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And let's not forget the 5 million blocked from medicaid expansion by the GOP, of which approximately 10,000 will die just this year due to lack of insurance. Good job GOP. You truly are the party of life!

Regardless of one's position on the 2cd Amendment, and do remember it is an amendment, the issue is one of plutocracy.
Why should the extremely rich have so much influence that they can short circuit the electorate.
When one person or group of people can self fund a national propaganda campaign and promote and support candidates that then become dependent on their financial backers it's the flower of plutocracy, not democracy.

The term "assault weapon" is a media defined definition that is technically incorrect.
A semi-automatic firearm is a semi-automatic firearm and is and has been the most common type of firearm for well over a century.
Treating the symptoms rather than the problem simply never works.
One will not stop the insane or evil from committing atrocities.

The anti-2cd forces are in favor of banning civilian ownership of firearms.

When only the government and the connected have firearms we are a subtly different country, no longer freemen but subjects.

Personally I'm more worried about the local police having actual select fire machine guns than the wannabe militia member with a sporting firearm.

The AWB expired in 2004 and in both the 10 years it was in effect and the 10 years since it expired history clearly showed it to be meaningless.

While "military style assault weapon" sounds alarming it is simply propaganda and analogous to claiming that everyone who wears military style clothing or camouflage is part of an underground terrorist organization.

We've already restricted access to spray paint, cold medication, and of course marijuana but it has no effect on the choices people make.

It is the illusion of action rather than action itself. The few and they are few instances of Columbine/Aurora/Virginia Tech style atrocities were all carried out by people who demonstrated anti-social psychotic behavior.

The kindergarten approach to discipline where because one person can't be have no one can have crayons is unworkable and unreasonable in the real world.

A complete ban of civilian ownership of firearms will simply make law abiding citizens into felons at the stroke of a pen but will not make anyone safer nor prevent any tragedies.

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