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Saturday, November 29, 2014

As rioting broke out in Ferguson following the grand jury's decision not to indict Police Officer Darren Brown for the shooting death of Michael Brown, four armed black men headed to a white-owned gas station.

But the real story is that they were there to protect the business -- not to loot and burn it: read more


Kudzu, Your cynicism is misplaced. In my early years a lot of the guys I served with were drafted. They did not want to be there any more than the clowns protesting them on the college campus and at the airports and other locations. Those clowns were the greatest force that the North Vietnamese had. They managed to give the NVA moral support, demoralized the American military, and caused the uproar that forced the American President to surrender.

After the all-volunteer army was put into place, most were there because their families were poor and they needed the college benefits if they wanted to get ahead. They flat did not care what the politicians in Washington were doing, as long as they got paid and were able to stay alive (the I am here for my buddy, not the country). But there were those who joined because they truly believed in the Constitution and the American people. It was why I stayed. Yeah the people would make mistakes and elect a diffuse now and then, but they normally corrected the mistake in the next election. Then it seemed that television just went off the tracks and the people became stupid. The school systems across the country are now no better than the Black Schools in Alabama in the fifty's. I would not join today. However I have not lost my faith in the Constitution, it is still the best form of Government, if the people will pull their heads from their back sides.

In the current mess we find ourselves in, there is no end. Muslims have been at war with non-Muslims since the time of Mohammad. They will not stop until everyone on the planet is a Muslim and then they will fight with each other over which Muslim is the most holy. We, the Western World, just need to pull up our socks and get used to the fact that we will be at war forever.

For the record, I served from April 1968 to April 1992 (was suppose to retire in September of 1990 but old Saddam went tip-toeing into Kuwait and got held over a little). Most of the time I was overseas. I hated States Side Duty.

I find that a lot of the people (mostly Republicans) have got to say "thank you for your service", yet they do not mean it. It rings hollow, and I find it disgusting (Hannity and Rush)and would much rather they stop it. I know that most of it is due to the guilt that many feel and/or felt at the way the Vietnam Veterans were treated on their return. That is over with. No amount of late parades or services will change what happened.

When I got back to the states after my first tour (I had just turned 19), it was not a warm welcome. I had made the mistake of wearing my Uniform to LAX. I learned, and dumped the uniform for normal hippy attire, looked stupid with the short hair and black shoes,

I was able to take being in the states for two months. and got myself shipped to Korea, at the end of that tour went straight back to Vietnam and then back to Korea. I was forced to come home in January of 77. Still did not wear the uniform on flights, but was stationed in DC were it was kind of okay to wear the uniform.

I went to the wall once. I will never put myself through that again.

So for those of you who are saying "Thanks for your service." Please stop.

I was raised in a different time. John Wayne was a real hero to us kids. My dad fought in WWII and Korea, I felt it was my duty to join the Army and protect the country. I did it.

Just wish the Politicians would understand that the American people did not send them to Washington to use the military as so many pieces of meat to be thrown away. The people want the military used to protect the COUNTRY, not profits of companies.

So off of my soap box, please carry on.

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