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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Police in Michigan released a cell-phone video recorded by a deputy called to investigate an African-American man who was walking with his hands in his pockets, providing the mirror image of an encounter that went viral over the holiday weekend.

In a reflection of how both police and civilians are increasingly sensitized to recording their encounters after the August shooting of Michael Brown, the videos show the white deputy pulling out his iPhone and pressing record after the black man, Brandon Mckean, started to record the encounter on his own phone. read more


Guilt in any given situation involving police actions is not even a part of the prosecutor's equation.

There was another shooting in NYC (Brooklyn) by a cop (Officer Liang) of a black man (Akai Gurley) that bears watching.


This time the cop says that the gun accidentally went off and killed the black guy. The prosecutor in this jurisdiction is a recently appointed black female. It will be interesting to see what she does and how the police react given the lack of experience of the cop. The ethnicity of the cop (Asian-American) also adds and interesting twist.

On Sunday, a patrol car sat outside Officer Liang's home in Bensonhurst. A neighbor who spoke to his family said Mr. Liang, 27, who lives with his parents, had barely left his room since the shooting. The neighbor, Fred Chan, 58, said his wife spoke to Mr. Liang's mother late Saturday. She told him that Mr. Liang had barely eaten since the shooting. "Peter can't stop thinking about what happens," Mr. Chan said, relaying what he had been told about the conversation in Cantonese. "He would just say, ‘It was so dark. I was so scared.'

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