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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

In a move reminiscent of the "Green Book" guide that listed safe establishments for African-American motorists in the South, hyper-vigilant Trump supporters are trying to build their own guide to MAGA-friendly businesses. read more

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is drawing criticism for saying that Israel is "the national state, not of all its citizens, but only of the Jewish people." The comment prompted many people -- including Israel's president and the star of Wonder Woman -- to defend Israel's Palestinian Arab minority. read more

Steve Almond: In the ensuing years, GOP leaders happily torpedoed campaign finance reform measures that arose from Watergate. They slashed taxes on the rich and waged a war on social programs. They launched costly wars based on bogus intel. They ran up massive debts after fulminating about budget deficits. They chose to protect the profits of the gun lobby over the lives of children -- even after 20 6 and 7-year-olds were gunned down in cold blood. They embraced voter suppression. They flouted the Constitution by refusing even to consider the Supreme Court nominee of a Democratic president, and rubber-stamped a Republican nominee credibly accused of sexual assault. They even found a way to justify ripping migrant children from their parents.

The New York attorney general's office late on Monday issued subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank for records relating to the financing of four major Trump Organization projects and a failed effort to buy the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League in 2014, according to a person briefed on the subpoenas. The inquiry opens a new front in the scrutiny of Deutsche Bank, one of the few lenders willing to do business with Donald J. Trump in recent years. read more

A chummy discussion between Vice President Mike Pence and former vice president Dick Cheney quickly turned into a vigorous back-and-forth over President Donald Trump's foreign policy at a private gathering on Saturday, with Cheney comparing the president's instincts to those of his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama. At the closed-door retreat hosted by the American Enterprise Institute on March 9 in Sea Island, Georgia, Cheney respectfully but repeatedly and firmly pressed Pence on a number of the president's foreign policy moves, from taking a harder line toward U.S. allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to deciding to withdraw troops from Syria "in the middle of a phone call."

According to Axios, which spoke to attendees of Trump's speech to Republican donors at his Mar-a-Lago club on Friday, Trump reportedly remarked at one point during his remarks: "The Democrats hate Jewish people." read more

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Apparently addressing the fatal crashes involving two Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft within months of each other, President Trump suggested going back to a "simpler" time because planes are becoming too technical for pilots to fly and he doesn't want Albert Einstein to have to man the controls. read more

Recordings resurfaced by Media Matters for America Sunday evening revealed Fox News host Tucker Carlson comparing women to dogs, calling women "primitive," and defending polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs, among other things. In a statement, Carlson refused to apologize, calling his statements "naughty," and inviting people that disagree with him onto his show. read more

For the third year in a row, President Donald Trump's administration has unveiled a budget request to Congress that calls for deep spending cuts at many federal science agencies, including a 13% cut for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and a 12% cut for the National Science Foundation (NSF), while providing hefty increases for the military.

Athletes, surgeons, tech entrepreneurs, ministers, yoga teachers and high-flying executives: the following women have all been trailblazers in their fields. Yet they have all heard shocking comments they are certain they would not have faced had they been men. read more

DOJ Twitter: Parents spent anywhere from $200k to $6.5 million to guarantee admissions to elite schools for their children. "There will not be a separate admissions system for the wealthy. And there will not be a separate criminal justice system either." - USA Lelling. 33 parents have been charged nationwide. Defendants include university athletic coaches, college exam administrators, CEOs and actresses. Conspiracy facilitated cheating on college entrance exams and admission of students to elite universities as purported recruited athletes. read more

Witnesses who called 911 dispatchers said as Carolyn Tiger, 26, tried to pull over, the suspect attempted to block her in, then pulled out a gun. "He shot her tires out so she (is) sitting on the side of the road. He's probably getting ready to kill her," a caller said. Tiger's youngest son and her friend's young daughter were in the car at the time of the shooting, but fortunately, they were not hurt. "It was really sad because it was on my birthday," Tiger's son, William Christopher, said.

Russians, fearing digital isolation and more censorship on the horizon, gathered in the streets of Moscow and other cities on Sunday to protest a new bill calling for Russia to be cut off from the global Internet. Media outlets have described the protests in the capital as "some of the biggest" in years. read more

North Korea's election has resulted in the expected landslide win for its authoritarian leadership - but in a big first for the country, Kim Jong-un does not appear to have been on the ballot. read more

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Trump administration is headed for a budget clash with Congress, with calls for deep domestic spending cuts that lawmakers are likely to ignore as the nation's debt reaches record levels. read more


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