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Ashley Madison may be the test run of such manipulative tactics.

#22 | POSTED BY GONOLES92 AT 2015-08-30 01:00 AM | FLAG: PPPFFFTTTT

Only for those afraid of their own shadows... literally I mean. Owning up to your own personal brand of stupid prevents people from using it against you. There is wisdom in the adage of the truth will set you free.

The problem with the clown brigade and and those that fear such things as having their privacy "invaded" is that they buy into the bull$#!t of the morality pushers and those that pander to that very lucrative market.

Bill Clinton learned the hard way that trying to stay in that closet to pander to that base of cowards who held judgements against him was stupid. Ironically more repub**clowns fell by the wayside and rendered in to political punch lines by the experience... while Bill and Hillary are still making history.

Ashley Madison is a joke on the bozo's thinking they are making hook-ups with women when the majority of members were men. Gawd only knows how many fat blimpo men using virtual means to live their fantasy of being attractive and available young fem fatales sat there with their fat butt cheeks oozing over the sides of their computer chairs and feeding the fantasy of some chucko bored with his wife. All they had to do was discuss their breasts and buttocks.

and its all because men will go to incredible lengths to get the attention of other men.

Now they are all standing around with their thumbs up their collective carangi whining about how the government can use all this private information against them. Well if they stopped building closets to hide in and pandering to the cultural closet builders perhaps they could get on to solving some real problems rather than whining about who can see what makes their livers quiver.

More ironic is most of the piggies squealing weewee the loudest are the one's who were all agog over Bill Clinton having to come clean and are the loudest voices in mocking Hillary for "standing by her man" with egg on her face.

And where is Dubya these days? Oh yeah... he is in the closet they built for him.. "paintin pichers" ... and hiding something.

Ya know... I have known a few law enforcement officers and I can't honestly say they were "good" people. I mean good in terms of honesty and being generally level headed. In fact I didn't find them much different than some of the crooks I have known.

Most of the cops I've known had or have substance abuse problems and have difficulty keeping their pants zipped. Most of them are not very nice people. They are far from being moral... and I don't think the profession made them like that.

Step away from the television shows and in reality cops have a very bad public image ... they also have a very bad private image.


Frankly you run around carrying a gun and think you have the right to tell others what to do you've painted the bullseye on your back. That risk goes with the territory.

Its another one of those sacred cows the wingnuts don't want to confront... akin to how they lionize the military.

Its no wonder the righty tighties go for all that blop da blam about how all those evil people gonna come take over and brain wash them turning them in to slaves and make them forget jeezus thereby dooming them to an eternity in hell or whatever... they are very susceptible to believing in fairy tales they watch on television.

One died. The other's got Obama.

#9 | POSTED BY J_TREMAIN AT 2015-08-27 01:06 PM | FLAG: OH I DUNNO

This is the classic case of the US circular firing squad.

As I recall back in 2007 what the clown brigade was dragging the nation's economy into a ditch, and negotiating exit dates for US extraction from failed nation building enterprises and inserting "peaceful" democracies in the place of "corrupt theocracies" the clowns loved them some Pakistanis.

So much so when Obama suggested that we go in and extract bin Laden from Pakistan McClown slapped his hand for saying something potentially offensive to our good friends and allies in Pakistan. If Obama knew they were hding bin Laden out for sure McClown knew.

anyways..... we know how well that went.

During the interim between Tora Bora and bin Laden being turned into fish food the US taxpayers were spending mucho dinero procuring oil from the Saudi's which was being turned in to jet fuel by the Pakistanis. Meanwhile the Arabs are financing the "insurgency" that ultimately spawned the ISIL mess we have today.... and the Pakistanis are expanding their nuclear arsenal tanking up our jet fighters to look for bin Laden elsewhere... and bombing the bejeezus out of Iraq.

Of course Pakistan has nukes... that is why we did not include them in our war games even whilst they were hiding the baby brother of Bush's former business partner who attacked our country.

Bush insisted that democracies do not attack one another... pure pithel... its nuclear powers that don't attack one another... hence the reason Iran wanted them.

The promise of mutual destruction is the best democracy there is.

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