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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Desperate calls from inside the Pulse nightclub; police strategizing and concerns; reports of wounded civilians: those are among the details held in records newly released by the Orange County Sheriff's Office about the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida.

The records, obtained by member station WLRN in Miami, also show that it took time for law enforcement to get a clear description of the suspect – and that there was concern that officers' shields would not protect them against rifle fire.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) is pushing for the United States to leave the United Nations. Dubbing the proposal ‘Amexit,' Massie has signaled his desire for the House to vote on a bill which he has cosponsored. That bill, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, would allow for the United States to leave the United Nations.

When asked why he would support this, Massey responded on social media.

"In one word, Sovereignty. As a member of the UN, we bind our citizens to decisions made by undemocratic countries, when in fact our constitution should be the supreme law," Massey wrote. read more

Donald Trump just delivered a major economic policy speech at a factory in Pennsylvania. But while the location was intended to convey the real-estate mogul's seriousness about revitalizing American manufacturing industries, observers were at first a bit distracted by the backdrop that was directly behind Trump. Indeed, for over a half an hour, Trump spoke at length about his protectionist trade policies while perched in front of several compacted blocks of recycling, which took up much of the screen on the major cable networks that carried the speech. read more

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton laid out her economic plan on Monday at a rally in Cincinnati. She appeared with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a hero to progressives who has stood up to bank executives and called for lower student debt.

NPR's politics team has annotated Clinton's portion of the speech.

In a truly extraordinary essay in New York Magazine, grandfather of the blogosphere Andrew Sullivan made his long awaited return to online writing.

Having stopped blogging last year and closing down The Dish due to exhaustion, Sullivan has remained quiet about the 2016 presidential race, reserving his thoughts about perhaps the most pivotal election in US history until now. And boy did he let rip, penning a savage, exhaustive profile of Donald Trump, cataloging his terrifying rise to power from a historical perspective, and presenting an unimpeachable argument as to why he presents a threat to all human life if elected -- and why Republicans and Democrats must unite to stop him.

read more


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