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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A gunman opened fire on a Wisconsin bridge after a fight with his ex-fiancee, fatally shooting members of a family who happened to be riding by at the time along with another man. Jonathan Stoffel, 33, of Neenah and his daughter Olivia, 11, died. Erin Stoffel, 32, was struck three times but survived, guiding her other two children, ages 5 and 7, off the bridge over Little Lake Butte des Morts. Adam Bentdahl, 31, of Appleton, was also killed in the attack Sunday in Menasha. The shooter, Sergio Daniel Valencia del Toro, also shot himself. read more


This isn't a simple police in this country kill people too often and that needs to change discussion. There are so many things to talk about in regard to this. I don't agree police are far too aggressive in their policing here but there are major societal problems that underlay the issue in general. The policing I see today is in general 'worse' than 20-30 years ago - it isn't getting better.

So what contributes to this?

  • The runaway gun issue in this country.

  • The TRAINING of police and policing methods employed in the US.

  • Police staffing levels. (Although that can be argued both ways.)

  • Gang issues in the US vs Europe - pretty much tied to poverty. Poverty brings out the
  • The "Justice" system, how it treats people and how many people are incarcerated. AKA "Tough on Crime"

  • This is where socialism and socialized medicine come in. Sorry folks but they are good things for society. How many of the people killed by police are mentally ill? When you look around the US it is disturbing to see how many obviously untreated mentally ill are walking around vs Europe.

  • I know it is a tiny part of the story given the numbers of people killed in the US but population of the US is about that of the whole of Europe not England+Wales or Germany...

  • It's also not fair to compare a country like Iceland to Stockton, CA on such a superficial level as "population" there is soooo much more to it...

    The list goes on... Frankly IMHO our policing and tactics better reflect poor countries than the most wealthy nation in the world. The problem with that statement is that the wealthy in this wealthy nation control far too much of the wealth with far too many in poverty and without the social structure to properly support the majority of the population.

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