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Monday, April 27, 2015

Don't mess with this monkey. Footage from a security camera is said to show a young man in Shimla, India, giving the finger to one of the area's famously belligerent monkeys. And as you might expect, the monkey is having none of it. It drop kicks the man right in the head, knocking him to the ground. The man, however, appears to be OK after the attack as he gets up and walks off. read more

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A woman at a Chicago Cubs game caught a foul ball -- with her beer -- and then chugged it down without removing the souvenir. The epic catch occurred at Saturday's game between the Cubs and San Diego Padres and was caught by the telecast. As the announcers saw her down the beer, one said "Her beverage just got a little foamier."

Monday, April 20, 2015

A rookie officer in Ohio was caught on video refusing to shoot the suspect wanted in two murders -- even as the distraught man repeatedly charges him and demands to be shot. In a scene captured by his body camera on Thursday, New Richmond police officer Jesse Kidder is shown aiming his weapon at 27-year-old Michael Wilcox, who allegedly killed both his girlfriend and best friend in separate locations. Several times, Wilcox rushes at Kidder. Each time, Kidder runs backward while keeping his handgun aimed at the suspect, urging him to surrender.

"Shoot me!" Wilcox cries out. "Shoot me."

"No man," Kidder replies. "I'm not gonna do it." read more

Saturday, April 18, 2015

As Gov. Scott Walker moves closer to a formal announcement that he will run for president, a new poll shows his approval rating in Wisconsin is slipping and some of his legislative priorities are deeply unpopular. 56% disapprove, while only 41% approve of him as governor. The poll also showed Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson distantly trailing former Democratic U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold if they ran against each other. Feingold had 54%, with Sen. Ron Johnson (R) at only 38%. read more

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Newly declassified intelligence evidence comes to light: In its final months, even as the Kennedy-Nixon presidential race captivated the country, the Eisenhower administration faced a series of crises involving Cuba and Laos. Yet, as the fall of 1960 progressed, President Dwight D. Eisenhower encountered a significant and unexpected problem of a new kind -- U.S. diplomats learned and U.S. intelligence soon confirmed that Israel was building, with French aid, a secret nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert. Soon concluding that the Israelis were likely seeking an eventual nuclear weapons capability, the administration saw a threat to strategic stability in the Middle East and a nuclear proliferation threat. Adding fuel to the fire was the perception that Israel was deceitful, or had not "come clean," as CIA director Allen Dulles put it. Once the Americans started asking questions about Dimona, the site of Israel's nuclear complex, the Israelis gave evasive and implausible cover stories. read more


WISGOD isn't very bright, so I'll requote what I said:

"Republicans refuse to acknowledge the turnaround under Obama, which under any Republican President would have been called brilliant, earth shattering great numbers all the way around."

Under Obama, Republicans have acted against anything Obama was for, even if it was their own ideas. They made that decision the night of his inauguration!! No focus on jobs, the economy, nada. Obama tried working with them, but they had no interest, again, even if it was their own idea to begin with.

Bill Clinton wouldn't put up with that ----- a second time. He'd be out in public railing against the right wing's historic obstructionism. Obama tried. And he finally said 'enough's enough'. Then, right on cue, Republicans screamed he's being a dictator. Uh, huh.

On the night of Barack Obama's inauguration, a group of top GOP luminaries quietly gathered in a Washington steakhouse to lick their wounds and ultimately create the outline of a plan for how to deal with the incoming administration.

"The room was filled. It was a who's who of ranking members who had at one point been committee chairmen, or in the majority, who now wondered out loud whether they were in the permanent minority," Frank Luntz, who organized the event, told FRONTLINE.

Among them were Senate power brokers Jim DeMint, Jon Kyl and Tom Coburn, and conservative congressmen Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan.

After three hours of strategizing, they decided they needed to fight Obama on everything

More from FRONTLINE: www.pbs.org

I look at a Hillary/Bill Clinton Presidency as a shot at getting Congress functional again and finally cleaning America from the stain of George W Bush's presidency, which left America in a heap at home and disrespected by our long time allies. People remember how well they had it when Bill was President. Republicans refuse to acknowledge the turnaround under Obama, which under any Republican President would have been called brilliant, earth shattering great numbers all the way around.

Hillary has the chops. Would it be an exciting Presidency? Probably not. But no one could question competence in domestic and international affairs. And with Bill being able to publicly bash recalcitrant right wing idiots as another benefit, it may be our last shot at restoring American government to a functional state. America has already lived through the political divides and battles of the 90's, they've seen what Republican policies did to our economy, are tired of war, and may welcome the opportunity to have a Presidency, that while not exciting or new, would be a steady hand with loads of experience at competent governing and international relations.

BTW, Fox News poll out today (they hardly lean left for those who question CNN's poll):

General Election: Bush vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 45, Bush 41 Clinton +4
General Election: Walker vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 46, Walker 40 Clinton +6
General Election: Rubio vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 46, Rubio 42 Clinton +4
General Election: Paul vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 46, Paul 43 Clinton +3
General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton FOX News Clinton 47, Cruz 42 Clinton +5

FOX News 4/19 - 4/21 1012 RV 3.0 45 41 Clinton +4
Quinnipiac 4/16 - 4/21 1353 RV 2.7 46 39 Clinton +7
CNN/Opinion Research 4/16 - 4/19 1018 A 3.0 56 39 Clinton +17
PPP (D) 3/26 - 3/31 989 RV 3.1 46 40 Clinton +6
ABC News/Wash Post 3/26 - 3/29 RV 4.0 53 41 Clinton +12
McClatchy/Marist 3/1 - 3/4 514 RV 4.3 49 42 Clinton +7
Rasmussen Reports 2/28 - 3/1 1000 LV 3.0 45 36 Clinton +9


The poll also shows Walker trailing Hillary Clinton in the battleground state by 12 points in a hypothetical general-election match up, 52 percent to 40 percent.

Him with the first of his 72 similar virgins in Paradise (If he survives the first virgin, that is)

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