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Friday, April 17, 2015

Leonard Pitts: Twenty years ago, the idea of anti-government resistance seemed confined to a lunatic fringe operating in the shadows beyond the mainstream. Twenty years later, it is the mainstream, the beating heart of the Republican Party. And while certainly no responsible figure on the right advocates or condones what he did, it is just as certain that McVeigh's violent antipathy toward Washington, his conviction that America's government is America's enemy, has bound itself to the very DNA of modern conservatism. It lives in Grover Norquist's pledge to shrink government down until "we can drown it in the bathtub," in Chuck Norris' musing about the need for "a second American revolution," in Michele Bachmann's fear that the census is an evil conspiracy. It lives in dozens of right-wing terror plots documented by the Southern Poverty Law Center since the 1995 bombing, including last year's murder of two police officers and a Wal-Mart shopper by two anti-government activists in Las Vegas.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Jeb Bush's candidacy has a problem, says brother George."Me." "It's an easy line to say, 'Haven't we had enough Bushes?' After all, even my mother said, 'Yes,'" the former president told an audience of 7,000 health IT experts here on Wednesday. "That's why you won't see me out there, and he doesn't need to defend me, and he's totally different from me. The role of family is not to be a political adviser or a policy adviser -- there are plenty of those around -- the role is to say, 'Hey man, I love you.'

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The state treasurer in Wisconsin declined to explain his views about climate change a day after leading the effort to ban a small state agency from talking about rising temperatures.

The ban approved Tuesday sharply divided elected officials overseeing the obscure Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, prompting the only Democrat on the three-person panel to say it symbolizes "a very dangerous trend" in state politics.

The restriction, approved by a 2-1 vote, prevents 10 staff members at the BCPL from communicating about climate change, including about its potential impacts on 77,000 acres of state timberland.

The U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq was responsible for the deaths of approximately 1 million Iraqis, which is five percent of the total population of the country, according to a recent study by Physicians for Social Responsibility. The report also tallies hundreds of thousands of casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Joachim Guilliard, the author of the Iraq portion of the study, told Truthout that it relied on extrapolations from a previous study published in the Lancet medical journal, which put Iraq's numbers at 655,000, but the study was published in 2006 and is now out of date. "The numbers of Lancet, reaching genocidal dimensions, represent a massive indictment of the U.S. administration," Guilliard said. "Most Western media are not interested in it." read more

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol on Tuesday defended his suggestion that Dick Cheney should run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, arguing that the former vice president was just an "everyday American." During a Sunday panel discussion on ABC, host George Stephanopolous had asked guests to name "the most promising Republican candidate not in the race yet." "If they get to nominate Hillary Clinton, why don't we get to nominate Dick Cheney?" Kristol asked as other panelists laughed. "I mean, he has a much ... he has a much better record." On Tuesday, Newsmax host Steve Malzberg asked Kristol if Cheney could defeat Clinton in a 2016 race. "I don't know, the media has done such a job on him and he didn't really defend himself there in the Bush administration," Kristol lamented. "He might be behind a little bit." "The great irony is that Dick Cheney is an everyday American."


He was just spreading love and tolerance liberal style

Here's how the cancervatives demonstrate a teaching moment at Kent State.

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