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As an armchair pundit, this strategy by HRC was not the right card to pull against a ticket of two other old white man.

#121 | POSTED BY GONOLES92 AT 2016-07-23 04:16 PM | REPLY | FLAG:EYE ROLL

Let me point out to you that in historical terms the significance of this is no different than Obama the first Black American running for president. Hillary is the first woman to ever rise to this place nothing is going to change that. So she chose a white guy... Obama who was just as history changing also chose a white guy. Both Biden and Kaine are men participating history changing events... that takes some kinda nuggets in both their parts.... because there is no safety in what they are doing

Trump played it safe with his choice. Bernie well who knows whom he would have chosen... there has already been a Geraldine Ferraro... so no wowsers there.

There will be zero enthusiasm for Hillary now. We thught she was finally becoming more progressive, now we know she was pretending. I think Bernie will be reconsidering how much effort he will actually put forth to help her get elected. I know I will.


I firmly believe that you have no way of knowing that. You know know what your thoughts and intentions are. So far you have let us know you are angry... and right now have no intention of voting for Hillary and you think that those of us who plan to vote for Hillary will be to blame if Trump wins. That is skewed logic. I am committed to having Trump lose and to have Hillary win. You say that Berniebots will not turn out and vote for Hillary and she can't win without your vote. Sounds to me as if your commitment is for Hillary to lose even if it means Trump is to win. So if you think the Bernie base is as powerful as you envision... and you take the kinds of actions you allude to... well if Trump wins it will be on you and not on those of us who took practical measures to prevent that from happening. Either way you lose.

All the crap that is going on around Hillary reminds me of when Obama was running and the clowns claim of what his platform was going to be .. all that peace and love nonsense... never did he run on that but the clowns sure talked him up in that way. So when it turns out Obama was a scrapper... well everyone now has their panties in a twist.

Hillary and Bernie were not that far away on pertinent issues. Personally I think Hillary has a more practical approach to attaining it.

It's not just the cost to start the business which is a barrier but the time it takes before you can start paying yourself. If you do not have a year of savings on hand you are just begging for your business to fail. You will have to take so much out of it at the beginning to pay your personal bills you business will fail to grow.

When I started my first business the business was part time while I worked a full time job to pay the bills. The first few jobs I got the profit went to buying tools and materials, then the profits went to advertisement and promotion. It wasn't until my second year doing it that I actually saw any personal benefit. If I had tried to start full time I wouldn't have made it one year. There was also a learning curve to how to price things. I remember one job where I lost 200 bucks because I didn't price it correctly. If you don't have a buffer that can be enough to bring down a small business.

In order to do all that you need either the savings or a family and friend support network and it is rare for a poor family to be able to provide that. It is interesting as I frequently work with hard working intelligent people who do not have the background I have and the whole way we view the world is different. When I started my second business there was a guy I had worked with he had no assets but he was a great worker and I offered him an ownership share in return for working for basically no money for a few months. I agreed to pay him a bit because I knew he needed some money but it was low. He turned me down. It wasn't that he couldn't see the delayed gratification reward he saw it and I know he was torn, but he had a wife and kid and at the low pay for a year if the business had failed they would have been homeless. I had family, both my wife's and mine, that could help us if things went south so I could take the risk he couldn't. I ended up working from home a few hours a week in a nice middle class house he is still in the same job in a rental.

It's not because I was any better as an entrepreneur than him it wasn't any ability to delay gratification over him it was my ability to absorb failure.

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