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Thursday, April 28, 2016

North Carolina Governor Sets Up Hotline To Report Anyone Not Using Correct Bathroom: At a press conference today, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory took further steps to ensure that his controversial bill, HB2, will be upheld when it comes to law enforcement. McCrory announced that his office has setup a 24-hour hotline for individuals to call if they witness someone not abiding by the new law.

A 41-year-old woman had the winning lottery ticket worth over 3 million dollars on Friday night, but showed up to work anyway on Monday to deliver one last package.

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"Hey, Ralph Nader is still denying he had any affect on the 2000 election."

Actually, Danni, he did own up to it:

"Ralph Nader said it himself. He said that exit polls showed that 38% of his voters would have voted for Gore, 25% for Bush and the rest wouldn't have voted. He used it to justify that many of his voters would not have voted and that he took votes from Bush as well. Very well, but had 38% of Nader voters voted for Gore in Florida (and 25% voted for Bush, and the rest not vote), Gore would have won Florida by about 13,000 votes and we wouldn't be talking about recounts. I'll never be able to forgive Ralph Nader for that. Never."


And it wasn't just Florida:
Ralph Nader Was Indispensable To The Republican Party


Nader-voters who spurned Democrat Al Gore to vote for Nader ended up swinging both Florida and New Hampshire to Bush in 2000. Charlie Cook, the editor of the Cook Political Report and political analyst for National Journal, called "Florida and New Hampshire" simply "the two states that Mr. Nader handed to the Bush-Cheney ticket," when Cook was writing about "The Next Nader Effect," in The New York Times on 9 March 2004. Cook said, "Mr. Nader, running as the Green Party nominee, cost Al Gore two states, Florida and New Hampshire, either of which would have given the vice president [Gore] a victory in 2000. In Florida, which George W. Bush carried by 537 votes, Mr. Nader received nearly 100,000 votes [nearly 200 times the size of Bush's Florida ‘win']. In New Hampshire, which Mr. Bush won by 7,211 votes, Mr. Nader pulled in more than 22,000 [three times the size of Bush's ‘win' in that state]." If either of those two states had gone instead to Gore, then Bush would have lost the 2000 election; we would never have had a U.S. President George W. Bush, and so Nader managed to turn not just one but two key toss-up states for candidate Bush, and to become the indispensable person making G.W. Bush the President of the United States -- even more indispensable, and more important to Bush's "electoral success," than were such huge Bush financial contributors as Enron Corporation's chief Ken Lay.

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