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This isn't about them, this is about Hillary and most people know this and shouldn't let this crap muddy the waters of Hillary's law breaking.
Hillary clearly shows how deceitful and lying she is and all people now can't say they haven't been warned before voting.

Such a pack of priggish little snipes always going on about HRC's honesty or "trustworthiness". Tell me who running can't be accused with mountains of evidence to prove deceit and lying? As president tell which leaders, head of state will she face who cannot or are not accused of the same by their detractors.?

That "integrity" line is the lamest reason out there. Here's why:

1. it is mostly subjective... at least 90%... if not more.
2. Most do not have all the information
3. Most accusations about lying are based on "broken promises" from attempting lofty goals with-out being prepared for the actual circumstances because things changed.

Wagging your finger in my or anyone else's face with sanctimonious blatherings about "how we were warned" is both petulant and silly.

The last time the clowns went on and one about the trustworthiness of a Clinton more clowns dropped as a result and to repair the integrity of the oval office installed GWB.

We all know how well that went.
Seriously, why not come up with what your choice of electable politicians specific plan instead of the boohooing about what a bad person HRC is. You should know bt now it doesn't work.

Oh... and BTW... law is not carved in stone. Law is a fluid set of agreements that always change over the course of time. That is why is was okay for Condi to have a private server too.

You reproduced part of my post and nowhere within your post did you even mention unfunded liabilities.

#134 | POSTED BY JEFFJ AT 2016-02-03 01:33 PM | FLAG: EYE ROLL

I told you the math doesn't matter... if its debt the money is already spent... the deed done... if its unfunded liability it's in the category of who knows how it will play out. Your ghost stories about the future validate nothing. It's a story of a non-reality. If it hasn't happened it isn't so.

Besides, let's face it...
the clown's suck at predictions.
The Iraq war was an unfunded liability that the clowns are still angry about because it won't pay for itself as was promised.

Entire businesses are run on unfunded liabilities. Automotive, real estate, the stuff inserted into real properties to make them functional... maybe even that phone in your pocket...all unfunded liabilities. So what?

One swipe of the pen and debt disappears. It's a ghost story. Tell me what are the dire results that are going to happen with defaults now or in some future dystopia?

Try and do it without going to an op-ed for "proof". You can't because no one can.

The inspiration to found the US was about unfunded liabilities. Every revolution, French, Chinese, Russian... unfunded liabilities and income inequality.

When you start talking 19 trillion dollars... seriously??? Ludicrous!!!

The the average person on the planet the value of a nickel has a more tangible reality than 19 trillion from some great unknowable.

You are no better than astrologers to determine what the future will be.

This is government debt. If anything this is an indictment of "socialism".


That is absolute b*llsh*t and you know it ... or are incredibley stupid and don't know it.

As predictable in cases like this, clowns love nothing more than blaming the poor and emigrants or whatever is outside yourselves... because it is what always happens. Behind it all is a war machine that went to battle to secure some commodity to feed the avarice for that commodity... in our generation it is oil.

Now if capitalism is such a great thing why not let the Arabs sell to the highest bidder right down the laissez faire road as it should rather than force them into capitulation to the will of the west? Now if the government was not supposed to interfere with business why is it that the nation spends enormous sums on ensuring the flow of commodities?

The US takes tax dollars and pours it into a military or gives it to foreign nations like Israel for the sole purpose of keeping oil producing Arab nations in check. The DoD is the single largest consumer of oil in the world. The US military uses more energy resources than 19 countries and the Arabs love nothing more than to keep us busy and buying the goo from them and using it to pursue a monster they create.

To cap it off oil represents only 2% of the DoD budget. The US spends more on military than The US spends more than all of its enemies and allies combined. Why does it do that? To ensure the flow of commodities... not just to us.

Now that the clowns have managed to cut off their tax flow by setting up so that the ones who garner the most wealth from the commodities don't have to pay for that privilege . After all... they are "the job creating brains"... why should they? Ironic there is all this unemployment amid such massive wealth among the bastions of capitalism that call America home. Now the US needs to find money from other sources so it looks to cutting the benefits to the poor.

This crap hole that you capitalism from your lofty perch atop the dung heap is just socialism for the wealthy. It is a ----------- of rich people passing it amongst themselves.

That "governmental debt" you want to lay the guilt trip on me about is meaningless. Who is going to come after us? What are they going to do send out the repo men to take our....whatevers? We have nukes out the wazzoo who is going to take us on? Domestically what more are you going to take from the poor that will not be at your own peril?

Nations in debt come and go.... That debt you go on and on about... it's all a bunch of words on paper and a new favorite boogieman of the republicl*wn's party of imbeciles... who by the way created it.

You know what? Tell those capitalist pigs who hide their wealth in obscure offshore banks to avoid paying for what benefits them to take their businesses elsewhere. See what kinds of breaks they get in other countries.

You see, that is the difference between me and the conservatrons boneheads who try to intimidate me and people like me. You do not scare me and people with you b*llsh*t ghost stories. I can see the obvious.

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