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Monday, January 16, 2017

Had the Russians never hacked the Democratic National Committee or John Podesta, had WikiLeaks not strategically released Democrats' emails to damage Hillary Clinton, had President-elect Donald Trump not surrounded himself with a host of Russophiles (e.g. Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Boris Epshteyn), had Trump not complimented Russian President Vladimir Putin during the campaign and defended him from charges that he murders journalists, had his campaign team not changed (then denied changing) the GOP platform on Ukraine and had Trump uttered a syllable of criticism of Putin, his interview with the Times of London would have been a surprise rather than a reaffirmation of Trump's creepy favoritism toward America's most formidable foe. Surely, had President Obama rather than Trump made the remarks, Republicans would be calling for him to resign, or at the very least, questioning his sanity and patriotism. read more

Monica Crowley said Monday that she will not take a role in the new Trump administration in the wake of plagiarism accusations, according to multiple reports.

Trump's transition team announced in December that Crowley had been tapped to serve as the National Security Council's senior director of strategic communications.

Monica Crowley, the foreign policy adviser tapped for a White House job under President-elect Donald Trump, will relinquish the post, a transition official told Reuters on Monday. Crowley had been chosen to serve as senior director of strategic communications at the National Security Council. Her appointment had been shadowed by reports of plagiarism. A CNN review found this month that Crowley plagiarized thousands of words of her 2000 dissertation for her Columbia University Ph.D. In addition, Politico reported that it found more than a dozen examples of plagiarism in Crowley's Ph.D. dissertation.

As you might expect, John Lewis's statement about Donald Trump's illegitimate presidency provoked a hysterical, slanderous reaction from the president-elect – who, of course, got his start in national politics by repeatedly, falsely questioning President Obama's right to hold office. But Mr. Trump -- who has never sacrificed anything or taken a risk to help others -- seems to have a special animus toward genuine heroes. Maybe he prefers demonstrators who don't get beaten?

But let's not talk about Mr. Trump's ravings. Instead, let's ask whether Mr. Lewis was right to say what he said. Is it O.K., morally and politically, to declare the man about to move into the White House illegitimate?

Yes, it is. In fact, it's an act of patriotism. read more

Every year on the third Monday of January, Americans of all races, backgrounds and ideologies celebrate the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is rightly lionized and sanctified by whites as well as blacks, by Republicans as well as Democrats.

It is easy to forget that, until fairly recently, many white Americans loathed Dr. King. They perceived him as a rabble rouser and an agitator; some rejoiced in his assassination in April 1968. How they got from loathing to loving is less a story about growing tolerance and diminishing racism, and more about the ways that Dr. King's legacy has been scrubbed and blunted. read more


As conservative pundit Rubin points out:

Putin must be grinning like a Cheshire cat. For decades, Russia's goal has been to split NATO, create fear among Europeans that the United States will not come to their rescue and set up a moral equivalence between Russia and Western democracies. "Trump is outdoing Vladimir Putin in his efforts to rip NATO apart. The comments weren't so much new as gratuitous, and undercut the reassuring words that came from the testimony of his cabinet nominees last week," said Thomas Donnelly of the American Enterprise Institute. "It also reveals just how little Trump understands what American global strategy -- since the founding -- has been; the security of Central Europe is the first priority, and he's damaging our interests there."

Trump's idea to lift sanctions with Russia still in Ukraine and Georgia would be precisely the sort of unilateral concession he would deplore had Obama proposed it. He is doing nothing less than attacking the foundation of the international order that has existed for 70 years. The Post reports: "The full ramifications of a breakdown in transatlantic relations are so extensive they are difficult to total. U.S. guarantees underpin European security. The United States and the European Union, with a population of 500 million, are each other's most important trading partner. For decades, European nations and the United States have worked tightly together on issues of war, peace and trade." One wonders what his hawkish apologists such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) must be thinking now.

Trump's views contrast so sharply with those of nominees such as retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis and Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) that one has to question whether he intends them to actually do their jobs or simply act as seat-fillers as he sets U.S. alliances ablaze and boosts the United States' most formidable adversary.

Many people dont know but the NRA actually helped Dr King sue to get his carry permit once it became clear that his life was in danger. He lost anyway, probably because the FBI considered him a communist and had a smear dossier on him.

Its just an interesting part of history that the left leaves out because its inconvenient that one could actually be pro- civil rights and pro-2nd.

#3 | Posted by aescal

You've badly misstated the facts.

Gun rights activists frequently distort history by citing a 1956 attempt by King to acquire a gun permit as evidence that King favored gun ownership. This ignores that King later repudiated his earlier action, concluding, "How could I serve as one of the leaders of a nonviolent movement and at the same time use weapons of violence for my personal protection?"

[I]n 1956, after King's house was bombed, King applied for a concealed carry permit in Alabama. The local police had discretion to determine who was a suitable person to carry firearms. King, a clergyman whose life was threatened daily, surely met the requirements of the law, but he was rejected nevertheless. At the time, the police used any wiggle room in the law to discriminate against African Americans.

Ironically, the concealed carry permit law in Alabama was promoted by the National Rifle Association thirty years earlier.

I guess that's just an inconvenient part of the history that gun fetishists leave out because its so damned inconvenient.

Ex-RNC chair responds to Trump's John Lewis tweets: ‘Don't go there'

A former chairman of the Republican National Committee issued a firm rebuke of President-elect Donald Trump's tweets attacking Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) on Saturday, calling the comments "unnecessary" and warning Trump not to further isolate himself from black voters.

"Number one, don't tweet that. Number two, don't go there. And number three, step back and try to appreciate what's being said and what the concern is," Michael Steele said during an appearance on MSNBC. "The tweet is unnecessary, it's unfortunate."

"John Lewis has a walk that very few people in this country – least of all Donald Trump – have ever walked. So you have to respect that and pay attention to that in a real sense," he added....

Steele urged Trump to avoid politicizing Lewis' comments, and warned the president-elect that by insulting Lewis he would only further isolate himself from black voters.

"If you're looking to heal and bridge and bring the people of America together, well, we're part of that," Steele said.

"As black folks, we're part of that. So our expectation is not only will you attempt that same effort that you would apply to white folks and other communities, but you will do so in a way that you show respect for our leadership and those who do represent our interests to you on Capitol Hill."

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