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Obama, as a Muslim, could easily talk about Jesus. Jesus is featured in the Qur'an. Jesus was a Muslim. Jesus never said once that he was God or to worship him as God. He recognized the one true God of the universe and came with a message to worship God alone. That message was corrupted by the influence of the pagan and polytheistic religions that were around him. A handful of his followers, who perhaps read (or more accurately heard) the stories of Perseus/Heracles/Dionysis too many times, made him into a Man-God after his ascension and tweaked his message to fit in with what they wanted him to be. In the Bible, by way of "evidence", there is barely a handful of individuals who "vouch" for who Jesus was and what he did. They are rarely consistent. These "witnesses" are mostly unknown to history and wouldn't even be able to successfully corroborate a story in today's court system. Now would you let a handful of mismatched words and hearsay from three or four guys you know next to nothing about condemn a man to imprisonment in today's court system? Much less serve as a benchmark for deciding eternal damnation and/or reward for over 6 billion souls?

Jesus was also Jewish. Didn't those Muslims know they were supposed to hate on and kill all Jews before they went and wrote about him in such honorable and glowing terms when they fabricated the Quran 1400 years ago? (/sarcasm)

Obama was born Muslim. He identified as Muslim when he was very young. He now identifies as Christian and has for his whole political career. Hopefully he will revert back to Islam. The fact is-- Obama never droned anyone when he was Muslim. He never made decisions that led to death and destruction while he was a Muslim. Apparently he had to become a Christian in order to do that. No one would have let him be president if he publicly identified as a Muslim, even if he announced his intention to invade and destroy the middle east like his evangelical Christian predecessor. Although there are a few voices that speak out, by and large, in America, it is unfortunately still acceptable to be a Christian president and kill innocent Muslims around the world and get away with it.

I have been to or lived most of my life in 12 different Muslim countries. I speak, read and write Arabic fluently. Going solely by what he has written (can't infer anything else about any other anonymous someone who writes on the internet), Docnjo has a limited understanding of the middle east and Muslim countries in general. By what he writes, it sounds like he was an outsider-- a centurion who occasionally touched the peripherals of Muslim society, read a few books on Ilamic history, and picked up bits of information here and there and has fashioned them into a narrative of what he thinks the Muslim world should be and what he wants you to believe the Muslim world is really like. That's fine. That sort of thing is guaranteed in the first amendment, isn't it?

--My favorite Muslim country to live in? Mauritania. Austere and uncomplicated.
--My least favorite Muslim country? Saudi Arabia. Pretentious, racist and redneck-- except for the immigrants and non-citizens. Fortunately the town of Medina saves the country from being a total cesspool.
--Most beautiful Muslim country? Morocco or Algeria. Or maybe Turkey. That is a hard one.
--Most extremist Muslim country? Pakistan. By far.
--Kindest Muslims? Afghanistan.
--Most political Muslims? Syria
--Most laid back Muslims? Somalia. Maybe too laid back.
--Weirdest Muslims? The Turks.
--Muslims I know very little about? Sub-saharan Muslims. Haven't been to western Africa yet.

American Muslims are by far the most educated about their deen. Most are hard working, ambitious, give charity, volunteer and more and more are understanding how to play "the game" from a grassroots perspective. They are only recently beginning to understand the need for permanent institutions like schools and stores and masjids-- and for the need of more Muslim lawyers, law enforcement/criminal justice employment, and judges-- not just engineers and doctors. The problem is that many of them are either refugees or exiles. The refugees are inner city and young and have a tough time staying close to their religion with all the drugs and violence and vice around them. The exiles have a more difficult time recent American concepts such as social media, are limited in their understanding of American politics and culture, and can sometimes be looked upon harshly from a foreign perspective by their fellow brothers and sisters. The reason being is they are seen as either "runaways" from the upheavals over the past 40 years or part of the brain drain of the Middle East that occurred from the 50s to the early 90s.

In America, we have had the good fortune of being allowed to progress over time-- it took us over 200 years to "modernize". We are demanding the Muslim world to do this in 1/10th of the time, so naturally there will be some upheaval and pushback from those who cannot take the rapid changes.

Anyway, I am by no means an expert on anything. But I occasionally visit this page over the past 10 years and I am used to the rhetoric and occasionally I will chime in. As for Erdogan? He has quite a bit of support all over the Muslim world, not just Turkey. If the coup had been successful, you would have seen major protests in many countries in the region and beyond. It was fortunate for Europe and America that he wasn't overthrown.

I will be in Algeria this fall. I finally have gotten a smart phone so let me know if anyone wants a shout-out from the Kabylie-- I'll prove in pictures just how beautiful that country is. No wonder the French fell in love with it, those rascals.

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