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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Netflix Inc. has agreed to pay Comcast Corp. to ensure Netflix movies and television shows stream smoothly to Comcast customers, a landmark pact that could set a precedent for Netflix's dealings with other broadband providers, people familiar with the matter said.

In exchange for payment, Netflix will get direct access to Comcast's broadband network.

The deal comes just 10 days after Comcast agreed to buy Time Warner Cable...

Monday, February 24, 2014

An escalating battle between Netflix and the largest Internet service providers is degrading service for the streaming video company's customers, Time reports. With the explosion of high-bandwidth services like Netflix, which accounts for a massive amount of Internet traffic, the traditionally amicable peering relationship between bandwidth providers is starting to break down. This is a scenario that open Internet advocates have been warning about for years. It's no secret that the big telecom and cable companies resent the fact that they are obliged to deliver high bandwidth content like Netflix -- which competes against their own video offerings -- in addition to less bandwidth-intensive traffic like emails and chats.


Let's not forget how much Jerry Falwell contributed to Reagan's ability to pull it all off. Without the evangelical vote, Reagan would not have been as successful.

Falwell was a capitalist through and through.

Strangely enough, it about about that time I had a job that ended up with me visiting an elementary school run by Falwell in Lynchburg for one day.

I was working with a company that was giving a presentation at the school.

A couple of teachers talked with me privately and showed me a memo they had received telling them they were "required" to give 10% of their salary to the church.

I really had no opinion about Falwell up until that day. I realized then what kind of Christian he was. He was what I have come to call a Capitalist Christian. They have learned to mix their religious beliefs and economic theories to the point you can't be sure where one ends and the other begins. Sadly, it's always been a part of Christianity and it didn't start with Falwell but he did master it well.

Through the years I have come to see the danger of mixing religion, politics and business. Although you can't get away from it, I feel one does influence the other and not necessarily in a positive manner.

Indeed Liberty has been financially successful but I also believe the Moral Majority and the Republican Party joining forces had a major impact on America and not for the better.

Christianity has taken a real blow to it's integrity over the years thanks to people like Falwell and other Capital Christians. And we've all seen the outcome of Reagan's policies.

I am in agreement with this article about Reagan but I am also convinced without the support of the evangelical vote and especially Jerry Falwell, things would have taken a different course than they did.

Just my opinion....

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