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I decided 2 years ago I was voting republican next election regardless who was the nominee.

It could be there are other people who feel like that and is why Trump just can't seem to hurt himself??

Funny...I voted for Reagan both terms and it was his actions that turned me democrat.

I realized back then Reagan was taking America in a direction that made me uncomfortable so I voted straight democrat ticket until this election.

Why the change this time?

While I do support gay rights and even believe gays deserve the same protection for their relationships provided by Gay Marriage (although I would have preferred Civil Unions written to provide as such), I was appalled at the way the courts treated the businesses who preferred to not participate in Gay Marriages but were forced out of business even though they weren't discriminating against the people. They just didn't want to provide that particular product. It was at that time I realized the liberals need to be reined in. And now...transgender issues. Are you serious???

So...I decided I will vote republican next election and so I'm voting for Trump.

No...Trump does have some personality issues but I do like that he understands some of the dangers America is facing ahead and I believe liberals don't.

Liberals try to turn every little thing into a "morality issue"...but of course their version of morality.

However, some things just have nothing to do with morality and are just problems America needs to take seriously.

It just doesn't get any simpler (or complicated) than that for me.

Trump will get my vote.

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