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I do agree with all the comments about not sending money to Israel – ditto. It's been going on for decades, it's pathetic. Time for this kid to leave home, let alone get off the ---. I hate to see Israel in a conflict because I know it ultimately costs ME money. (I particularly love it when they fire a multi-million-dollar missile at a HAMAs rocket?

Dual citizenship my asz! That should be outlawed! They have beaten us in our democracy and are too savvy in our own political system. I actually heard one of these j-holes on my local right-wing radio show (Roger Hedgecock) matter-of-factly explaining why he was against "Obama care" since he already had free health care in IS! I couldn't believe what I was hearing – talk about traitor! (BTW – you'll know when ACA is successful when Fox and other tighties stop referring to it as "OBAMA CARE" and start calling it "aca".)

As for the Pals, face reality, they just need to stop breeding, as many other turd-world countries should - Haiti anyone? Their country is ------, they can't even feed or educate themselves – "UN schools" – WTF – probably rely on the free food more than the education. Leaders of turd-world conflicts use their own people as fodder simply because it reduces the mouths to feed – win/win for HAMAS.

And why does no one ever go after the arms makers? It's like there's some international pack to never expose the death merchants. Offer $100K reward to anyone who reveals a m-factory in Iran and f it up. Doesn't anyone have one word to say about these ----- Iranians facilitating this?

Oh and Danni – should we open the doors to all the Pals? Aren't they in more real danger than the fake "gang" crap these south-american kids are claiming? How about the Christian's in Iraq, and all the girls in Nigeria, and…

Drudge Retort

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