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Guess this is offset with students being attacked by lefty students for wearing Trump apparel:

Md. high schooler attacked for wearing pro-Trump hat www.usatoday.com

College student says she was ‘verbally assaulted' for wearing a Trump hat www.washingtonpost.com

Video: SJW Threatens Fellow Student For Wearing Trump Hat. Says 'Make America Great Again' Is Hate Speech. www.dailywire.com

Guess Who Else Supported Jail Time For Burning the Flag?www.mediaite.com

Excerpt from article: "The Flag Protection Act of 2005 would have banned "destroying or damaging a U.S. flag with the primary purpose and intent to incite or produce imminent violence or a breach of the peace," punishable with a year in prison. In theory, that was different from previous flag-burning bills, which banned all flag burning. In support for the bill, Clinton cited the Supreme Court's 2003 decision in Virginia v. Black, which found that bans on cross-burning were unconstitutional, but constitutional when limited to incitement and threats of violence."

Seems Hillary liked the idea of jail time for such an act.

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