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Friday, January 20, 2017

The former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan tweeted "we did it" during Donald Trump's inauguration. David Duke, who served one term as the Louisiana State Representative, also "hailed" Trump and praised him for "declaring war" on the "Jewish establishment". Duke, who once led the neo-Nazi white-supremacist organization, had endorsed Trump from the start of the presidential campaign. He had previously said Trump's presidency would be a "real opportunity" for white nationalists.

This much we know: He is not going to step up. He is not going to pivot, or suddenly turn classy and shrewd, or reveal a surprisingly warm intelligence or thoughtful demeanor, one which makes us proud to have him representing our hobbled nation on the global stage.

No, on the day the pussy-grabbing, climate-denying, NATO-sneering, China-taunting, nuke-happy, Putin-fellating, woman-hating, neo-Nazi con-artist gameshow-host troll king officially ascends to the highest office in the land, we find a mad scramble across all media worldwide to locate a single bright spot, a silver lining, any kind of upside to this thuggish, deeply unstable man-child who is our 45th president, a brutishly vain, vindictive human chased by countless almost-certainly-true insinuations of vast corruption, crooked deals, massive debt, Russian hookers and flagrant tax evasion, sexual assault and ideological venality, all covered by a pocked orange skin as thin as tissue paper and twice as scaly.

Imprisoned former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert has asked a Kendall County judge to not only reject a sexual abuse victim's breach-of-contract lawsuit, but also to make the man pay back $1.7 million in secret hush-money payments.

In response to the lawsuit and in his counterclaim, made public Thursday and signed by Hastert, he denied that the oral pact is akin to a valid and enforceable contract and, if so, it would be the plaintiff who breached it when he broke his silence and spoke to federal authorities.

The lawsuit was filed in April by a now middle-age married man whom Hastert coached decades ago at Yorkville High School.

The man, known as Individual A in the federal case, said Hastert had agreed in 2010 to pay him $3.5 million if he didn't disclose publicly that Hastert inappropriately touched him in the 1970s, when Individual A was 14, during a wrestling trip while the two stayed overnight in a hotel room.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

A former chairman of the Republican National Committee issued a firm rebuke of President-elect Donald Trump's tweets attacking Rep. John Lewis (D-Georgia) on Saturday, calling the comments "unnecessary" and warning Trump not to further isolate himself from black voters. "Number one, don't tweet that. Number two, don't go there. And number three, step back and try to appreciate what's being said and what the concern is," Michael Steele said on MSNBC. "The tweet is unnecessary, it's unfortunate. ... John Lewis has a walk that very few people in this country -- least of all Donald Trump -- have ever walked."

Saturday, January 14, 2017

A well-known Greenwich Republican called a town worker "nothing but a bloodsucking lazy union employee" and later reached in from behind to place his hand between her legs and pinch her in the groin area, according to the police arrest warrant.

Christopher von Keyserling, 71, of 402 Post Road E., was arrested in Greenwich Town Hall on Wednesday afternoon and charged with fourth-degree sexual assault, police said. He posted $2,500 bond and was released to appear in court on Jan. 25.


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