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Congrats null and ray you successfully got the topic away from a grassroots revolution something that I think the two of you especially could agree on.

For entirely different reasons.

If you read this link on the fall of Rome, you'll see a pattern common to today's events.

Fair Warning

Let this be fair warning to all governments, especially our own, regarding the grave perils of overspending and overbuilding … overtaxing its people while squandering their wealth … overextending the military and … overinflating the economy while debasing the currency.

If each of these blunderous policies were being scrupulously avoided in America today, we might be able to breathe a sigh relief. But, alas, nothing could be further from the truth.

The facts:

Overspending: U.S. government spending is still out of control. After an endless parade of shutdowns, sequesters, debates and deals, nothing has changed. Money continues to pour out of the nation's coffers in torrents. Waste is still rampant. And future obligations, such as Medicare and Social Security, still threaten to bust the country.

Overtaxing: Despite repeated promises by our leaders to stem the rise in taxes, overtaxation remains a huge burden for most Americans.

This year, for example, Tax Freedom Day won't come until April 18, five days later than last year. Until that date, every single penny earned by the average American needs to be set aside for paying this year's taxes. Only after that date is your money yours to keep.

Overinflating the economy. This is ongoing. As we have demonstrated here repeatedly, with its $3 trillion in money printing, the Fed is inflating some of the greatest bubbles of all time.

Overextending the military: At the height of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon reported that the U.S. government virtually exhausted the resources of its armed forces and had to pull more National Guard troops away from their homeland defense and disaster relief operations.


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