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Obama was front and center from the very first shooting blaming the cops, never bothered to learn all the facts and, due to the power of his office, had a strong bully pulpit to voice his views. It's been obvious from the beginning Obama doesn't like cops and he shows it.

You need to re-read his quoted statements from above and then provide countering quotes to prove your suspicions. That's the point of the thread. Obama has never done what his critics accuse him of. They are injecting their partisan feelings and ignoring what he has actually done and said, like calling Karen Goforth after her sheriff-deputy husband was gunned down. No President would ever try to place himself between good people and the law enforcement community who equally need and deserve support when LO does it's job with professionalism and dedication.

As with many issues, so many take any form of sympathy for one to be an indictment against the other. This just simply isn't so. One can decry needless violence against ANY victim without casting aspersions toward an entire community be it law enforcement or civilian. That doesn't mean such a stance is in-and-of-itself demeaning or dismissive of the concerns of the other, unless it's plainly looking for something else to erringly complain about over already-held feelings. And yes, there are people and groups on both sides guilty of doing just that. The difference being Obama is being connected to the negative when he never has been and ignored when he's voluminously spoken in support, admiration, and respect for LO and the difficulty of the job they're hired to do.

Half hour later they were back again.

I just can't understand why SARAH!!! didn't shoot them from a helicopter.

Unless she was too drunk again.

#3 | Posted by northguy3 at 2015-09-02 08:21 PM | Reply | Flag:


While Palin's hunting-for-TV jamboree certainly impressed the hockey moms, it seriously eroded her base of genuine hunters. One online commentor, on Sean Hannity's website no less, grumbled, "I turned on Sarah Palin's Alaska a minute ago and she just shot four maybe even five times at a caribou and missed. Needless to say I'm not impressed with her ability to handle a firearm let alone aim it and hit something."

On Palin's own Facebook page, a viewer wrote, "What a joke. I was a fan before the show. No one who is a true hunter lets others carry their rifle or can't load their own shells. Sarah, you are a phony in this area of your ‘skills."

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