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Monday, July 25, 2016

Dean Obeidallah: Donald Trump is a serial defender of men who have engaged in sexual misconduct and is a serial shamer of the female victims who have come forward. ... The latest episode of Trump's victim-blaming came Sunday morning when he appeared on NBC's Meet The Press. There, Trump was asked about Fox News' Roger Ailes resignation earlier this week after Gretchen Carlson's bombshell harassment lawsuit and after over 20 other women reportedly came forward alleging sexual misconduct from Ailes. ... Trump stated that he felt "very badly" for Ailes (not for the women, though). Trump also praised Ailes as a "very, very talented person," applauding the way he built Fox News into a media powerhouse. Then Trump started attacking the women who had come forward. read more

Donald J. Trump has managed to become the Republican nominee for president, Why? How? There are various theories: People are angry and he speaks to their anger. People don't think much of Congress and want a non-politician. Both may be true. But why? What are the details? And Why Trump?

He seems to have come out of nowhere. His positions on issues don't fit a common mold.

He has said nice things about LGBTQ folks, which is not standard Republican talk. Republicans hate eminent domain (the taking of private property by the government) and support corporate outsourcing for the sake of profit, but he has the opposite views on both. He is not religious and scorns religious practices, yet the Evangelicals (that is, the white Evangelicals) love him.

When Comedy Central launched "The Daily Show" twenty years ago, the show's creators set out to be the sarcastic relative of the then-thriving newsmagazine shows. The plan was to mock the genre by emulating it.
In the two decades that followed, "The Daily Show" out-wit the status quo and changed the landscape of late-night television. read more

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Late Show's social media team has delivered groundbreaking investigative journalism from behind the scenes at the RNC, including this incident which is sure to become known as #Mustardgate. read more

Thursday, July 21, 2016

To the middle-aged woman who gestured angrily and yelled as we passed...

To the 30-something man in the power suit who honked and forced his black SUV through our line...

To the person who tried to pass us and then moved his car into our lane to block our progress...

Perhaps you don't know. Perhaps you didn't recognize the hearse and the flapping flags on the first few cars. Perhaps you didn't notice that we all had our lights on and our hazards flashing. Perhaps your mama never taught you to show respect to the dead by showing kindness to the grieving. read more


You guys are a riot.


Hillary Clinton
Democrat from New York

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Donald Trump
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