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What is the TPP?
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) writes the rules for global trade -- rules that will help increase Made-in-America exports, grow the American economy, support well-paying American jobs, and strengthen the American middle class.

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One way to gauge the future of a political party is to watch the ways in which its leading political figures change their positions in the course of an intra-party campaign. This year, Hillary Clinton clearly moved left on a range of economic issues: Reversing her support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and her earlier positive stance toward the Keystone XL Pipeline; moving from a position of limiting the increase of Social Security benefits to supporting their expansion (an evolution she shares with President Obama); and backing a higher standard for the federal minimum wage (also in tandem with Obama). She also put forth a range of financial regulations that go beyond those in Dodd-Frank, although -- as with all these moves leftward -- they don't go as far as those proposed by Sanders.

Sanders, by contrast, looked at first glance to be the immovable object of American politics. His analysis of, proposals for, and rhetoric about our economic and political system stayed the same throughout his campaign. On closer examination, however, the class warrior from nearly all-white Vermont increasingly zeroed in on racial as well as economic inequality. By the California primary, he even peppered his speeches with moving evocations of the pain that our official hostility to immigrants brings to divided families on the U.S.-Mexican border, recounting how he'd seen family members reach through the fence to touch loved ones on the other side.

In a sense, Clinton was inching toward where the Democratic Party needs to go, while Sanders was catching up with where the party has been. Since the mid-1960s -- almost since the day Sanders attended the 1963 March on Washington -- the Democrats have been the party of America's out-groups: initially, racial minorities and women; more recently, immigrants, gays, lesbians, and transgender people. Since the 2008 crash and its aftermath, however, the party has moved left on economic issues. Last November, 56 percent of Democrats (including 52 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters) told New York Times pollsters that they had a favorable view of socialism, while Gallup has documented that the share of Democrats who call themselves liberal increased from 29 percent in 2000 to 45 percent in 2015.

The Democrats' left turn on matters economic has been particularly pronounced among the young.

WOW!!! What a pile of intellectually dishonest garbage!

The middle class is indeed disappearing. But it is Hillary who has been the status quo candidate. Every bit of any shift to the left that can be attributed to Hillary is because Sanders has pushed her there, in most cases quite unwillingly. [...]

Link to the petition: go.berniesanders.com

Personally, I believe this will fall on deaf ears. And when it does, Bernie supporters and independents should refuse to back the DNC's "Lessor Evil".

Walk away from the 2 party system. It is NOT helping America or American workers.

Don't be a part of the problem.

#40 | POSTED BY MSGT AT 2016-06-29 05:23 PM | REPLY | FLAG:

And you probably HONESTLY think that these people owe it to nothing at all but their "hard work and perseverance".

As do all of them.

Banner was being sarcastic, you quarterwit. Every rich person attritubtes it to their "hard work".

Let me help you out: opportunity+hard work=success. Opportunity+laziness=minimal success. No opportunity+no work=no success. But here's the part people like you can't seem to understand: No opportunity+harder work than most of those people have ever even conceived in their entire lives=no success.

If you think working two part time 'unskilled' jobs is "easier" than HAVING MONEY TO CREATE A TEMP AGENCY and then... you know.. doing so?

I don;t know how to help you udnerstand. You pull the ladder up behind you and call others lazy.

You're so out of touch and unintelligent that when you were presented with the stone cold fact that college education is ridiculously costly today when compared to how it was when you came up you... blathered something about Bernie Sanders. You probably even think you made some kind of point.

No, Bernie Sanders wouldn't have changed anything. Not so long as people like you are doing everything in your power to ensure those who are poor stay poor. Once your generation... and mine.. die off entirely the US might have some chance at recapturing the values that allowed the Greatest Generation to give resources to you useless parasitic Boomers in the first place.

My generation was complacent. We LET you get away with this. We need to die off as well.

If you don't see that President Trump would be everyone's problem, don't expect others who care about liberal policies to take you seriously.


It's your problem, as in, enabled and propagated by those who held their nose and voted for Hillary.

Yeah, Trump will be everyone's problem. and maybe the DNC will field, support, and offer a progressive candidate once they realize that americans will reject neoliberalism. If the dems want to go it alone with New Democrats, the liberal left and independents should let them go it alone and see if they win. vote 3rd party. let the DNC know we won't be complicit in their abandoning of traditional dem policies for their New Dawn philosophy.

The answer is NOT, "well, it's the best we can do for now, the struggle continues, but it's less evil than NAZI LITTLE HANDS MUSSOLINI!!!!" That's bunk, and you know it. It's not settling or compromise. It amounts to giving up and giving in to a right-centrist power shift that will never give back an inch of ground. Obama fooled us into voting for him promising change, Hillary will drag us further right, and the DNC won't give an inch or a crumb afterwards.

I say REJECT the shift right. Reject the lies, pandering, and propaganda. Reject New Dem Neoliberals, globalization, military complex, and wall street corporate interests.

We need to either reclaim the Dem party for labor and domestic, or abandon them today! Abandon them! Vote 3rd party. Don't hold your nose and don't give them the vote. It's the only way.

The revolution needs to walk away from the dem party once and for all.

"she also promised more ground troops in the fight against Isis, expressed support for a no-fly zone in Syria (effectively a declaration of war against Assad) and called for more weapons for various rebels in the region.

Just this past weekend, we learned yet another lesson about what constant military intervention in the Middle East has gotten us: one more disaster where untold numbers of US guns and weapons fell into the hands of the people we are fighting. The New York Times reported that the classified CIA program that armed and trained Syrian rebels directly fighting Assad – a policy Clinton pushed for while in the Obama administration and that she has subsequently said we should expand – led to the systematic stealing of millions of dollars of US weapons, which were then sold on the black market and even contributed to the killing of Americans."

You know you just dont understand in politics you got to compromise you see by compromise we mean getting deeper and deeper into wars in the middle east overthrowing Democratic elected government in Honduras free trade taking advice from henry kissinger and going along with Bill clinton on criminal reform that locked up more African Americans then the past 5 elected Republican administrations before him combined and And more spying on the American people plus lots of wall street money lots and lots of wall street money.

in other words totally sell out to wall street and the military industrial complex

Thats what we mean by compromise

hillary suckers

Vote for the greater good not for the lesser evil

Jill Stein
Green Party

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