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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Republicans and Democrats have highly inaccurate views of each other, say two political scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, Douglas Ahler and Gaurav Sood, in a recent study.

Republicans disproportionately view the majority of Democrats as LGBT, African American, atheist union members, and Democrats disproportionally view Republicans as southern evangelicals, over 65 years old, and earning over $250,000 a year. But the truth is, both Republicans and Democrats "considerably overestimate" these party stereotypes, they write in a recent study.

"[O]n average, people think that 32% of Democratic supporters are LGBT (6% in reality) and 38% of Republican supporters earn over $250,000 per year (2%)," write Dr. Sood and Mr. Ahler, a graduate student in political science. read more

Friday, April 01, 2016


"Rumors on Monday that the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) continued its persecution of Christian groups by crucifying a Catholic priest on Good Friday have now been walked back.... Bishop Paul Hinder of Southern Arabia denied the reports later on Monday, saying that Schonborn had been misinformed. Hinder told the Catholic News Agency that there is "strong indications that Fr. Tom is still alive in the hands of the kidnappers.""

Thursday, March 24, 2016

"So the question becomes, why does any of this matter? Does the point being made here -- that Bernie Sanders is as or more popular than Hillary in both all the states he won and many of the states he didn't -- gain Sanders a single delegate? Does it move him one inch closer to being President?

No." read more

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Secret Service, FBI and New York Police Department are investigating a threatening piece of mail sent to Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump. The mail, sent to Eric Trump at his Manhattan residence was opened by his wife Thursday. The envelope contained suspicious white powder that's been sent to a lab for testing, a source told CBS News. A preliminary field test indicated the substance didn't appear to be hazardous.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Nevada rancher Cliven D. Bundy asked for a court-appointed attorney as he made his first appearance Thursday in federal court. U.S. Magistrate Judge Janice M. Stewart directed Bundy to present a financial affidavit to the court. "The court only appoints counsel for those who can't afford an attorney," Stewart said. The federal complaint filed Thursday charges the Bundy patriarch with conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, assault on a federal law enforcement officer, carrying a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, obstruction of justice and interference with commerce by extortion.


Here's prince doing Radiohead's Creep at Coachella in 2008. He blew the original away imo.

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