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"...I too believe that Liberalism is a mental disorder."


Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

There's no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy."

Political conservatism as motivated social cognition.

Conservatism as a Mental Illness

Republican pols have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness.

Researchers help define what makes a political conservative

Is Political Conservatism a Mild Form of Insanity?

Death Fear (among other unsavory attributes) Predicts Republicanism

Your Brain on Politics: The Cognitive Neuroscience of Liberals and Conservatives

Can neuroscience provide evidence for a liberal and conservative thinking style?

Conservatives Big on Fear, Brain Study Finds

Peering inside the brain with MRI scans, researchers at University College London found that self-described conservative students had a larger amygdala than liberals. The amygdala is an almond-shaped structure deep in the brain that is active during states of fear and anxiety. Liberals had more gray matter at least in the anterior cingulate cortex, a region of the brain that helps people cope with complexity.

Why Liberals Are More Intelligent Than Conservatives

Liberals think they're more intelligent than conservatives because they are

The Surprising Brain Differences Between Democrats and Republicans

Two new studies further support the theory that our political decision making could have a neurological basis.

Fear as a Disposition and an Emotional State: A Genetic and Environmental Approach to Out-Group Political Preferences

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