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Wow the math is pretty darn telling.

133,000,000 out of 1083.021,825 = 0.1228....
196,000,000 out of 1,083,021,825 = 0.1801...

Either way a pretty small percentage... and about what I figured... and probably analogous the the percentage world wide of any group that believes that or something similar is justified.

Suicide bombers are not much different that soldiers putting themselves in harms way except the odds of survival are a tad better. Either way it amounts to the willingness to "die for (fill in the blank)" It is delusional to think it is different than "we ask our young people" to bear arms, risk life and limb in the name of whatever.

Cajoling a youngster to strapping a bomb around themselves and visiting a cafe... or blathering on about heroics to a teenager in order to get them to join the Marines... sosdd.

Boaz bought the sales pitch and he is all about going up against others who have done the same. The problem he deals with is he put himself in the midsts of those more committed to the cause than he is because they are bent on defending their homeland.. and their particular brand of freedom... right or wrong... he is bent on invading it and neutralizing them .... right or wrong.

What's more Boaz thinks it is all about spreading whatever... the thing is those hiring him to go spread whatever only do it where there is a resource they want to cash in on. It isn't at all altruistic. It isn;t to protect our freedoms. It is some governmental agency's way of playing pin the medal on the psychopath.

The US military is the one largest consumer of oil in the world and responsible for over 90 % of the government's consumption... you don't seriously expect them to go after the radical Sunni Janfaweed.

Frankly I think people who believe that the best way to accomplish objectives is via war will go that direction regardless of what religious background they were raised in. Seems to me the "Prince of Peace" devotees were and are all hot to trot to bomb them muslims back to the "stone age" ... then get all uppity when they act all stone agey. Some of them even go to church to pray for success on the battle field.

The Jews use religion or heritage since many of them claim to be secular but still believe they are part of a special club via inheritance to justify their blood lust.
16 However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Does anyone listen to the moderate Jews regarding Palestine? Heck to they listed to the Orthodox jews who do not believe in a" Jewish State"?

Did the "moderate Christians" have much sway over curtailing the murderous rampage of the "born again" preznit Bush who wanted to get that man who tried to kill his daddy? Did the moderate Christians spank him for using lies in order to prosecute a war he was obviously unable to be objective about? Honestly I wondered if the moderate Christians gave a flying frappe one way or the other.

Do the Christians who went into battle and tore the heads off them ------- for a war based on lies and now attend church on Sunday feel any regret about what they did to other human beings? Do they feel their God is going to let them get into heaven because they have partaken in some ritual of confession and or redemption?

Perhaps it is easier for them to embrace the comfort they might feel when another clueless being comes up and thanks them for their service to this country and for ignoring the moderate voices telling them not to go to war.

Truth is when it comes to war no one listens to the moderates when they voice opposition to war... not even in the USA.

Obama continued Dubya's policies with regards to Gitmo Violated the 4th Amendment with regards to illegal spying on us. Continued wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Made a mess of Libya. Obama helped Wall Street while screwing Main Street. Need I go on???


Nonsense. GITMO has half the population it had before. It would be lower but the Senate threw and throws a hissy fit. The internet was not invented when the 4th amendment was created and thus far the laws incorporating the new technology and defining how the hell to establish a right to privacy in the ethers...which is total BS. Revenge porn sites invades more privacy than the NSA. Hell Facebook invades more privacy.... Banks, Amazon and Ebay know more about you than the NSA.

Only an idiot would expect privacy there.

Oh yeah... Libya... a mess... Libya that nation with the crazy leading it the one Bushling granted a favored nation status to... you know Gadhaffi the lame brains that blew up PanAm flight 103. Gadhaffi pays out a billions dollars in fines for the Lockerbee terrorist attack and Bushling gives him 35 billion dollars in TARP money. And you think Obama turned it into a mess?

As far as the continued wars in Iraq an Afghanistan... wars are easy to enter into difficult to extract from.

The Iraq war was declared over in 2011. Obama has not visited Shock and Awe on it again...Obama has not tried to oust their leaders again... and in Afghanistan... the war Bush ignored... well... Obama stopped ignoring it and bin laden is fish food. Not only that we have not engaged in a pre-emptive attack on anyone. So as far as "continuing Bush policies" you are full of it.

But the clown brigade loves to make those associations when they have nothing to say... which is all the time.

We don't want to hurt our enemies. We would rather be hurt ourselves. That's why we don't win wars. It's just a shame we start so many.


Nonsense. I guess killing over a million Vietnamese (low end of the estimate) versus under sixty thousand US military personal means that we would rather hurt ourselves? How stupid are you?

Look at every war the US fought since WW2 and the level of damage we inflicted and the mortality of the perceived enemy versus our own and tell me we don't want to hurt our enemies. We drop more ordnance with each successive war that the one that preceded it. Not to mention the ecological damage that remains for decades in the wake of our onslaught. Think Agent Orange and land mines in Vietnam. Tip of the iceberg.

The reason we don't win is we do not have the level of commitment that our enemy has because our enemy is actually defending itself against a foreign oppressor and will do what ever it takes to eject them.

You think we would rather hurt ourselves rather than hurt them? You empty headed idiot. They would rather die than let us claim the right to dictate their destiny. They will sink to the lowest denominator to insure "victory". They will strap bombs to them selves and their children before letting us "win". We get wigged out at seeing flag draped coffins.

You want to know why we don't win wars? I want to know why anyone asks such a stupid question when it is obvious. Dumb@$$e$.

"Diplomacy without arms is like music without instruments.", and this gem "War is the continuation of politics by other means."

Oh goody give us a link to some conservatron webrag to bloster your placement in the culture of crazies.

Here is a tribute to the promotion of your diplomacy without arms. www.amsvans.com


Cotton is nothing more than an echo of the same bawl wailed by US veterans in every lost war since Korea,,, (all of them). There is always some excuse for their inability to win and it usually has something to do with the government withholding or depriving them of something. It is never enough. He is just another disgruntled veteran on the losing side who thinks if he were in charge he would know how to win... just like his predecessors.

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