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Monday, December 05, 2016

Google Earth Timelapse is a really awesome project that lets you turn back the clock on Planet Earth. In 2013, Google worked with the US Geological Survey (USGS), NASA, and TIME to compile a history of satellite imagery from 1984 to 2012. Today, Google updated the project with "four additional years of imagery, petabytes of new data, and a sharper view of the Earth from 1984 to 2016." read more

A fake news story prompted a man to fire a rifle at a popular Washington, D.C., pizza place as he attempted to "self-investigate" a conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring from there, police said.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Delta Airlines has apologized after a male passenger caused a disruption during a flight from Atlanta to Allentown, Pennsylvania, last Tuesday. In video capturing the incident, the man stood up and started sounding off on his support of President-elect Donald Trump. "Donald Trump baby!" the man yelled to the rest of the passengers, adding, "We got some Hillary bitches on here? Come on, baby. Trump! That's what I thought. That's what I'm talking about." The man has been banned permanently from flying on Delta. read more

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Throughout Black Friday, as Americans spent billions on shopping, the makers of a popular card game convinced thousands of people to give them money so that they could dig a hole.

And that's it. The pit isn't intended for any other use; those who pay will not receive anything in return and the company, Cards Against Humanity, has said it will only keep digging as long as people continue to give money. read more


#15 | Posted by aescal

Giving debate questions to a high ranking Clinton Supporter before the debate, knowing they will be passed to HRC: =/= Fake New - She was a consultant and is no longer with CNN because of this... What she did is wrong.
After being exposed, keeping said Clinton Supporter on the payroll and allowing her to pass more debate questions to HRC. =/= Fake New - Yaaaa, I don't recall that part of the story. As I recall when the evidence came out she was gone really quick.
Telling viewers its illegal to read WikiLeaks and they should only get their information from them. Who? Link Please - BTW possession of some of the information they disseminate IS ILLEGAL.
Telling viewers that reading Wikileaks can give you viruses. TRUE Made news on all the IT Security sites.
Calling Cali 16 hours before the polls closed for HRC in an attempt to disway Bernie voters from voting Who? Link Please - Are the polls even open 16 hours? All the majors have a policy of NOT calling an election prior to the polls closing. If someone did it is against policy.
Using skewered polls that oversample Ds by 300% in a traditionally red state to give Clinton a +5 lead in AZ Who? Link Please -
Passing articles and stories along to DNC for review before publishing them. Who? Link Please - BTW Common practice Media Wide I think I know what you are referring to but I will wait...
Cutting feed of elected officials the moment they mention WIkileaks "oh no... that sucks.. we lost the feed"... Who? Link Please - Sounds like you are trying to say this is a common practice or deliberate and maybe it was and maybe there was an agreement ahead of time...

It is clear to me that you don't even know what fake news is. Slant is not fake news and that is what you are trying to imply. Personnel issues are not a source of fake news. Scandals are not fake news.

For example the biggest Fake News out there I am aware of is Alex Jones.

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