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Heh, heh, heh,

At no time in the existence of the Federal Govt. has there been a year where the govt. has spent less money than the year before. There have never been any "budget cuts" ever. How does this work?

Every year we watch the "circus" of Democrats and Republicans crying about the completely phony notion of a "government shut down" over budget cuts. Every year Republicans claim a victory in cutting some budget or another, yet every year the Government spends more than they did the year before. What is really going on?

The Executive Branch spends the Money that Congress gives it. That spending is determined by Congress when they create a department or bureau within the Executive Branch. Each dept. or bureau, in it's creation is given an amount to spend. What they spend every year is their "Base Line". In the creation of their budget each Dept. or Bureau is, often, given an automatic increase, in percentage, over their "Base Line".

Not really hard to see where this is going. What dept or bureau head would ever NOT spend all of their allotted monies in any give year! That way, next year's "base line" will go UP automatically, with ZERO DEBATE in congress over whether it goes up or not. Hence, conservatives howling about the Food Stamp folks "advertising" for new sign ups every year.

What does get debated is the percentage amount that the budget will INCREASE BY. There is NEVER a debate about actually cutting any given funding, ever. All that is argued is by how much that funding will increase this year.

Now Trump et. al. have made brag about actual budget/spending cuts. Trump and Tillerson, and others in that inner circle are all businessmen. Each and every one of us who has held a job have complained at one time or another about the job cuts in our work place making our lives harder by giving us more work to do. These job cuts are always made to "save money".

See it yet? Tillerson can cut into his base line at State by simply arranging to have fewer people to pay. The higher up the food chain those people are the more you can save by not filling their positions as they fall vacant. Or, you can fire some (layoffs), or, as over at Justice Dept. you can simply ask for and receive the resignations of ALL of your U.S. Attorneys, and just not hire new ones for a while. Here is what it looks like in an executive order,

Heh, heh, heh, Fewer people. Less cash outgoing, less money spent and, the Base Line drops. POOF less federal spending with out the need to debate anything in congress at all. That debate happened when the dept or bureau was created in the first place. The only mistake Trump made here was doing it, high profile, by executive order. Instead, as I believe is actually happening now, as seen in this article, each cabinet member is simply told verbally. No more hiring. period. end-of-line.

You can call it "Down Sizing Through Attrition". Pretty sure that is what business people call it. And, after all, Trump et. al. are experienced business folks.

Heh, heh, heh.
Gotta Love it.
The whole budget debate is just an empty circus Ryan-be-damned.

There's one thing nobody is talking about: why the school is ------.

Does anyone think it started out ------? "Hey, let's build a school in this new neighborhood, but let's make it a really bad one." NO, of course not. They build a neighborhood and the population gets to a certain point that it overwhelms the existing schools and the district builds a new one. Redistricting occurs and kids start attending the new school. In many, many cases, that's the end of the story. Kids live in the burbs, attend the school which exists for decades, and everyone is happy.

But not always. Sometimes something happens that changes the neighborhood. A new mass transit line is put in. A highway is pushed through. Some dipsticks on the city council approve a rezoning plan that allows for some seedier businesses to move in. Urban sprawl absorbs the little neighborhood. Some apartment complexes are built. The people who thought that their little house in their little neighborhood was going to be their forever house start selling their homes and moving. Prices drop. People with less money to spend who want a house start buying. One or two foreclosures pushes the prices down further. More people sell their houses, or rent them. The tax base dwindles. Crime rises.

The school starts to feel the hurt.

What had been a school full of middle class kids and a bevy of parent volunteers is now a school with lower income kids who aren't as concerned about grades and college...nor are their parents, who both work. There are more disciplinary problems. Funding is reallocated away from teachers into things like resource officers and special education. Young families who would have moved to the neighborhood 25 years ago now go online and see how bad the school is and avoid the area. In an effort to boost the school's performance, district lines are redrawn, pulling in students from better neighborhoods. In the near term it boosts school performance but predictably, people start moving out of the better neighborhood because their kid is being forced to go to a worse school. Now another neighborhood starts to decline.

This sounds like a fable, but it's a cautionary tale. I've seen this happening in two different areas. If you drive south down Blanding Boulevard south of Jacksonville, you're passing thousands of homes tucked away in little neighborhoods that have experienced what I just described. All the people who could afford to moved away to Eagle Harbor or Oakleaf or Fleming Island. Orange Park High School is the rundown remnant. Here in Maryland, it's already happened in Oxon Hill and I'm watching the same thing happening in Waldorf.


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