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Friday, May 22, 2015

"Are you eating sugar because you are so sweet?"

What do you eat that would reflect your personality, morality, character, or whatever?
Politicians eat jellyfish, especially those supporting trade agreements. read more

In a recent poll taken, and by replacing all the data, Hillary is leading all Democrat contenders and all Republicans. In every category, whether by age demographics, race, income, etc. Hillary is top. read more



I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but what would you do without a gun?


Well thought out reasoning.

Discrimination is legal.


But are all the other genders given a night?

Here's a story about the courts siding against someone's rights - public place or private...?


How about discrimination involving the poor. You need an ID, that's discrimination. Can you afford a jacket?


No jacket, no entry. Jacket deficient discrmination.
Age discrimination
Gender discrimination.

What else can we find?

Selective Service - Men, yes. Women, no.


Ah, this neighborhood is only for those of a certain age. They're also exempted from laws that apply to everyone else - equal protection under the law, with exceptions.

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