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As a Muslim, I accept the fact that we are living in times where the wisdom of Muhammad and his initial followers is not being implemented by Muslims around the world, but I also accept the fact that we have been thrust front and center upon the world's stage for a reason, and that reason is because we have been, for the present time and many years beforehand, at a deficiency educating ourselves and our brethren, establishing strong personal, familial, and social institutions and practicing our religion in a productive and just manner, both publicly and privately.

God will NOT ignore this fact. He will seek His will, and, as it is clearly stated throughout the ages, re-establish His authority over the Earth, even if He has to withhold his mercy from many of those who currently call themselves Muslim. That possibility, in Islamic belief, has already been prophesied and may come to pass if we, personally, and as a society don't "get our act together".

What many Muslims may consider, as well as those who are currently not Muslim, as that all of the initial Muslims of the Prophet's time were at one time non-Muslim.

As much as an outspoken entertainment personality like Bill Maher comes across as repellent, I must, as a Muslim, also look at him as someone who may someday become Muslim, as far-fetched as that may sound, there is a historical precedent for such a conversion.

But one thing, over all others, concerns me deeply when it comes to those "liberal" voices in the west, when they speak of inhumanity and barbarism of the current words and actions of some Muslims worldwide.

The 40+ year practice of systematic legalized killing of the helpless-- of the unborn in the womb-- in their nations-- is truly abhorrent. It is a terrorism that ascribes absolutely zero justice to the small human life that God has placed inside of another living soul. It undermines the grace that God has placed within each living soul. It undermines the gift of sound judgement that has, by and large, been placed in men by their Creator. Being something that men of an organized, dominantly Christian state have voted on and passed into law, it violates the essential teachings of Jesus and the other Prophets of God's eternal message. It is truly the holocaust, if I may use a loaded term, of our time.

That it is no longer even a matter of debate in this country is extremely worrisome. That the argument for the "right" to kill the defenseless unborn in the name of another "right" has exceeded rational bounds. That we can continue to overlook this issue and not understand or comprehend the extreme damage it has done to the fabric of this "Christian" society as a whole, or the effect of the continued hypocrisy in relation to the western-dominated, world commentary on "right vs wrong" or "civility vs barbarity" is stunning in scope.

#32-- The problem is, there isn't only 'one text'. There is also the Sunnah and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, which plays a critical role in understanding the ayas of the Quran.

The most verifiable of these these writings and statements show 1st person context and application within the scope of a functioning and thriving society than either the Torah or the Bible ever will (which are corruptions of original texts/actions to begin with, but that is a separate subject for discussion).

Let's take a controversial Quaranic text as an example-- the Quran tells us that in the last circumstance, it is permissable by God to strike one's own wife-- but we know from the Hadith that Muhammad is known to have never struck any of his wives or even threaten to do so. And his wives have plenty to say within the volumes of the Hadith, so it isn't like they didn't have an opportunity to state this for the record if it indeed happened. This type of understanding shows that the Sunnah and Hadith were meant as companions to the Quran-- to show Islam "in action" by the words and deeds of Muhammad and the generation that lived with him.

Application, via the hadith and sunnah, takes the theoretical and makes it understandable. So we may say, "God permitted hitting women but Muhammad himself never did so, and we are instructed to use Muhammad as a role model-- as he is the best example of role models, so as a result, we understand and accept the power given to the man to enforce society's laws, even upon his family members, yet to be be wise and use it only as last resort, as an officer may use a gun, or a country may use its strongest weapons of war.

The Daesh, which is what we Muslims call "ISIS", has no recorded precedent during the Prophet's lifetime for the monstrosities they are committing in Islam's name. As a result, they are easily dismissed as fabricators in their religion and fighting for the "cause" of fitna.

A brief conversation with any educated Muslim woman or man will invariably support this belief.

But we do know that there are those who seek to keep many people from believing that. Everyone has their causes, their prejudices, and what is darkest they hold closest to their hearts.

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