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Why do you feel the need to lie, snowflake?

SLAM! (ouch!)

Isn't that awesome? I mean how totally and completely devoid of context and awareness *some* on the right exhibit? It truly is amazing to witness.

Seriously - the right beat Obama up over his 'bow' when he received the same award that Trump just received!

This is just great to read in the context of all this right-wing s***storm over what should NEVER have been an issue.


What's hilarious (to me) is Obama didn't bow. Trump didn't bow. But these idiots that swear Obama bowed just won't give it up. The same wacko right-wing "news' organizations that said Obama bowed are going out of their way to show how Trump's (nearly identical) 'bow/curtsey' was somehow miles above Obama.

How's that narrative going?

Drudge Retort

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