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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Video posted on YouTube shows a woman at a Walmart store loudly berating a man who was paying for his groceries with food stamps.

As a child sits in the man's shopping cart looking on, the woman complains about how she is paying for his food with her tax money...


It's really amazing that anyone voted for - The Ly'in Don.

I have never seen someone who backpedaled so hard from pretty much every bold policy statement he has made. Not to mention all the undeliverable and far-fetched promises... A fence with Mexico they will pay for? Ban all Muslims from entering the US? He is truly a politician to lie so much and still get voted for.

For those of you trying to bring Hillary into the Trump thread. As much as I hate to say it, she did nothing legally wrong by having that server. She used the rules to her advantage. Exactly what every good business person and tax evader does, Seems like the right should be praising her and would be if she was one of their own...

Now do I believe people were knowingly passing classified info via email - No, I don't think so. But then again it wouldn't matter if they were, personally speaking and seeing what people use for passwords - it doesn't matter where that email was. It was never discussed what kind of security was in place either. We know documents LATER classified were passed before they were classified. FBI is doing its diligence - this is going nowhere. That said every email to and from anyone using a government email is automatically being archived no matter where her email is. If there was incriminating stuff the NSA would pass it on - I am sure they were monitoring it.

There are a million ways to pass data and not have it tracked. Even when this happened there were ways. This like Benghazi is just wishful thinking.

Here's the thing, he isn't asking for a continual tax on local businesses or on Apple even. What he wanted to do was ask them to consider funding city projects that support the company's growth in Cupertino. What he is also saying is the board won't do anything that might offend Apple which is kind of stupid. Why would Apple even be offended by the request if it is well laid out and explains how the money will be spent and why they are asking Apple specifically. Worst they will really say is "no". Almost sounds like they would be better off if Apple did leave town if things are so bad.

I agree he needs to get something on the ballot - but how many locals are employed by Apple? A sales tax is a joke but a last resort I suppose.
Average home value in Cupertino is $1,857,100 (Zillow). Seems like there is a lot to be had in property taxes alone. The value of Apple's property alone has to be astronomical.

Since Apple is such a big well-known and documented tax avoider, it is sure their effective tax rate and therefore contributions to the infrastructure are quite low. (From the article Apple pays an estimated 2.3% effective tax rate vs 35%)

Honestly, I am tired of hearing from politicians that we have to lower the tax rate in the US because it deters business. Apple is just one of many who engage in manipulation to avoid most of their tax obligation anyhow. I personally wouldn't have a problem lowering the tax rate slightly if we made it iron clad - but since most politicians are in the pockets of business that won't happen. Michigan went through a number of changes in the past few years. The net result was despite state promises to the contrary, local municipalities got shafted on their budgets and business' taxes decreased - despite assurances from the state the municipalities would be taken care of.

#3 so fortunate?
Absolutely. You had a family around you - even if not consistent and poor. You learned the value of hard work. You learned how to raise your own food and process it. You didn't have absent parents. You didn't live in a one bedroom apartment. Believe it or not you had a lot of advantages urban kids don't have.

I was the youngest of 7 kids on a farm in the hollers of east Tennessee.
My mother was widowed 3 times. No life insurances. just farmers. Dirt poor farmers. So she had nothing but debts and kids.
My mother made about $17,000 the year she retired.

I wore hand me downs only from my older brothers until I could buy my own clothes at age 16.
Yes fortunate you had clothes but I see your point.

I spent every summer and all weekends working on the farm, in the garden, tobacco and hay until I left for college.
Sounds a lot like me - minus the tobacco. Splitting wood, gardening, canning, harvesting berries, baling hay, etc.

My mother would spank every one of your butts for being such spoiled babies.
Recieved plenty of those...

btw, I am the first in my family to go to college and my mother and father never even graduated high school. We were so poor that we lived by bartering our resources. We didn't have money. We didn't even have a tractor. We had one mule. We planted 10 acres of tobacco by hand as well as all the other stages. I would have to be 30 feet in the top rungs of the barn to hang the tobacco while getting stung repeatedly by wasps and hornets. There was no stores or restaurants. There was work and family.
Yes, that is pretty poor. More like my father's era in my family. BTW I was the first in my family to go to college as well.

My uncle, Jimmy Martin, left the farm with just a guitar on his back as he hitch hiked to Nashville (about 250 miles) to become the King of Bluegrass.
Awesome for him.

I love people and will help people, especially my neighbors and friends, but I have yet to read a passage in the bible where Jesus assembled a group of lobbyists to bribe off the politicians so that he could enforce charity by government edict.

I am with you on this. But I don't think lobbyists are a big force for charity aimed at people. Corporate charity - oh absolutely. Is there something wrong with charity through government? We can dis on government all we want but let's face it when we look at actual charities out there far too many are outright frauds and most are no more efficient than the government.

#26 | Posted by utvols12342000

That's not true, RCADE. Most trades, plumber, HVAC, electrical, etc are making good money. My neighbor, the one in the million dollar home, is a roofer. And the men that work for him aren't doing bad either. I actually thought that if this IT thing didn't work out, I was going to train to be an HVAC guy. The profit margins on commercial air-conditioning and heating are insane...

#34 | Posted by boaz

If anything is certain, it is nobody is going to change your mind but let's give it another swing.

What rcade said is true. You just have a real tunnel vision problem. Just because you get educated in a trade doesn't mean anyone will hire you in it. Hired plenty of trades guys around here in the past few years - 40+ years old guys - they couldn't make it in the trades anymore. A good friend and diehard Republican (even ran for US House) gave up on his HVAC company to go work for someone rewiring equipment because he couldn't make it. We have worked with the local colleges to build programs to educate people for the skills they need to work in a factory today. In a lot of manufacturing facilties you need some serious skills to make any money.

More and more it has become obvious that LUCK plays a large role in who makes it and who doesn't. Your roofing contractor neighbor was in the right place at the right time with the right contact(s) that launched him. Of course, he did a lot on his own with the opportunity as well. We don't even know if he is a good or honest roofer - just an at least an apparently semi-successful one who may very well be in debt to his eyeballs (I have known more than one of those).

I used to be a diehard Republican when I was young and naive. Then I figured out there is a whole lot more grey out there than black or white. I also figured out some amazing things like most poor people aren't just poor because they are lazy or want to be. I also laugh at Republicans who shop Wal-Mart. They are a big part of the problem.

Also, honestly I never even thought about race when I posted my comments - you went there. I am surrounded by mostly the 'working poor' white folks.

Boaz, LoL - Life is so simple in your world isn't it? It's apparent you walk through life with blinders on and have no empathy. Everyone is on the same level as Boaz... We have seen it many times and your reply is so full of BS it isn't funny. You speak from a position of being fortunate. Let me be clear - I have always been able to carry my own weight but I have seen what can happen to those trying to do so.

In this country, we have the Religious Right preaching get married and have a family. If you happen to get pregnant by no means should you have an abortion - see the pregnancy through. When the poor who fall for the rhetoric follow through those of means on the right mock them. They want nothing to do with supporting them. Literally every person I know at this time on some form of support is from the Religious Right. I personally want to kick them in the @$$ because they don't have the sense not to have kids but keep in mind they are doing exactly what is being asked of them by their circles.

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. - LMAO. Young people in particular have difficulty in getting established especially when parenting (or lack of parenting) and education have failed to prepare them. Having seen what medical bills can do to even the best "prepared" it's an ignorant 'proverb'. Just one example - I know a family who's infant ended up in the NICU. $100k in debt later... They eventually did what any good businessman would have done with more ease and that is file bankruptcy.

You are completely ignorant to the psychological effects of poverty. If you are trapped in jobs going nowhere and literally don't have the means or time to better educate yourself. The effects on your mental health.

Being an embarrassment is FAR different than being embarrassed. Clearly you don't understand the difference. Most people I know are embarrassed they have food stamps - not all though. Calling him an embarrassment is an insult. It is meant to be derogatory.

For probably the 100th time here I am going to say this - anyone who thinks everyone is able to go out and get a 'good paying' job through their own effort and force of will is ignorant of the real world. Not all people are equal - period. Not all people are even particularly capable and I am not even counting those with physical or mental disabilities. This is why people end up in low paying jobs. Yes SOME are lazy but if you think it is more than a fraction I think you are misguided. People do get discouraged and most do so easily.

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