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Friday, February 20, 2015

While the United States continues to import goods and sales are good in the booming economy, exports are lagging. The trade unbalance between the US and its allies has caused many rifts in monetary exchange. According to economist No Bai Dam Ting, China has benefitted from the unbalance in trade and there is no expected change in the financial atmosphere. read more



I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but what would you do without a gun?


Well thought out reasoning.

Discrimination is legal.


But are all the other genders given a night?

Here's a story about the courts siding against someone's rights - public place or private...?


How about discrimination involving the poor. You need an ID, that's discrimination. Can you afford a jacket?


No jacket, no entry. Jacket deficient discrmination.
Age discrimination
Gender discrimination.

What else can we find?

Selective Service - Men, yes. Women, no.


Ah, this neighborhood is only for those of a certain age. They're also exempted from laws that apply to everyone else - equal protection under the law, with exceptions.


"City officials who conduct public business on personal email accounts must turn their personal emails over in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, according to a recent, first-of-its-kind ruling in D.C. Superior Court.

The July 9 order by Judge Stewart Nash brings the District into line with the majority of states that have addressed the issue, signaling an emerging trend in favor of government transparency -- if not an end to efforts to work around disclosure laws."


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