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There are also narratives that are keeping blacks poor. The contant "watch out for that racist" theme is holding blacks back as well. They are being born with the racism chip on their shoulder (or more likely, put there by the preceding generation). I didnt do that with my kids. They know nothing of racism and havent seen it in action, even though we've lived amonst almost exclusively white families. They only know what they are told by Democrats and Democrat plantation blacks. Without the constant race baiting, they would probably never know racism exists. They have never been taught that someone else could hold them back for any reason.
Too many poor blacks are told they are denied something and it's someone else's fault. Until we shake this constant race baiting democrat party, blacks will never truly assimilate and be free.

#66 | POSTED BY BOAZ AT 2018-09-06 03:49 PM | FLAG:

Truth. The first girl I truly fell for was mixed - but even in Michigan winters, at most appeared light skinned, but definitely black. I'm not saying there is no racism because there for damn sure was, and unknown to me until then, apparently even more hate for mixed couples. Yet, while I saw it bring her to tears a time or two, one thing I never saw it do was slow her down or hold her back. And - it didn't, because she never let it. She went on through college, and to the best of my knowledge, on to be very successful. (My being Army was kind of what did it in, too much time away, too many differences on where we were going, but obviously unrelated.)

The other thing about the aforementioned racism was virtually all of it came from uneducated yokels who meant nothing and had no power to do anything with it. In fact, the only time I ever see it matter is in sentencing - I have personally watched black men get the book thrown at them while white men walked for the exact same crime, the same number of offenses. Somewhere I really feel there should be more judicial oversight regarding this kind of thing, because for the most part, almost everyone deserves the chance to turn their life around, barring the most violent. Digressing there, but the point remains - what holds people back is no longer racism, it's what is in their own heads. The very same people called out here supposedly for racism, for the act of making sure their children recieved a good education were in most cases the very ones I saw little to no racism from, who were always the most accepting. I didn't see it in the military, and I've never seen it in corporate culture where I'm at. It needs to be allowed to finish dying out.

#27 BOAZ - My kids were raised in a definitely lower-class home. There was NO spare change for nice things. Hell, while the kids were living at home, we could not afford to own and operate a car, even a ----------. However, there were always books from the Public Library, clean albeit not fashionable clothes, food, and Internet. The girls are now lifelong bibliophiles, college graduates (work, grants, and scholarships), gainfully employed, and not living at home.
Boaz is so wrapped up in privilege, he's not aware of it as a force in his life. It is not unlike being aware of your skin or air.

#28 | POSTED BY JOHN47 AT 2018-09-06 08:58 AM | REPLY

And yet, Boaz isn't white. Yet here we are talking about privilege, affluence, as though it were racially caused. Correlation is not causation. I'm liberal as hell, yet against the current left's constant race-baiting. Boaz and I would flat out disagree on how much assistance I believe ALL our economically underprivileged should be receiving, yet he and I are going to agree on both calling everything to do with economics racism and affirmative action.

Affirmative action doesn't just leave out people who have the double misfortune of being born the wrong color, it has the potential to turn them racist. They see others getting the assistance they need as well, yet are denied - and no amount of education about our nation's past is going to take that sting away, or the propensity for blame. It also delegitimizes any achievement made by people of color, as no matter how great their achievements, how professional and competent they are, to some they will always be the quota hire.

You do away with it all if you just means test people for assistance. Especially in education.

Likewise, you delegitimize arguments for improving school quality like this when bringing race into it. Demonizing people for being racist for not "taking one for the team," for keeping their kids in failing systems rather than offering them the best they can? Wrong damn target! Maybe it's time to look at doing away with funding every school based on local economic demographics and pool the money, equalize the funding and opportunity no matter the local. Then, hey - if parents still want to send their children to private schools, more power to them - but don't give them write-offs or credits for this, paying for the education of the future generation is an investment we as a society have to make.

How the heck are we still arguing about this in 2018?


Here. Pictures of shrinking polar ice caps. Animated even, for the low-attention span. It's not deniable.

Nor does it matter a goddamn bit how much is man-made vs natural, sun brightening, unusually low sunspot counts, etc - CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Pure and simple. Don't believe it? Conduct a simple experiment. Breathe in and out of a plastic bag several times, build up all the CO2 you can without passing out, tie it off, and fill another one with just air. Puff out the bag and tie it off. Monitor temps in the sun for a little while. Then extrapolate to the entire world. Then add in that methane is a whole lot worse, and deposits in the permafrost are sublimatiing off. It doesn't take a PhD, it's not disprovable by a Fox talk show host. So since that's the case and we're undeniably warming up, the only intelligent solution is to do all we can to not accelerate it.

Corals are bleaching. I've seen it personallly diving. Places that used to be bright, alive, full of color and life look like bones now, and fish have died off. The ocean can absorb an enormous amount of heat, more than early climate alarmists may have predicted, but the warning bells are going off. It doesn't take much of a change - a couple degrees - to kill off vast amounts of ecosystem, melt ice altering water salinity and reducing the earth's ability to reflect off some of the heat, both accelerating the changes to temperature and loss of life.

Climate deniers are deluded. We shouldn't be no-platforming them at this stage, we should be actively calling them out or even prosecuting them for some sort of global libel. I get here in ‘Murica science bad, but this is has gone on long past the point of acceptable stupidity.


More money, worth less.

Call me back when my raise, the maximum my company would give after a spectacular review from my first year in a new position, actually does more than offset inflation by .5%. And I'm one of the lucky ones. Apart from those who have seen minimum wage increases to $15 an hour levels, people on the ground floor of the economy are falling behind as usual. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and we're still using adjusted unemployment numbers that don't account for people who have been unemployed too long - so the longer unemployment stays the same, the better it looks!

JPW at #4 summed it up perfectly. And to put it bluntly, our economic figures don't mean ---- when they discount the vast majority of our citizens.

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