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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Department of Justice has recently changed its own policy, saying it would now halt the standard never-ending gag orders that companies are faced with when they receive legal demands to hand over user data.
In addition, the new three-page memo dated October 19, written by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, allows companies to tell customers that their data has been surrendered, in most cases. read more


#10 | POSTED BY DANFORTH AT 2017-10-25 10:13 AM | FLAG: | FUNNY: 1

That actually was funny and true, but the truth of the matter is that it has been getting worse for most whites.

What they don't realize is that it's gotten a little worse for them and a lot worse for POC, so they scapegoat. The middle class really is failing, becoming a relic of post-WW II days when we monopolized manufacturing and exporting. It's gotten better than it was in 2008, but the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a home with 2 cars on one blue collar job dream is about 90% faded (to pull an arbitrary figure out of the air.) There's some skilled trades like electrician that do well, but in the day and age of everyone wanting a college education and job status, people often fail to consider them.

This is one of the reasons I really think we should look at altering affirmative action policies to reflect a more economically disadvantaged focus than ethnically, though. It's not that I believe we have magically achieved equality, it's just that if it were economically based, it would still affect minorities more than whites and address that disparity, while not providing that disgruntled, being left behind and passed over feeling that many lower class whites have, causing them to resent other races and reinforce racism. It's just another thing that keeps us divided, when class and stratification are the real problems - though they are magnified for minorities.

Another way current affirmative action policies reinforce racism that can't be ignored is now every woman and minority hired has to deal with being viewed as a diversity hire, and deal with their competence automatically being questioned or dismissed.

I'm afraid it's simply never going to correct for the root causes of racism and economic disparity the way it is now.


I can see providing a path to citizenship for someone who was brought here under the age of 18. Otherwise, the longer they've been here, quite simply the less respect they have for our laws and security and the less right they have to protest being removed. Should have come here legally. Full stop.

As to Trump, he's not a legislator. He can in truth only do the damage Congress allows him to. Meanwhile, every single one of those single mothers who lose healthcare that you mentioned are going to remember who cost them that. Someone who will be gone in 3 years, but his legacy of damage through such right wing policies will live on a long time. The people who will vote hard to ensure that doesn't happen again.

All I can do is hope the US public is intelligent enough that the blowback will swing us back in the right direction, rather than the current way of just accepting ever more levels of incremental evil. No hyperbole, yes, evil. What we have done to the world, the lives our wars have cost, the damage neoliberal economic policies have done to the middle class, these things have already taken more lives and dollars than Trump could ever cost in 4 years. Hillary was just the continuation of that.

It's so easy to argue about the people that could be hypothetically hurt in our backyard and ignore the millions dead overseas the last couple decades our policies, of which business-as-usual Hillary always voted for or was part of. The Iraq war she voted yes on (don't give me the "everyone did it" line - Sanders didn't,) the destabilization and civil wars we helped light in Libya and Syria, the financial cost of occupying Iraq and Afghanistan as we did from Bush right through Obama -again with her as SoS, the jobs lost, the middle class decimated in handouts to the rich called "free trade," embraced from Bill Clinton on.

Boo boo. Some may lose healthcare. And least them and their whole families weren't killed by a drone somewhere else we can safely ignore.

Two things.

1. "Moderate" is actually a really strange term in reference to US politics. Where is the socialist party, the communist party, where is the debate about how much coverage to include in universal healthcare, rather than still trying to figure out if we should have it like the whole rest of the civilized world? How long ago did we stop debating whether the US should act as some sort of international police force in a world of sovereign nations whom we have no business interfering with so long as they do not attack us on our soil? How many millions have died in the Middle East from our bipartisan sanctions, our wars of choice and aggression that get carried out whether you vote Republican or Democrat? Why is domestic surveillance bad when Bush does it, good when Obama does, and not talked about when Trump has the reins? Why do our college liberals preach endlessly against colonialism and then vote in droves for Hillary, whos record as Secretary of State was one of blatant enforcement of colonialism and imperialism against someone who (ostensibly) ran as more of an isolationist?

2. I'm not a moderate. Rather, a blatant socialist in a nation vastly right of center when compared to the rest of the world as a whole. As far left as that makes me in theory, in practice, that makes me an outcast among partisans, because I see little real difference between the parties and so vote for an intended outcome or issue by issue rather than approach politics like a team sport. Case in point, when the Democrats run a neoliberal war monger who essentially supports everything I fought tooth and nail throughout the Bush error, I vote Trump. Not to cut off my nose to spite my face, but rather to play the long game - punish Dems for not offering a real choice, while concurrently helping elect someone who will remind the nation why you never go full Republican. The partisans of the world (*coughCorkycough*) call me a traitor or an uncompromising idealist, or the nose/face bit. Rather, I don't care who wins elections, so long as it moves politics left in the long run. Yet that will never be good enough for the ones who are only invested in a D after the name.

Before that gets thrown out as an extremist position (if not too late already lol) the Democrats are far from always being closer to what I view as "correct" just because they are less to the right. Immigration for instance. Somehow Democrats have managed to twist an issue of national sovereignty, security, and rule of law into little more than a bleeding heart misdirection that confuses "legal" with "illegal" at every opportunity. I can have absolutely NOTHING against legal immigrants, yet am supposedly racist (as if I care what race crosses the border illegally) and xenophobic if I support sending illegals back or imprisoning them. They are still breaking a law that is in place for actual reasons of security, both militarily and economically. Immigrants need background checks, they need to be here legally and contributing to the economy. They need to not be depressing wages by providing employers a nice pool of a social underclass with which they can threaten the working class should they become too expensive to offer a simple living wage to. Try telling that to a Democrat though, and even though my position is mostly based on a very well trodden path of support for unions, living wages, and such, and I'm in with the grossly exaggerated loonies of the far-right racists. Really? I have a few African, Mexican and Brazilian ex-girlfriends who, while they would probably not provide good character references, would all be more than willing to stand up for the fact I'm not racist. But that's really a great example of the whole problem of attempting to be moderate in any way in this country - seeing nuance and shades of gray will get you demonized and stereotyped.

Whites benefit from white privilege regardless of what they've done or haven't done.
I don't feel guilty about it though. It's just the way it is.
More to the point, feeling guilty about it, or not, isn't going to change anything.

#23 | POSTED BY SNOOFY AT 2017-10-22 04:56 PM | FLAG:

I am so sick of this concept. Though to be fair, my criticism is semantics. Whites benefit from no "privilege" whatsoever. On a societal level, whites are simply treated the way everyone should be - this isn't privilege, this is baseline human rights and decency.

Free speech (in the USA) is not a privilege - it is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Freedom of religion: not a privilege. A right. I think my point is obvious and needs no more drawn out explanation - white people are simply treated the way all should be treated. A privilege is something connotated to be above and beyond the minimum.

While this is a semantically based criticism, it is reflective of a larger issue that is currently damaging civil rights across the board in the US. The language is adversarial rather than inclusive. Divisive. This - probably intentionally from the direction of some political sources - divides the classes. Pits less "privileged" whites against minorities. If you're a high school graduate with no further education, no real job prospects, a family to support, and no time or financial resources to invest in further education, and never saw the need to because you're older generation x or baby boomer who benefitted from a time when blue collar work paid and retired well, but just happen to be white, systemic and societal issues are too far removed from you to matter. Calling you privileged will seem a cruel joke or an ignorant attack. Across the board, ALL who have been left behind by the system, by changes to society and economy - or in the case of POC, not enough changes to society - need to be united.

Current social justice advocates either blatantly fail to see this, or worse, are playing to this in an attempt to harness altering demographics in an obvious reverse of the old political "southern strategy." It is sickening to see, and horribly comes at the worst possible time as the chasm between rich and poor in this nation expands ever greater and classes stratify ever harder, making it just that much harder for all the economically less advanced to break free of their disadvantages.

Liberals are screwing up. This is why, despite being so far left as to be a Chomskyesque "libertarian socialist" or basically an economic socialist who believes in as little behavioral legislation as is socially possible, I'm flat out party independent. Screw big money neoliberal democrats who have pounced yet again on civil rights as a wedge issue for their advantage and the detriment of all Americans.

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