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64% of the Islamic population in this poss supports death for apostasy. Since this comes from the Washington Post, you libs can't question the source.

Bill Maher deserves kudos for actually having the balls to discuss the Elephant in the Room. Most other libs hide behind political correctness, or because they are afwaid of what might happen to them if they criticize Islam. Ironically, libs would be the first to be beheaded if the Islamists had there way. The good news is that most people get it. No matter what the nutjobs on this site spew, your average American understands the threat.

Speaking of politically correct liberals, let's take Tavis Smiley for example. What a simpleton that guy is. Listen to this take. There is a reason he is on PBS. Ratings are irrelevant in their world.


My guess is that he doesn't want to upset his good buddy Mr. Farrahkan.

Drudge Retort

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