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Interstate Crosscheck disqualified 1.1 million voters in swing states ...
Interstate Crosscheck has no power to disqualify any voter.

True, but what they did do was to produce dubious lists of duplicate voters and forward them to Republican Secretaries of State who used them to disqualify voters even though many of them were merely people who had moved recently. Others were partial name matches of people with felony records (disregarding differences in birthdates or middle initials). Which, of course, you knew...

Did Vice President Pence commit voter fraud?

You might think so, if you looked at voter registration data that includes only each voter's name and birth year. Mike Pence registered to vote eight times and cast seven ballots across six states in the November 2016 election.

But you would be wrong. Each of these registration records belongs to a different person. Their only crime is that they share their name and were born in the same year as the vice president.

Presumably, the commission will use the names and birthdays in these lists to identify potential duplicate registration records between states. That's the method used by the Interstate Crosscheck Program pioneered by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a co-chair of the commission, which helps states identify voters who have moved to a new state by flagging potential duplicate registration records. In 2012, Crosscheck identified more than 1.4 million potential duplicate registrations.

Recent academic work, however, found that for every 200 registrations flagged using Crosscheck's methodology, at least 199 were false matches in which the middle names or Social Security numbers did not line up. That's one-half of one percent.


There were reports of this activity going all the way back to Florida in the 2000 election. And the same people who engineered that are behind Interstate Crosscheck, so if it walks like a duck...

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