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More people have died from Islamic Terrorism worldwide than Israelis defensive behavior, yet Liberals here apologize for it daily.
Is your point that a trickle of blood is worse than a river?


First off a rhetorical question.

Does it ever hurt your head to dream stupid accusations about what it is that liberals do?

Seems to me that Nuttyyahoo is responsible for rivers of Muslim blood flowing... and some American blood in the mix.

Here let me remind you...


He was calling for what turned out to be at the time the worlds largest terrorist attack upon a nation. It was called "Shock and Awe" conducted by the US on a country that was functioning under yoke of a crippled infrastructure and a decade of sanctions.

Listen to all the speeches especially the ones when he was blathering on about how victory of the wars would shift history.... he drifted off into non sequiturs about scenes from movies and discussing war as if it were a business venture talking about how one victory leads to another and another....
My question to you is pretty logical;... why do you insist that we continue supporting that murderous bastard.

We still have no decisive victory... in either Afghanistan or Iraq... and we have ISIL. and we have lots of dead and maimed Muslims, and Americans because he persisted in disseminating that B.S... and the clowns love them a good ghost story .

The topic of this link is Soros' commentary on the current political situation.


How could this happen? The only explanation I can find is that elected leaders failed to meet voters' legitimate expectations and aspirations and that this failure led electorates to become disenchanted with the prevailing versions of democracy and capitalism. Quite simply, many people felt that the elites had stolen their democracy.

Thanks for bring it back to topic RCADE regardless of what you may think of Soro's past... and what he did for survival he showed some clear insight to the situation at hand.

If you consider that Hitler was elected on the heels of a similar national mood were are experiencing here. For all the money we spend on wars... it sucks being unable to claim a clear victory in nearly 70 years. I really don't think Trumphole is like Hitler at all... for obvious reasons... Trumphole never served in the military defending his nation nor has he ever been hungry a day in his fekken life... nor has he had his skill sets rejected in any meaningful way or served time in prison. Adolf experienced all those things. When Hitler spoke about patriotism, sacrifice, hunger, rejection, imprisonment... the things of disenfranchisement.... he actually knew how all those things felt.... and believe it or not he had genuine empathy for those he spoke to when he wanted to make countries of the Reichsrat great again.

Trumphole only parrots the words... and for most part its all show biz... because that is what he does... heck rumor has it he read... make that studied Mein Kampf... and there is no doubt in my mind if that is true... that he probably he used what he read there much in the same way Hitler used operatic theatrics to bring the crowd to it feet. That is why his rallies were so haunting and familiar. I don't think Trumphole is necessarily racist and completely sexist... but he does suffer from the systemic traits of growing up in a country where that culture once ruled... ergo he was able to express the feelings and shake loose from the woodwork those who still embraced those bygone American standards... and yes give them voice too.

I have been saying for many years in this forum that I believed based on observation of past historical trends that when income disparity rooted in economic trends becomes so wide people are going to rise up. Personally I see Trumphole as the disenfranchised breaking wind before taking the huge and nasty dump. He got in promising them some relief from the situation they are in. I predict it is going to get ugly... uglier than it is now.... mostly because as it was with Bushhole ...Trumphole is a silver spooner who doesn't understand what it is like to flinch at the price of a $4 loaf of bread. Trumphole may even have good intentions... Same as Bushhole... and even feel a tad altruistic about this mission he is on... same as Bushhole... but he doesn't really know how the mind works among those the rabble that reach bedrock digging out a living and feel there is no where else to go.

It fascinates me in places like KY, WV, and OH where coal was the good job mostly because unions fought for decent wages raising what were once considered the lowly profession to a level of income respectability... in the same way the unions transformed factory work... or teaching. Trumphole does not know the mindset of people who have done the labor he himself farms outside the country to be done on the cheap so that his profits remain high and ... in reality he wouldn't hire his constituents anyway... because they want too much for their services. Why should he hire them... when he can find others willing to negotiate a deal for a lower price... and he doesn't have to look at conditions of unregulated work zones?

The rabble has been cornswaggled... by an actor... again!

He's not trying to change the country to cater to his individual belief. I praise him for that. But the large majority of Liberals won't do that and it's going to cause the November-January time frame after every election to become National Safe Space Day. The can of worms has been opened.


Oh yeah... not to cater to his individual belief... so what is he going to cater it to? You do realize he has never actually discussed his policy... hmmmmm.... must have something to do with passing out "Make America Great" hats made in China... or hiring undocumenteds to work in his U.S. resorts...

Maybe its threatening to put Clinton in jail then saying it was all a joke... and publicly inviting Russia to hack Clinton's account to find email relevant to nothing in order to find something to use towards convictions since the senate failed...... perhaps you need to refer question that to his SoS pick Rex Tillerson who is friends with Putin I bet he can help us straighten all this out.... After all Putin pinned a medal on his chest... its right there in his resume.

Oh wait.. I know its that wall thingie... the one he want's to build between us and where his name brand suits are made.... or the Muslim thingie... oh now wait... wait.... that golf course thingie in Dubai makes that kind of iffy... you think he will ban Muslims from there too?... you know for solidarity and demonstration of his convictions?

Please tell us... which of his myriad of hypocrisy isn't catering to his individual belief you are praising.

Your boy is damaged goods....his campaign redefined smarmy.... his election forever tainted....Go ahead tell us what we should be afraid of.

orrrrrrrrr are you posting this just to provide comic relief?

Good luck with that wall thingie...

As usual, Obama is late to the game and leading from behind.


Ya see... this is the problem with the Trumplings... In general.... they are unaware of the world around them... this pathetic accusation is a good example of the clowns out of touch with reality.

Here's their leader leading from the front....
Mark it down... put it down he says that Putin isn't going into Ukraine... he guaranteed it! ... blathered on about building a good relationship with the guy who was sort of in ... but not really in the Ukraine... PPPPFFFFTTTTT

This is reminiscent to Bushhole being shown the devastation of Katrina in a video on Air Force 1... because he couldn't get the implications in real time... or the deer in the headlights look while being informed about 911.

Here we are again... Just as pig brains defended him... now you got a new frat boy's out of touch stupid... to defend... hooray...more of the same disconnect where you want a strong leader to tell you what to think.

Its not Obama... not Hillary... not us... its YOU. YOU are disconnected fools... and you put one into office.

Good luck with that wall thingie.

Ah, the "Socialism works" crowd is back at it again.
Venezuela disagrees.


Ah the pig brain Trumplings are back at it again. Right there in the first paragraph describing the unrest.

This month its 31 million people lurched a big step closer to that breaking point, thanks to another senseless decree by its autocratic populist government.

The pig brains in this country just elected someone who ran on a populist platform to make America great again... Blaming others for the nations problems....with trade wars, closed borders etc...

Right there in the article their new Venezuelan president closed its borders... such a stupid thing to do based on short sighted understanding of complex issues.

It didn't discuss anything about the economic system in place ... that little tid-bit of stupid was inserted by your ignorance. Capitalism has been permitted to go free and wild since the 80's here.... and now we have lots of weapons but no middle class....Meanwhile in China...the socialist megalopolist ... is discussing going to mars mid century... and a rising middle class.

Socialism is inspired by income disparity.... and while Venezuela was once the wealthiest nation in Latin America... wealthy for whom? Did you ever ask that? The US is reaching critical mass of income inequality and I can see it heading down a socialist path and there will be nothing you can do to stop it... because you are outnumbered... the only thing left for the government to do is reign in the avarice of the mega wealthy who are doing you no service.... and what did you pig brains do to remedy the situation? You put one into office. All he had to do was to feign commiseration with you... and you went for the okie doke because you are afraid.

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