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Contrast Trump's bluntness with Hillary's meandering political speak. It is markedly more refreshing. FU@K political correctness. We have veered so far left that the country will naturally re-adjust as it always does. Trump is leading that charge. Hillary looks uncomfortable and it just seems contrived & misleading. People don't want to hear politicians weasel their way around issues anymore, especially the Clinton's. Other than hard-core partisans who are blind to reality, people are just sick of it.

I am telling you, whether Trump wins the nomination or not, he is going to fundamentally change the conversation on several major issues.
Obama is just not a leader...never was. He is speech giver, and elected apologist to the world. People want to feel good about their country. They want leadership. Trump is on to something and it is freaking the GOP establishment out. He isn't Reagan, but the context he is attempting to frame is accurate. Be proud of our country, don't bash it like the left. Make it strong again. Brings jobs back & protect out borders. Everything else is noise.

Drudge Retort

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