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Naw, no one could imagine that someone would use an airplane to commit a terrorist attack....

Does anyone remember this news story from a couple months before 9/11? I recall Bush staying on a ship rather than in Genoa because of it...


They were very well aware that there was an impending threat involving crashing an aircraft or more, they'd been getting information along those lines for some time before 9/11. Perhaps the scale of the actual attack was outside what they imagined and they were thinking that if it happened it would be ultimately good for their agenda (see PNAC letter) and it just turned out to be a much bigger deal than they ever thought it could have been. Seems to me that they should have been more vigilant and on a higher level of alert that day.

As for me, I'm still glad that my boss cancelled the business trip I had scheduled in California that week since he was going to be there at the conference already. I was scheduled to be on one of the planes leaving Boston that morning.

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