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Anonymous - I have respect for them and a lot of their causes but in this case I think they need to be a little more aware of the reality. They usually have good goals but the reality of what was happening and how quickly it unfolds leads to split second reactionary judgements.

This isn't about civil rights from what I am hearing. IF what I have heard and read elsewhere is true. This is about an officer who reported to the scene of an incident where a group this teen was a part of was up to no good. He was physically assaulted by a group of teens and the local reports I have seen are this kid was one that tried to take his gun. If you are wrestling for a gun and all of a sudden you put your hands up it doesn't mean he knows what you are doing or that he has time to judge you are indeed putting your hands up. How does he know you aren't going to try and knock him out next? He is full on adrenaline rush fighting for his life. I guess in my book if you assault and try to take an officer's gun - I am sorry you probably deserve to get shot no matter what age, race, color or creed you are.

I know about these things from local officers. I know a couple of the local police in the city here that have both been assaulted in this manner. You show up to a report and are overwhelmed by a group - usually a literal gang. They try and take your gun, your taser and whatever else they can get and they play dirty. One of the officers never had anything taken but the other one of them and his partner had a really bad incident. They were both knocked to the ground and the gangbangers got his gun. Then they ran except for the kid with the gun who tried to use it on him. The ONLY reason he wasn't shot was the kid couldn't figure out the safety. He tried to pull the trigger 3 times on him. Then he ran. At this time the officers here won't respond to anything unless there are at least 6 officers responding and they come in together.

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