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Oh yay something else for the clowns to get they panties in a twist about. OOOOOhh Noes!!! The sky is falling the sky is falling.

Wiki leaks happened how long ago? pffft anything pertinent is already long gone you useless bunch of scaredy cats.

Besides I'm sure the pig pack feels all safe with Trumpling and he Eastern Euro wife looking out for you... cause there ain't no way Trump would be cutting any deals over there... oh wait...


Republicl*wns are so funny... I have no doubt in a year the Ruskies are going to do something stupid... and the clown brigade is going to start blaming us for political correctness... just as they have done about the Muslims when it was Bush who spouted off about how Islam is a religion of peace... I mean Bush was business partner with a bin Laden bro ... oh but Obama lived in Chicago so he must be a crook.

Its always right in front of you... and you miss it every time.

Let me see how all this plays out... now its the demo elites.... choosing the candidate for us no less...

Ironic that Bernie lost because he catered his platform to people who think of themselves as victims... and Trump wins catering his platform to people who think themselves victims...

listen to yourselves!!! (Iraq vote)

You go on an on with all this boohoo (Iraq vote) rigged system nonsense. You can wring your hands (Iraq vote) whilst typing (Iraq vote) and yet... with that incredible skill set... you feel victimized by the system. Trumplings and Berniebots both railing against the system... the battle of the dystopians.

Here we are now (Iraq vote)... and its oh myyyyyy (Iraq vote) the DNC were mocking Bernie....(Iraq vote)its just so unfair.(Iraq vote) Meanwhile back at the Retort...(Iraq vote) Hillary gets mocked...(Iraq vote) Trump gets mocked... Sanders gets mocked... sticks and stones people (Iraq vote)... its election (Iraq vote) season.

Lordy lordy... I remember when Obama was running against Hillary (Iraq vote) and everyone was all up in her grill about the Iraq vote... including Obama... meanwhile two years later (Iraq vote)...back at the situation room that sensible black feller (Iraq vote) who was all opposed to invading Iraq... is "peacefully" kicking @$$ all over the place.... and in some (Iraq vote) twisted kind of way... everyone wants to blame Hillary for all that... go figure! Now its all about Bernie... and the whole Iraq vote thing comes up again as proof he's so different than that (Iraq vote) war mongering Hillary (cou-Barrak-gh).

Oh Puhleeze...(Iraq vote) you want to talk about fairness...(Iraq vote)

If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

As an armchair pundit, this strategy by HRC was not the right card to pull against a ticket of two other old white man.

#121 | POSTED BY GONOLES92 AT 2016-07-23 04:16 PM | REPLY | FLAG:EYE ROLL

Let me point out to you that in historical terms the significance of this is no different than Obama the first Black American running for president. Hillary is the first woman to ever rise to this place nothing is going to change that. So she chose a white guy... Obama who was just as history changing also chose a white guy. Both Biden and Kaine are men participating history changing events... that takes some kinda nuggets in both their parts.... because there is no safety in what they are doing

Trump played it safe with his choice. Bernie well who knows whom he would have chosen... there has already been a Geraldine Ferraro... so no wowsers there.

There will be zero enthusiasm for Hillary now. We thught she was finally becoming more progressive, now we know she was pretending. I think Bernie will be reconsidering how much effort he will actually put forth to help her get elected. I know I will.


I firmly believe that you have no way of knowing that. You know know what your thoughts and intentions are. So far you have let us know you are angry... and right now have no intention of voting for Hillary and you think that those of us who plan to vote for Hillary will be to blame if Trump wins. That is skewed logic. I am committed to having Trump lose and to have Hillary win. You say that Berniebots will not turn out and vote for Hillary and she can't win without your vote. Sounds to me as if your commitment is for Hillary to lose even if it means Trump is to win. So if you think the Bernie base is as powerful as you envision... and you take the kinds of actions you allude to... well if Trump wins it will be on you and not on those of us who took practical measures to prevent that from happening. Either way you lose.

All the crap that is going on around Hillary reminds me of when Obama was running and the clowns claim of what his platform was going to be .. all that peace and love nonsense... never did he run on that but the clowns sure talked him up in that way. So when it turns out Obama was a scrapper... well everyone now has their panties in a twist.

Hillary and Bernie were not that far away on pertinent issues. Personally I think Hillary has a more practical approach to attaining it.

She should have just said that she didn't know what plagiarism is. The "I'm too damn old and stupid to know that" excuse works every time for Hillary..and apparently her top VP pick.


Too bad the pig brains from the right truly believe their stupid is smart. The best you have is Cruz, Noot, Trumphole, Plain... and a host of additional vipids in your stable and your paranoia.... and why not? They make you feel good about your stupid. I love it when the party of Palin bitches about HRC. It really must get you know she is smarter than anything you have offer... including yourselves ... therefore she must be a crook... she done stole all them IQ points for herself.

Trump is just more proof that the right wing has developed the Mida$$ touch. The last 40 years every thing they touch turns to $#!+... so now they fling it hoping it will stick on a democrat.

Not gonna happen bozo brain. Obama is going to leave office and his mark as one of the best presidents in history.... meanwhile you keep lining them up to leave office in disgrace.

Remember all them teascrots you put in office who were going to change every thing Obama? The least productive congress in US history. You have nothing other than just a lot of mad having your face repeatedly rubbed in your stupid.

Based on your record your opinion lacks credibility... the rightwing nuts have put considerably more crooked in the white house.. and you are stupid enough to get caught.

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