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Not to move it off Gillette, but I'm sick of the entire argument about "toxic masculinity."

Everything "toxic" are the things that have allowed us to survive and evolve for billions of years from the first cells that started feeding on each other. Aggression and competitiveness allowed for hunting, for pushing each other to be stronger, to survive. Stoicism again, allows survival in harsh circumstances, not giving up no matter the odds. Sexual aggression literally continues the species.

We are an animal. Now, I'm not arguing that most of the traits listed as toxic masculinity are bad when they are continuous, when they are are the way one operates constantly. But again, we are an animal. We have maybe a century of technology separating us from nature, we're one good solar flare away at all times from learning how tenuous our hold on this lifestyle is were the infrastructure supporting it to go down. Compare that to not centuries, not millennia, not even millions of years, but billions of years of survival of the fittest. Where we had to balance hanging in there together as a social animal with facing the brutality of nature head on and succeeding on its terms.

In other words, these things termed "toxic masculinity" are not bad things - what they are rather, are traits that have a time and place. Less of a time and place in our society, but that doesn't mean they can be simply discarded over a few short generations after the whole of history building them up, nor even that they should be.

In this, I think a lot of progressives are just another religious cult, same as the ones they deride otherwise. It's a dogma, a belief in what "should" be, regardless of what reality is. A failure to see us as the animal we are. A lack of nuance, black and white, good and evil style simplistic thinking.

They aren't making themselves any friends and allies any more than the old "moral majority" busybodies and holier-than-thou do-gooders they have replaced were. I can't even tell the difference.

I highly doubt Trump is racist himself - I'm pretty sure the only color that man sees is green. And so much of the rest is sensationalism and out of context. All Mexicans rapists and murderers? The conversation was about illegal immigrants. I know Democrats can't tell the difference between legals and illegals as of 1/20/17, having been fine with Obama's extremely high deportation numbers, but there is a difference.

Dude most the "bernie bros" were russian operatives trying to help trump. Hillary fell for it. So did you.
#20 | POSTED BY SPEAKSOFTLY AT 2018-11-15 05:52 PM | REPLY

"The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because the Cold War's been over for 20 years."

–President Obama, during the third presidential debate, Oct. 22, 2012

Many, like myself preferred the thought of a paralyzed and obstructed idiot in office over a Republican neocon in a Democrat's pantsuit getting a rubber stamp to start more wars, increase warrantless surveillance / "under seal" judgements and other 4th Amendment shredding policies, and sell out more jobs overseas. I'll admit a certain amount of "Trumpgret" out of not realizing just how far the GOP would follow stupid down the road vs. not wanting to be associated with it, but I have to admit, Trump has not started more wars or substantially increased the surveillance state, so in that he's actually been preferable to the last 16 years of Bush II, Bush III, and their enabler from the Senate and Secretary of State positions. Which, by the way, are the things I would actually call "fascism" while the left slings the word around with no apparent idea what it means. In fact, the only really disturbing thing about the Trump presidency has been his influence on the SCOTUS.

In all other ways, he's a left wing dream come true. How long do you think after him it will be until we see a Republican president again? And maybe, just maybe, although not likely since the DNC establishment is blind to both their own hypocrisy as well as how much people hate hypocrisy and how that contributed to Hillary's loss, but still maybe, next time the DNC will perform a rectal/cranial extraction and run an actual progressive who doesn't blindly support US imperialism through war abroad and fascism through the increased surveillance state at home.

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