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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wild thing
You make my heart sing
You make everything groovy
Wild thing read more

Pope Francis told Poland's Catholic clergy Saturday that the key challenge of the Gospel is that it remains unfinished -- that Jesus looks to us to "take concrete care" of his wounds by serving our brothers and sisters, "those close at hand and those far away, the sick and the migrant."

In a Mass with the country's bishops, priests and religious at a shrine dedicated to the memory of their hero-Pope John Paul II, the pontiff said the Gospel "still has many blank pages left."

"It remains an open book that we are called to write in the same style, by the works of mercy we practice," the pope continued, asking the clergy: "What are the pages of your books like? Are they blank?"

His refusal to release his tax returns breaks with tradition and makes no sense.

If there is nothing to hide, Trump wins. In fact, he wins-wins-wins.

For one, he could cut off a strong line of attack by Democrats. Hillary Clinton has already released her tax returns, going back to 1977.

Second, Trump could put to rest the many swirling rumors to which he seems magnetized.

Third, releasing his tax returns could up his presidential cred.

So why hold back? Why not throw everyone's supposed lies in their faces and get a likely boost in the polls, too? Because Trump, despite his insistence to the contrary, has likely made the calculation that he wouldn't win if the American public was to see his tax returns. His decision, then, appears to be based less on principle and reason, as he advertises, than fear of losing. read more

Friday, July 29, 2016

Japanese friends, rich friends who don't get audited, a friend who planned a trip to France...

Donald Trump has lots of imaginary friends. read more

Wouldn't they show how wealthy -- and patriotic and charitable -- he is? read more


As the author points out:

1. The tax returns would show us how rich and successful he really is. They'd show all the money he has coming in, and the tiny amount he is paying in, say, debt interest. And Donald Trump is very shy. He feels uncomfortable showing off his wealth.

2. The returns would show us how generous he is to charities. No one has yet been able to find any evidence that Trump gives money to charity, which he says he does. The tax returns would prove it. The donations would show up as itemized deductions. And it would just embarrass Trump too much.

3. The returns would prove he's not connected to Vladimir Putin or Russian oligarchs. Doubtless they would show no mysterious cash infusions from, or payments to, shady entities in Moscow or offshore laundromats in the Caribbean, Europe or Asia. But Trump feels it would be wrong to have to prove he isn't connected to the Russian mob. You should just believe him.

4. The returns would show he pays taxes as any patriot does. Donald Trump is running for president because he loves America. And that's why he pays a fortune each year in taxes -- supporting defense, Homeland Security, education, Medicare and so on. Given his campaign platform, he's especially proud of all the tax money he pays to support our troops, and our border patrols, and the fight against terrorism. But he's embarrassed to show it.

5. The returns would show he invests in the U.S.A. His tax returns would prove that he puts his money where his mouth is, and invests to create businesses and jobs right here in the U.S., and not in, say, low-wage sweatshops in Mexico and China. But if our enemies knew what a sentimental and patriotic guy he is, once he's president they'd take him to the cleaners. So Trump has to keep it secret -- sadly.

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