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Uber's first self-driven truck delivery was a beer run: www.recode.net

I read that the are about 3.5 million truck drivers in the US and in about a decade, or so, I believe that many of those jobs will also be gone due to automation.

"President Eisenhower had a 90% tax rate, and he invested those revues in infrastructure and education. Money well spent in the booming post WWII era."

Excerpt from: The Good Ol' Days: When Tax Rates Were 90 Percent mises.org
"....However, what a tax rate is and what is actually paid are two very different things. Indeed, in 1955, the only people paying 90 percent (actually 91 percent) were those making over $3,425,766 when adjusted for inflation. And these are marginal rates, so they only paid that on any earnings above that threshold....."

So, basically, very few individuals [population wise] paid this so it was no great factor in govt tax receipts.

Excerpt from Money, 8 Oct 15: time.com

"A medal worth more than its weight in gold

International prestige, a hefty gold medal, and a check for close to $1 million: that's what you get if you win a Nobel Prize.

This year's prize is worth 8 million Swedish kronor, around $970,000. That's a slight increase from the past two years, though much less than the amount awarded from 2000-2011, when it fluctuated between 10 million and 11.7 million kronor (the latter in 2001, the prize's 100th anniversary), the largest prize amount in the award's history."

Guess Dylan is wealthy, and famous enough that the money as well as the prestige means nothing to him - after all he has always been a 'rebel' in his own way.

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