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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Ahmed Mohamed is a ninth-grader in Irving, Texas who likes to tinker with electronics. On Monday, according to the Dallas Morning News, he built a simple electronic clock -- a project he said took about 20 minutes -- and strapped it inside a pencil case.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The oil-rich West African nation of Angola has a dubious distinction. Its child morality rate is the world's worst: 157 kids out of every 1,000 die before their 5th birthday. By comparison the child mortality rate in the U.S. is 7 deaths per 1,000. In Western Europe it's between 3 and 4.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Federal scientists have determined that extremely low levels of crude oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez caused heart problems in embryonic fish, a conclusion that could shape how damage is assessed in other major spills.

"Metabolically, they're different," said John Incardona, a research toxicologist at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle. "They can't grow as well. They can't swim as fast."

Friday, August 28, 2015

Michael Brown: I'm often asked, as the person who was running FEMA when Hurricane Katrina hit, why I didn't evacuate New Orleans. My response is simple -- FEMA had no authority to do that under the Constitution, which clearly establishes a system of federalism in which state and local governments are autonomous governmental entities. We call first responders "first" for a reason. When you dial 911 your call isn't answered by an operator at 500 C Street SW, Washington, D.C., 20472. Your call is answered by a local government entity that has first and primary responsibility for a disaster." read more


Classic US Prosecutor behavior. In New Orleans public defenders, required by a SCOTUS ruling, have a caseload of seven minutes per defendant.

#11 | Posted by nutcase

It gets worst than that, you know it is bad when you seen this video of a judge thwarting justice and assaulting the public defender? youtu.be"youtu.be/a">youtu.be The judge then heard 7 more of the defenders cases without the public defender present. Guy is still on the bench though - $50,000 fine + costs, a public reprimand, mandatory counseling and an unpaid suspension of 120 day. Of course it was Florida.

#19 | Posted by AndreaMackris

Faux outrage? You blame progressives? Progressives believe all "cultures are equal"? What world do you live in?

I blame conservatives. These are after all highly religious and conservative people committing these heinous acts. It is conservatism that drew us into allying with the enemy or our enemy and there after tolerating all the atrocious behavior they committed. It had nothing to do with progressives. The whole reason for the rise of the Taliban was the behavior of these morons. The people that complained to the US and seen no action of course resorted back to the Taliban. At least they knew the rules with the religious nutbags and were treated as having rights. The Reiligious Right in this country would have us go down paths not dissimilar to either the Taliban or the "government" of Afghanistan.

Yes some cultures are definitely "better" than others. But you can find in just about all cultures something that makes them better than whatever culture you want to compare them to in some respect.

I think most of us are tired of PC in general. Not because a lot of the PC agends is wrong but things do go too far in PC land. The problem is today most of it just puts a shiny veneer on a ----. People are PC in public and usually at work but wait until they get on their Social Media. The truth comes out there and except for the occasional viral shaming of someone it goes unchecked. I know - all I have to do is open up Facebook to get a little ill at the kinds of things running through people's heads.

This doesn't have anything to do with Moral Relativism. It's the military's top politicians saying 'play nice with the good people we aligned with.' If we had dealt with this wrongful behavior from the beginning the conflict would be over. I think the vast majority of people would find this heinous.

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