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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"I realize that conservatives have a difficult time believing the "liberal media." For that reason I want to assure any conservative who is brave enough to evaluate their own positions, that the information used to design this quiz comes straight from the American Nazi Party platform. You can read it for yourself right here, on their official website." read more

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Michigan's Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed a controversial religious freedom bill, the Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, which protects people from laws that substantially burden their sincerely held religious beliefs, unless the government can prove that the offending law serves a compelling interest and accomplishes that goal using the least restrictive means possible. Civil liberties advocates warn it could be used as a defense for the landlord who wants to evict a gay tenant, the pharmacist who doesn't want to provide birth control or the religious hospital that refuses such procedures as a pre-viability pregnancy termination in the case of a miscarriage. "In many religions, it's OK for a man to beat his wife," said Brooke Tucker, staff attorney at the ACLU of Michigan. "Based on language in this bill, all he has to say is my religion allows me to do this." read more

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Michigan Citizen: In a blow to schoolchildren statewide, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled on Nov. 7 the State of Michigan has no legal obligation to provide a quality public education to students in the struggling Highland Park School District. The appellate court said the state has no constitutional requirement to ensure schoolchildren actually learn fundamental skills such as reading read more

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Many days, it seems that all the advances our country has made are being dismantled one court decision at a time. A recent decision in Michigan, which has largely flown under the radar, should it hold up on a national level, could mean that poor children will have no access to education.

On November 7, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that one poverty-stricken school district didn't have to provide a quality education to children.

spite the deaths of least 12 children from "faith healing" Christian families in their state, lawmakers and public officials in Idaho have refused to challenge a state law providing a religious exemption from manslaughter and murder charges, Vocativ reported.

The childrens' families belonged to a Pentecostal group known as the Followers of Christ, which punishes members who seek medical care by shunning them from their church. According to state law, parents can substitute prayer as a form of treatment. The religious exemption covers manslaughter, capital murder and negligent homicide charges, but cannot be cited if a parent uses any other form of treatment on top of praying for the child.


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