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4 He has a better reputation then McGreevey or Corslime!
You have absolutely nothing over his former D predecessors. ZERO

Did you ever review the Machiavelli scandals???

"he's left a legacy of corruption, a legacy of dishonesty, not just to the people he served but to the family he lived with,"


Or his Kushner connection??
"Major Donor Admits Hiring Prostitute to Smear Witness"
This one is BEYOND BELIEF. Billionaire Kushner, McG's number one booster, hired a stripper, to frame HIS BROTHER IN LAW


And don't even get me started on corzine. YOu talk 'million'?? Well its a known fact jon directed NJ pension funds to buy 400 million in fnm/fre preferreds in 2008 and lost every penny!!

Drudge Retort

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