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I was one of the nut cases cheering them on from the sidelines, even though Mr. Bundy may clearly be in the wrong, the open range of that part of the country goes all the way back to the range wars between farmers and cattle ranchers. Mr. Bundy and friends, appear to have won the day, however; This was the end of round one of a fifteen round fight for Mr. Bundy. He scored some points and got some of his cows back. The Feds scored some points and killed about a hundred and fifty of his cows. Mr. Bundy now needs one hell of a lawyer, an accountant, a human doctor, an animal doctor, an environmental specialist, a engineer on water flow and some really good friends. He, and his family will be audited by the IRS for the past seven years, the EPA will inspect his and his family's farms time and time again to insure he is in compliance with the law. he will have HHS inspecting his and his family's health records to insure that he is driving legally and he is in compliance with the ACA, he will have OSHA visiting his and his family's farm to insure that no safety hazards exist, the AG will be inspecting his cattle, horses and other animals to insure that they are healthy and treated well. With the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) declaring him a 'domestic terrorist' he and his family will be placed on a no fly list with TSA, ICE will want to insure that all of the people that work for him or his family are in the country legally to work, the ATF, will want to see his and his family's medical records and with the declaration of the SPLC, may try to remove any and all firearms from the property. This is not over. The Feds have many weapons that they can use against him and his family. That of course not to mention the fees and fines that he "owes" the BLM, which they can use to seize his farm. As soon as his name is off of the media, he will be hammered, and no one will know

Drudge Retort

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