinking a Jew is a Jew is a Jew. Even better if they pull the Premillennial Dispensationalist card and make them feel like part of the welcome wagon or the second coming of Christ.

You see Arabs in general are not antisemitic in the same sense and we see in antisemitism the US because they have semites in their ranks... and consider themselves childrem of Abraham too.. The Ottoman empire had plenty of Jews and even protected the Jews against the Spanish Inquisition.

Heck I have seen people get all in a lather here in the forum... when talking about ultra orthodox Jews in Jerusalem because they thought that bizarre little pack of misogynist wingnuts are responsible for all the political craziness and international intrigue because of the "ultra orthodox" label. The fact is they are anti Zionist seeing the whole drive for statehood as counterproductive... and the Zionists think of them as a burden on society because they are exempt from serving in the military and won't "defend" Israel.

Ya see Goat... what liberals are aware of is that Nutty-a-hole is the voice of a faction not of the entire entity.

It doesn't exist. It only exists for those who want to use it as a crutch.

#67 | POSTED BY BOAZ AT 2015-07-29 11:28 AM | FLAG: PPPPFFFTTT

Yeah Boazo... there is nothing like explaining to people their lack of understanding "cultural nuances" is really the problem and the facts don't exist.
The only one's who want to use it as a crutch are people like you too stupid to see that remark is the prime example of institutionalized racism. If you weren't a willing participant in institutional racism you would not be caught unawares as your are.


You belong to the same club that insists the world's most famous product of miscegenation seeks to practice policies akin to the icon of white supremacy. Incidentally the rightwingnut polices that you embrace have more in common with Nazis than leftist policies ever will.

again I repeat...

BTW Obama is not the descendant of slaves freed by the Emancipation Proclamation ergo the clown party is at a loss to claim willing participation in any of his successes and I have no doubt that gets your collective goats big time.

The best you can do is push your small bevy of clown coloreds and the occasional piaso in front of the camera so they can Uncle Tom in your behalf... you know like your favorite democrat Bill Cosby.

Oh and you know what? I didn't see you get all up and into it regarding John Houser adding his name to the long list of white on white violence. No blathering on about how when whites are killed they are most likely to be killed by other whites.... males in particular.

Then why do people in those countries come to the US to receive healthcare?

It is not as if people are leaving their countries in droves to pay a visit to the US for healthcare. The only people that travel to the US for healthcare are the one's wealthy enough to afford it.

A better question to ask yourself if US healthcare is so freaking wonderful is why do Americans travel to other countries to seek affordable health care? Check out the cost of dentistry on US borders north or south when they compete with doctors and dentists "otra lado". Why do people buy medications from Canada?

The US is not the only stopping point for those seeking premier health services. Plenty of other countries boast top notch medical performers who are internationally sought out. Wealthy Americans will fly in doctors from other nations if they want to.
Factoid: The wealthy go where ever they want to get the best healthcare they can afford. Its one of the things that makes being wealthy so desirable.

The US excels cancer treatment but overall the rest of the healthcare system is generally mediocre and when a cost analysis is done compared to other industrialized countries it is pretty pathetic.

If you think number and availability of CAT machines increases the quality then why do countries that don't have nearly as many have similar or better life expectancies as ours? Why do other countries have lower infant mortality rates?

Middle and working class people from the US travel to places like India, Brazil, Mexico etc to get things like hip replacements, heart valves etc... because it is cheaper than getting them done in the US... even when airfare and accommodations are factored in.

Not only have US patients seeking a price break for medical procedures helped subsidize hospitals and clinics in places like Thailand what we pay for pharmaceuticals in the US enables other countries put a price cap on what they are willing to pay. So the pill popping masses here in there US buy from foreign pharmacies and the US gets screwed twice. To add further insult Big Pharma has plenty of dough to wine and dine lobbying rabble and keep the status quo.

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