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"The moment this paper's "satire" caused the French to have to close embassies and schools in 20 countries moved it from free speech to screaming fire in a theater.
#292 | Posted by kanrei"

There is nothing can justify what these terrorists did. Nothing. Period.

This is not a justification, just a thought. Is it so hard not to draw the prophet? Is it so difficult to refrain from critiquing him directly in terms of parody and caricature?

Do lives hang in the balance by not lampooning an image of him?

Can we not critique even satirize the Muslim world without reference to it?

The prophet is so very important to Muslims, the millions who are peaceful; why can't we just lend this small bit of respect to a part of their beliefs? We would do so to Muslims in our work places, homes and among Muslim friends. Why not show that respect on a larger scale?

Yes, yes, yes, we have the right to make fun of him, just as I have the right to make fun of anybody and everyone. But in conversations with people I know it is often not a respectful or right thing to do.

The West is strange in the sense that we are so careful not to offend any particular group, save in instances like this where we can offend entire cultures. It is like the kid in school who knows another kid's sensitive about something and therefore decides to hammer at that because they can and with the added rationalization that it is for their own good or the good of the class in general. "The crybaby needs to toughen up!" He will learn to do so by being made fun of. That always worked well.

Go ahead, I know this won't be a particularly popular point.

Human thought tends to proceed logically. Natures follows no such guidelines.

Interesting arbitrary line that you draw between nature and human beings. Aren't human beings a part of nature? If so, then at least some part of nature "tends to proceed logically."

Human thought tends to proceed logically. Natures follows no such guidelines. Our live and actions and existence is meaningless. We create meaning for ourselves. We create morals and ethics and they tend to to change as society progresses.

You do know that you are arguing my point for me--which was that how we view all of this depends upon where we draw the lines. Unless you are going to posit the existence of a deity who reveals ideals and meaning as objectively real or Plato's world of forms, all meaning (which includes the meaning of words such as "respect") is arbitrary.

The only thing that distinguishes anything from anything is an arbitrary drawing of lines to distinguish one thing from another, one idea from another, one belief from another. Using your point that meaning does not exists, we can conclude that fairness does not exists, neither does respect, nor rights.


It means respect that beings right to exist, therefore, if you have no need to kill the animal, don't. Respect its right to live.

Is filled with arbitrary subjective statements. It makes sense (has meaning to you) because you have drawn the lines (delineated) as to what all those things mean.

That being said, I think some of my arbitrary meanings which I associate with those symbolic markings (words) on my screen are in agreement with some of your arbitrary meanings for those markings. (I'd use a winky emoticon right here, but I just can't bring myself to do it.)

A culture is a general sharing of where we all draw the arbitrary lines--even as we consider redrawing them.

Enjoy your meeting.

Some Hollywood celebrity or pop musician who was this year's hottest commodity will find himself or herself slipping into the has been bin, prompting plans for a failed desperate comeback attempt that won't begin to happen until a year from now.

There will be some gadget or gizmo that will be introduced that we all lived happily and successfully without that we will now have to get to make out lives better and easier.

Hollywood will render a popular novel unreadable by forever associating beloved characters and events with an unwatchable movie adaptation.

Some new way to identify oneself or some idiosyncratic group that you never even conceived of will come to the forefront with the backing of a vocal few who will demand and end to their marginalization and an affirmation of their normalcy and rightful place in our society.

The left will accuse the right of hypocrisy. The right will accuse the left of hypocrisy. Both will continue to post and boast their inability to fathom how they can be wrong.

The staunchest a/theists in their heart of hearts will continue to wonder if they really have it all figured out, but will be too committed to the cause to wonder it publically.

9437 arguments on the Retort will occur. Some will be civil, others not so. Some will be informed, others not so. In the end, no one's mind will change.

We will spend billions to seek a cure for obesity while great portions of the world will suffer from starvation.

We will spend billions for possible cures for baldness, while millions will suffer from curable diseases due to a lack medical attention.

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