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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Within the next two years, Ford will no longer build any small cars in the United States, the automaker said Wednesday.
Production of the Ford (F) Focus and C-Max, the only small cars Ford still assembles in the United States, will be moved to Mexico, according to a Ford spokeswoman. Ford has previously said it was opening a new plant in Mexico that would employ 2,800 workers there.
The Ford Fiesta subcompact is already being assembled in Mexico. The high-performance Ford Focus RS is made in Germany. read more

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The executive branch of the European Union has found that Ireland granted unfair and illegal tax breaks to the tech giant Apple, and ruled that Apple now owes more than $14.5 billion in back taxes. The commissioner in charge of competition policy, Margrethe Vestager, says that under EU rules, "Member states cannot give tax benefits to selected companies." The European Commission found that Ireland allowed Apple Inc. -- which has two companies incorporated in Ireland, Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europe -- to pay far less in taxes than other companies did. read more

Thursday, August 11, 2016

HOW can America's leaders foster broad prosperity? For most Republicans -- including Donald J. Trump -- the main answer is to "cut and extract": Cut taxes and business regulations, including pesky restrictions on the extraction of natural resources, and the economy will boom.

Mr. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan are united by the conviction that cutting taxes -- especially on corporations and the wealthy -- is what drives growth. read more

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Waste people. Rubbish. Clay-eaters. Hillbillies. Two new books that reckon with the long, bleak history of the country's white poor suggest their plight shouldn't have caught the rest of the country off guard. read more


I've actually heard there are tax incentives for moving jobs overseas.

Our politicians (dems and reps) have sold out the American worker. While I don't hold the intelligence of any member of congress in high regard, they were smart enough to understand the impact that these trade deals would have on American workers and could have written smarter legislation that would not have hurt workers. Politicians take a public posture of caring for American workers but if they did, we wouldn't be in such dire straits relative to the loss of so many good paying jobs. Instead, they kissed the a$$es of their corporate masters and wrote favorable tax legislation giving them incentives to offshore/outsource jobs and to bring in large numbers of legal/illegal workers.

No only did corporations get incentives for offshoring jobs, inadequate provisions were made to mandate repatriation of profits earned by those offshored operations after a certain period of time so that they could be taxed. Now, these corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars held in offshore tax havens. Taxes on those trillions would go a long way in building roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, etc and paying down the National Debt.

We have been sold out when it comes to trade and immigration which, I think, accounts for the bulk of Trump's enthusiastic support. However, Trump can't be trusted to do what he says he's going to do. Not only can he not be trusted, he is going to be fighting considerable headwinds: dems and reps won't do anything to upset their corporate sponsors and their corporate sponsors like things just the way they are.

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