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Just type into youtube obama blames bush 7 + pages of headlines.

21 OH JUST STOP IT. DF was burdened the entire industry, adding 36 billion this year alone into bank costs. Guess who pays for 'costs'...its consumers!!

Let me explain, in brief (for the 50th time) what DF has done, besides thousands of workers sucking profit margins down.

A Cemented Too Big to Fail. The primary 'reason' it was passed was this. And it's done THE EXACT OPPOSITE.
B Made all banks extremely similar. That is we use to have banks that specialized in different areas of the market. NOW to comply with Basil 1,2, and 3 all the banks are FORCED to own the same investments. SO next time there's a crash more will fail, not less.
C It's made rating agencies more important, not less. Another big goal where what happened was the exact opposite of the objective!
D Made banks beholden to more regulators with no clear picture of whose in charge.

My ex works for a CC bankrupt processor. She's extremely liberal. She can't wait for the CFPB to get whacked. Their killing her with BS. PS she is very happy with her portfolio I've got her in!!!! some of it BAC !!!

Drudge Retort

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