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Friday, August 28, 2015

Michael Brown: I'm often asked, as the person who was running FEMA when Hurricane Katrina hit, why I didn't evacuate New Orleans. My response is simple -- FEMA had no authority to do that under the Constitution, which clearly establishes a system of federalism in which state and local governments are autonomous governmental entities. We call first responders "first" for a reason. When you dial 911 your call isn't answered by an operator at 500 C Street SW, Washington, D.C., 20472. Your call is answered by a local government entity that has first and primary responsibility for a disaster." read more


lfthndthrds - Sorry about your families' woes. I have family and friends in the NO area. My words to them was if you live in a sea level swamp or a sub sea level city in a hurricane zone you kind of have to expect what happened. I didn't place it all on locals - but you can't put it all on the Feds either. All my relatives down there fall into the right wing Feds stay out of my backyard camp until they need them. I have family in Alabama too I tell them the same things. Now that said...

I am LMAO - Lets be clear. Both sides failed. But where does the fault really belong? Anyone even read the article? It is a bit of a rant but a lot of this was semi-exposed at the time. The guy handled how many FEMA responses? This was a HUGE response effort in comparison to anything outside of 9/11 in recent memory. So he's a bit of a 'pretty' boy - so what? He should have slapped some mud on his face and put on some dungarees to look authentic? LMAO. What he didn't do was manage his image and the press. THAT is where things went wrong for him and how he became the scapegoat. The reports all blame people up the chain from him on the Fed side for Federal failures.

A disaster of this magnitude was bound to happen sooner or later in NO. The Corp had been requesting funds for years to strengthen the levees and in all honesty there were fundamental age old design errors to them. The attitude of too many locals was nothing too bad will happen - just another hurricane.

But the response failure comes down to the goobernor and shrub getting in the way on this one. People expect instant gratification today. That isn't reality. There was no mandatory evacuation order until less than 24 hours prior to landfall. Why not? Governor declared an emergency days before. There was talk for 3 days it was going to be a massive storm and hit LA. What is the Feds fault is they should have been preparing for the request and been 100% ready to roll when it came in. They did issue the requested disaster area label when it was requested of them - a couple days after Louisiana declared one in the state.

Also to blame was the 2 wars we were fighting and National Guard units doing that fighting instead of being at home and ready to respond. How about the local corruption and waste of our federal dollars that were supposed to have been spent preparing for an event like this?

Then there's the 200 or so police that disappeared from NO alone didn't help. They fired 76 for desertion? So the locals didn't all stick it out and "out work" the feds. 200 officers goes a LONG way in a disaster.

The mobilization needed also exceeded anyone's expectations.

What people like you wanted and in all honesty what should have happened is FEMA and the Feds should have ignored the law - Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006 fixed that. It enhanced the FEMA's authority by directing the agency to undertake a broad range of activities before and after disasters occur. As much as anything the lumping of FEMA into the DHS was a mistake. As was the whole of the Patriot Act. The head of the DHS was sited as having been the main point of failure on the Federal side in the following investigations.

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