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"Bill, I just can't see "personal choices" playing a role. A person is turn on by whatever it is turns them on."

That's where much of the rub is between some gays and Christians.

Do you suppose for all people it's simply you are gay or you are straight?

Do you believe all people are the same and they are capable of forming long lasting successful relationships with one sex but not the other?

My opinion is there are a great many people who fall into the middle and you can be sure "personal choices" plays a major role for those people.

Of course, there are people who are unquestionably destined to be either gay or straight. I know men who are totally straight and the very idea of a physical relationship with another man is out of the question.

And the same goes for some gay men.

But there are people who fall in the middle and my complaint with the social and political atmosphere we are living in today is people deny this exists.

If you are interested in the same sex at all you are living a lie or something similar if you "choose" to make a relationship with the opposite sex.

There is so much more to this conversation that can be discussed that involves your personal values that must be taken into consideration for people if they want to be happy and at peace in the long run.

This has turned into a political nightmare (us or them). People are not allowed to find themselves and decide who and what they are without being under constant assault from all sides.

Young people are finding themselves being forced to make decisions that will impact the rest of their lives simply because they are being pushed into making a "choice".

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