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#OpCounterPunch seems to be working.


One of the women marching, Michael Moore, is calling on LGBT and POC to overthrow DNC leadership in and put Ellison in charge..

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It is getting pretty petty don't you think?

#3 | POSTED BY CRASSUS AT 2017-01-22 03:30 AM | REPLY

Short answer - no.

What is petty is this:


where Trump claims unsupported attendance numbers because, you know, everything he does is the best, ever.

What is scary is this:


where Trump's team seek to intimidate the press for doing their job.

What is the greatest concern ?

That Trump supporters like you allow him to tell the American public the most egregious lies, which can easily be disproved ( by evidence like the numbers of people traveling on the subway, or the photos of the crowd ) without holding him to account at all. Do you so hate your country that you accept and defend a President lying openly to it's 320m citizens just because he's, supposedly, on your side politically? No wonder you don't understand why people protested.


STFTU fishpaw.

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