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Exactly one year ago today I posted the following on Facebook:

Yesterday I posted that I could not in good conscience vote for either major party candidate for President. Today I will slightly adjust that stance.
Although I typically hold single issue voters in low regard, this year I might be convinced to become such a voter. IF the Dems will adopt single-payer healthcare into the DNC platform, I MIGHT hold my nose and vote for Hillary. Though I have several issues with Hillary, one of the biggest is her apparent apathy toward finally solving the problems of the ACA absolutely crushing the middle class and our economy, by allowing the health care industry to continue driving double digit inflation on insurance premiums.
Not only has Hillary been apathetic about solving this extremely important issue, but one of her SuperPAC's (largely funded by the health insurance industry) has been deliberately undermining the efforts in Colorado to pass a single-payer system of our own. PLEASE SUPPORT ColoradoCare! Meanwhile those same insurance companies continue to heap massive premium increases on us or our employers, year after year.
Almost 60% of the American people support the idea of universal healthcare. So, to my friends who are members of the Democratic Party (I am not), start encouraging your delegates to push for single-payer to be added to the DNC platform and I may yet be persuaded.
I think a lot of people felt the same way about this issue. But it fell on deaf ears with the establishment Dems. And the rest is history.

Socialism, Communism, and fascism are ALL strains of authoritarianism...


That is perhaps the most ignorant thing I've seen on this site all year.


This page gives a fairly simple but accurate description of the differences.


It's because there is no divide...

There is a significant difference between communism and socialism. Most of the modern industrialized countries of the world, including the United States, practice some level of democratic socialism. I would hardly call the majority of those countries anything close to communist. The closest to communist that the World still treats as relatively normal would probably be China.

Bernie also has this partially wrong. If anything, the United States is drifting towards fascism. Where our country is run mostly by, and for the benefit of, the very wealthy.

Drudge Retort

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