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I do understand the reluctance. democrats, being the incredibly and repugnant deceivers and manipulators of the 'low info voter' will without a doubt use the same techniques they used in re electing the potus in making those people actually thinking he's NOT a 'constitutional criminal'


Yeah right... coming from a nit wit that put a low info president in power twice. A president who had to be shown Katrina in rerun because he was totally unaware of it when it was happening... hence the you're doing a swell job Brownie gaff.

The party that said the Iraq war would pay for itself... and you pig brains believed them.

Mission accomp[lished!!

One who would vote in McClown because he spent most of the war in as a POW and not because he actually participated prosecuting a war in theater. The same one who would not go into Pakistan to get bin Laden because they were our trusted allies.

The same party that did the happy dance over Sarah Palin who boasts a degree in journalism from a university in Idaho... and yet was flummoxed with a gotcha question to name a paper she read... not even the Anchorage Daily News... and she was clueless about what the Bush Doctrine actually was.

The same party that wanted to insert the author of ACA into all the while pinching his ------- to make him say he was against his own creation.

The same party that thinks a fetus is more viable than a child refugee.

The same party that thinks Reagan was a saint.

The same party that will go to church and pray for the deaths of how ever many innocent women and children it takes to win.

The same party that has never done the exponential math of what the population would be with out roe versus wade.

The same party that thinks only libruls have abortions.

The same party that has never come up with a better solution.

CSM? Really Rcade?
Any other time, those on the left of the spectrum, would mock CSM. Why should we believe them now

#4 | POSTED BY HOMERJ AT 2014-07-26 11:40 PM | FLAG: NONSENSE

CSM has long been one of the most respected news journals out there. Just because it has the word "Christian " in its name doesn't is another conservative rag.

In 2003 when Bush and the clown brigade tin foil hat soldiers were sexing up the hot air in order to justify the unjustifiable. the CSM wrote some informative expose's on the origins of the neoclown movement that had gripped the nation. Starting with its communist roots all the way the -------- Cheney. The Articles in Their entirety are no longer available online it seems but you can find exerpts from it by Googling CSM Empire builders, NeoCon 101 etc.

It also discussed in some length the blather machine justifying coming up empty handed in the WMD department as well.

Look at the works of Clay Bennett the CSM cartoonists Pulitzer Prize winning offerings for an idea of the CSM approach to conservative dogma.

They were also one of the first newspapers to "Go Green" forgoing the print version for online before it was chic.

Anyone who reads the news with critical eyes from the various outlets will have the CSM on thier short list of go to news sources. CSM usually comes out on top. Liberals are generally smarter and better educated than the conservatron counter parts. To assume would not be interested in what the CSM offers proves that you are clueless.

Later, under Nixon, it even went as far as poisoning livestock and so on. Big affair. And then came Vietnam; he invaded Vietnam. He invaded South Vietnam in 1962. He sent the U.S. Air Force to start bombing. Okay. We took care of Kennedy.
Johnson is trivial. The Indochina war alone, forget the invasion of the Dominican Republic, was a major war crime.


Nixon had a bigger hand in Vietnam than Kennedy because he started mixing it up with Vietnam when he was VP. It was bi partisan but Nixon had more leverage and it was never declared a war until it was over. A lot of military were angry with Kennedy because he showed a lack of commitment by not declaring it a war. The thing is no one wanted to call it a war. They is how they got away with throwing draftees at it rather than the reserves. The facts are Nixon presided over it longer than anyone.We know how well that went. Nixon started it and ended it... and according to new information did what he

ould to drag it out trying to squeeze a victory dance out of it.

Cuba is another tragedy of the Eisenhower and so is Iran. Ike propped up Bautista in Cuba and helped stage a coup in Iran to oust their democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and replace him with Mohammad Pahlavi.

Kennedy was on record for hating the Bautista regime and critical of the US part that played in it.

Nevertheless the US did have a run of Presidents who has served in WW2 where our nations was able to celebrate a "victory". Fascinating that the rabbit holes those vets have led us down finally ending with Bush the elder haven't garnered the glory they wanted.

As far as Cuba is concerned I don't think there has been a president in my life time that has handled Cuba well.They were a Soviet State for so long and Reagan was all about killing the Cubans in Grenada when he started that diversionary war on trumped up charges to cover his tracks for dropping the ball in Beirut. The ghosts of Reagan/Bush drug cartel are what is haunting us in the border detention centers today. Which explains why the pigs are squealing so loudly. They hate paying for what they do.

Perhaps if the other Arab nations had first put their capital into developing the Gaza Strip and relocating those people instead of getting their asses handed to them time and again, things would be better for those people.
After all, the conflict was and always will be about the rights of the Palestinians, right?


Yes why not just send them to "reloaction" camps set up a reservation system or ghettos, or even gulags to make them useful instead of this nagging little thorn in the side of humanity. After all standing on the roof of a house to defend it against unjustified bombing is criminal.

Ya know the majority of the Jewish populations live in two places in the world. Israel and the U.S.A.. I know you like to believe that our military involvement in Arab nations is not a continuum of 7000 year old conflict.
One of the reasons the clown brigade like to keep creationism concept popular is so the US Talibaptist belief that the world began with the creation of Jews and that God is on our side demanding we sacrifice our family to keep the dream of a Judaic empire alive. The reward is who ever does the best job will be called a messiah.

Meanwhile the U.S. spends copious amounts of money propping up the best military in the world who regularly get their asses handed to them by tattered Arab and third world nations.

Seriously we have spent more military money battling Arab Muslims and preparing to go to battle with a than communists.Look how fast we got out of Korea and Vietnam relative to how long we stayed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The lgtfot pivotal point began when the first insurgents came to fore within six months of "Mission Accomplished" pulling what ever we created out and throwing it back at us. And what was that all about? To keep them Ay-ya-tollah fellers in Iran from going after Israel.

If Israel is so capable why don't cut off their funding and relocate the U.S. Israelis supporting the ouster of the Palestinians while living here to their homeland to solve the problem for themselves. Let those who know the world did not begin with the creation of the first Jews called Adam and Eve spend those tax dollars on something productive.

Give them a choice. You can be a US citizen or and Israeli citizen. You know like they did with the Iroquois nations of the Cherokee and Choctaw.

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