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Once again. The lie that was told was not that there was WMD in Iraq. I believe that most people thought they were there. Of course, people in the know knew that any WMD left in Iraq would be well past the expiration date, so useless anyway. But that wasn't the lie. The lie was that WMDs were the reason we were going to war. The Bush administration told everybody the real reason for the war all the way up until Tony Blair visited the President in Crawford Texas. The Bush administration was preaching regime change. This was the mantra over and over. After Tony Blair visited the mantra changed to WMD and allowing inspectors back into Iraq. It was pretty obvious that PM Blair could not sell regime change back home, so they had to come up with another strategy. I believe that they thought Saddam would not allow inspectors back in the country, thereby giving a reason for war. Both countries pushed for a UN resolution that demanded inspectors be allowed back in Iraq. Everybody was ready for the inevitable refusal of Saddam so the war could start. Only Saddam surprised everybody by allowing the inspectors in. This sent the Bush Administration into a scramble to find another way to start the war for regime change. Grasping for straws they came up with the lame "Saddam must account for all his weapons" BS even though inspectors were on the ground doing their job. I remember the inspectors pleading with the US to allow them to continue their work, but the Bush Administration kicked them out to start the war. The whole thing was a bunch of BS with regime change as the ultimate goal. IMHO

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