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From the article: On a side note, I'm curious, did Rand ever own or manage a business? Or did she simply make a living from writing books and delivering speeches that told businessmen they're wonderful?

This is what just torques my nuts about Ayn Rand bashers. She did not own or manage a business that I am aware of, nor did she ever claim to. She was a fiction writer. Got it? She wrote fiction. Damn good fiction. Her characters were straight out of the American mythology.

Damning her for her shortcomings of economic accuracy is actually praise that she was able to make an impossible, fictitious scenario seem so plausible. And it seems that otherwise normal, intelligent people are struck the most by the novel. What I can't understand is why partisan Liberals (like my friend corky) have such a strong hatred of this great piece of literature. Is it too disconcerting to even contemplate that it could be real? If so, I can understand.....I can't tell you how many times I wanted to tell Capt. Ahab, 'Stop and let me off this damn boat, you madman'.

To me, Atlas Shrugged is just a love story...a weird love story featuring steel girders instead of cocktail parties, but a love story nonetheless.

But...and this is the fly in the ointment. You really have to intentionally ignore reality to think that Galt's Gulch can be plausible or practical. But it sure does feel good, emotionally, religiously, mythologically, to dream that it could be possible to live in such freedom and peace. But it's only a dream.

If you look at America (or any other 'empirical' country), you will see that most big things are done in a collectivist fashion. As a person who is a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, I have no problem with this. As a person who likes good literature, I still think it is an American classic work of ROMANTIC FICTION. It is not an economics textbook.

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